Friday, March 18, 2016

Andressa Raquel Thiago / / Fake Contract

Good Day. .

Thank you for your mail. The name of this herbal seed extract is Panaibo Oil this herbal seed extract is a bacteriostatice agent, belonging to the group of pleuromutilins. It is used in treatment and control of my coplama infections and porcine respiratory disease complex in all animal species both domesticated and wild animals.  These herbal seeds extract are very rare and it is specifically found in India. The supply of this Panaibo Oil that I am proposing to you is such a very lucrative and profitable business; it is solemnly involved getting this Panaibo Oil from the local producer in India and supply it to phytoforce in Brazil. I will introduce you to the main producer of this Panaibo Oil in India l where you shall require to create business initiatives with them, having done that, I will then refer you to my company's director and you will require to write to him and pose as the producer of this Panaibo Oil as they are seriously in need of this product to keep pace of their new innovative veterinary medicine.

I do not want the Company to know the producer or to buy this Panaibo Oil directly from the local producer in India as that will expose the original price, and I do not also want the local producer to supply this products directly to my director as I want us to be making up to 60 percent profit from company at each transaction which is the main reason I have contacted you to act as a producer before my director. All I need is your time in this transaction; I will present you to the company as the local producer and use my position in the company to ensure that purchase order is issued in your favor. Your job role to this business offer shall be to stand as a producer of this Panaibo Oil in before our Company’s director, and you will stand as intermediary between me and the local producer. The original cost price of this product from the local procducer at the rate of 500 US Dollar per 100 ml but my company is willing to pay 1100 US Dollar  leaving us with a profit of 600 US Dollar per each 100ml.

Nonetheless, the company's director is ready to send a delegate to India to meet you in person as soon as I recommend you to him to verify, pay and take delivery of the products from you. Having stood as a producer, the Company will make total payment as soon as the delegate confirms the product to be original. If the business goes well as planned we will share the proceed between us at the rate of 30% for me, 65% for you and 5% for any miscellaneous
expenses incurred respectively.

You should not allow the delegate to meet the local producer in India or have each other's contact to protect future transactions and it will also be an additional business opportunity outside your specializations, though it does not have to disturb you from doing your normal day to day job since the company can come to you for supply six (6) times every year. The business is simple and lucrative without any risk, if you are interested in this proposal and assure me of your reliability and capacity.

 I am still in negotiation with my company that you may need some advance payment before you can make the supply which I believe is a normal thing for you to request for and I promise I will making them agree to that.

Please reconfirm the following information which I will use to enter Non Disclosure Agreement with you.
1. Full Names:
2. Company Name if any and your Address:
3. Mobile Numbers.
4. Age:
5. City:
6. State:
7. Occupation/ Profession:
8. Scan copy of your ID Proof/ Passport or any ID card:
9. Your Address:

Upon receipt of the above compliance written information by mail and confirming your interest and capability, I will be obliged to enter into non-disclosure agreement with you and give you the contact of the local producer in India to ascertain the availability of the Panaibo Oil with them.

Thanks and regards,
Mrs. Andressa Raquel Thiago

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