Thursday, February 19, 2015

Victoria M.Rider - Next of Kin Scam

Thanks for accepting my connection and writing back. i will formally
introduce myself to you. I am Mrs Victoria M.Rider, Chief Operating Officer
at TSB Bank Plc. I am contacting you concerning an abandoned
sum of £3,800,000.00 GBP. In June 2005, A customer who is a foreign
contractor with Royal Dutch Plc came to our bank for business discussions
and investment, As the officer in charge of his transaction then, I
encouraged him to consider various growth of funds with prime ratings.
Then he invested Three Million, Eight Hundred Thousand Pounds only.
Based on my advice,  we were able to spin the initial deposit with
profit and interest to £3,800,000.00 GBP. After few months; my bank
(TSB) sent several notice to him without response and unfortunately,
my client died in a car crash along with his nuclear family in France
while on sabbatical in the summer of 2007, may their souls rest in peace.
He died without leaving a Will and several efforts were made to find his
extended family through your embassy without success. Because of the
sensitive nature of private banking, most customers don’t nominate next
of kin in their investment, also usually in most cases leave their WILLS
in our care,in this case; our now deceased client died in-testate.

It is quite clear now that our dear client died with no known or
identifiable family member. According to practice, the Private banking
sector will by the end of this year broadcast a request for statement
of claim to TSB Bank, failing to receive viable claims they will
probably revert the deposit to the Management of TSB Bank Plc. This
will result the money entering the TSB accounting system and the
portfolio will be out of my hands and out of the private banking
division. What bothers me most is that according to the laws of my
country at the expiration of Ten {10} years the funds will revert to
the ownership of the United Kingdom Government if nobody applies to
claim the funds.

Now, I am prepared to give the necessary details to you as the closest
surviving relation of our deceased customer (Steve Naidoo) whom
you share the same Surname with. I am also proposing that after a
successful execution of the business deal, the funds will be shared in
the ratio 40/60. You will get 40% and I will be entitled to 60% as the
initiator of the deal. You know that I must have done my home work
already before contacting you. Although the project is capital
intensive, I know I will be able to pull it through following proper
banking and legal channels with your assistance at your end. Once
more, I ask that if you find no interest in this project that you
should discard this mail and forget I ever contacted you, I ask that
you do not be vindictive and destructive; do not destroy my career.
Opportunities like this only comes once in a lifetime. I am a
responsible woman and this is an opportunity for me to give my family
the best in life. I would want you to think about this and let me know
your decision. If you give me a positive response, I will give you the
relevant information for the successful transfer of these funds and we
both enjoy it in peace.

If you give me positive signals, I will initiate this process towards
a conclusion. I wish to also advice that you do not contact me via
official channels because our calls are being monitored at the bank.
Our official lines are not secured means to reach me bearing in mind
the nature of this transaction, because they are periodically monitored
to assess our level of customer care in line with our Total Quality
Management. Please keep this confidential.

I await your response.

Mrs Victoria M.Rider

Scammers use these details

Mrs Victoria M Rider
Contact: +44 7045775402

Ms Theresa William
Contact : +44 7045775402

Mr David Hall
Contact : +44 7509546141

William Knight (esq) Solicitor
Contact : +44 7509546216

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  1. Same scam has been sent to me from:
    - Mr Adam Aleksei
    - Email:


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