Friday, March 25, 2016

Techie Oil & Gas / / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam!  There is no job!  Do not send documents or money! Read to learn how to tell when a job offer is a scam.  The email address is fake! If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam!

De: "Techie Oil Services" -
Data: 19/03/2016 09:29
Assunto: Contract Offered
Para: xxxxxxx

Techie Oil Services
58-65, Portaferry Down 
BT22 1QU United Kingdom


Since we are rounding up this recruitment session and having gone through your cvs and the filled application form, the board of directors of Techie Oil Services  hereby congratulates you on your successful emergence based on your detailed CV and filed questionnaire sent to us this month by our recruitment department. If you join Our Organization, you will become part of a fast-paced and dedicated team that works together to provide our clients with the highest possible level of service and advice.

 As a member of Our Organization team, we would ask for your commitment to deliver outstanding quality and results that exceed client expectations. In addition, we expect your personal accountability in all the products, actions, advice and results that you provide while working for us. In return, we are committed to providing you with every opportunity to learn grow and stretch to the highest level of your ability and potential in your career.

We are confident you will find this new opportunity both challenging and rewarding. The following points outline the terms and conditions we are proposing. 

Title: Welding Supervisor

Group benefits: See attached

Start date: 25th of May 2016

Salary: £10,500.00(after tax monthly)

Probation: 3 months

Duration Of Work Period: 4 years.(Can be renewed)

Job Location: United Kingdom, Norway, Cuba.

Work Time: Work time shall be 35 hours’ workweek (7hrs per day) for the 48 months contract term for onshore. Any work performed beyond the normal 36 hrs a week, work time, shall be due for an overtime benefit to be paid at £100.00per hour. Then 42hours workweek (6hrs per day) for the 48 months contract term offshore. Any work performed beyond the normal 42hrs a week, work time, shall be due for an overtime benefit to be paid at £210.00 per hour.

Work Rotation: Techie Oil Services has two different work rotation dependent of individual choice; since we understood that not all expatriate like flying frequently, with that we have given expatriate the privileged to choose their work rotation between 28/14 and three months on and one month off. For expatriates who don’t like flying the 3months on and 1 month off will be a better choice than for those who don’t mind flying 28 days on and 14 days off will be a better choice. You are advice to make a choice for your work rotation and get back to us.

Techie Oil Services, expects as mandatory that all our newly recruits must be in possession of the below certificates(Which are primary documents that qualifies you for your job designation)the payment for the acquisition of the certificates is incurred by the employee and not the employer, you are entitled to the company benefits and your two months upfront salary only after you have been properly documented by procuring the required certificates and presented them to us. 

Expatriates that are not in possession of the below certificates should seek for help with the agency below for assistance with the procurement/issuance of the certificates or better still look out for a local maritime academy within your country for assistance with the issuance of the certificates.

Maritime Training Institute                                                       


 Contact Person: Mrs. Grace Okelwee

Tel: 447031986620,447031941648

Certificates required are:

1. Certified Offshore Personnel (COP)

2. Basic Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET)

3. Minimum Industrial Safety Training (MIST)

Following to the initial probationary period, a progression and performance review will be conducted on a quarterly basis to assess performance to-date, and to clarify or modify this arrangement, as the need may arise.

This arrangement may be terminated by either party upon notice in writing to either party with notice that complies with Employment Standards (or Labour Standards).

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you in an atmosphere that is successful and mutually challenging and rewarding. 

You are to acknowledge the receipt of this mail. On receipt of this mail you are also advice to go through the attached contract terms and conditions and endorsed and send it back to us if employment is accepted and agreeable, for us to precede preparations for your job contract engagement with our project in the United Kingdom.

Yours Sincerely

Maxwell Kenneth
Human Resources Manager
Techie Oil & Gas
447031936732 447031981819


De: "Marine Training Institute" -
Data: 22/03/2016 05:16
Assunto: Certificates Issuance Procedures

Scam Email From Fake Training Institute

Marine Training Institute

5 Maritime Street,Maritime Building,

Belfast BT1 3LP Belfast,United Kingdom.


Dear Sir/Madam


With respect to the processing of your application, and if our terms have been accepted, we want you to furnish us with the underneath details.

1. Names in Full
2. Date of Birth,
3. International Passport N0/(Scanned Data page),2 size Passport Photograph
4. Previous employment (Company Names and job description, your previous
Company details are very important).
5. Scanned copies of Medical certificate.
6. The production fees for this certificate:
1. Certified Offshore Personnel(COP):850GBP

2. Minimum Industrial Safety Training (MIST):350GBP

Accommodation and transportation is included in the fees, you stay at our quarters and shuttle to the training through our training shuttle bus.

Entry Visa is made available by your employer in the UK.

The production fee of the certificates is total 1200; payment is made and confirmed before we begin production. Scan copy of Bank deposit/transfer slip to our bankers should be sent to us as prove of payment.

Payment Details will be made available on acceptance to our terms.



Mrs.Grace Okelwee
Certificate Processing officer
+447031941648 447031986620

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