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Petscam formats;


Hello and thanks for your interest in these Yorkie puppies. They are
still available and healthy for any good and caring person to take
home. We just relocated to Granville, OHIO and this is where these
puppies will be leaving to meet you. I want you to know that we offer
these puppies for "ADOPTION" to any pet lover or any one that needs
some company of puppies. The reason why we are giving them away is
because our adopted son was diagnosed with cancer of the brain and
these puppies were bought because of him. Right now since we are busy
with work and he can't take care of them any more, we decided to get a
home for them. They are absolutely healthy and safe to meet you and
your family. These are the puppies that are available with information
about them.
-They are all from one parent
-The first two are Female and the last two are Male
-Their names are Danny(male) and Lisa(female)
-They are 11 weeks old
-They are pure breed Yorkie puppies
-They have all their health certificates
-They come with one year health Guarantee
-They will also arrive your home with playing toys and some food
-They are used to other house pets (they are home trained).
I will like to know the following information from you as soon you
will be the new owner of these puppies or one of them. You know if you
were in my shoes you will do the same thing just to ensure the safety
of these puppies, you know i really treat them as my own children to i
highly count on their safety. Please sincerely answer the following
questions below...
*How soon do you want the puppies?
*Are you used to raising Yorkie puppies?
*Have you a large yard or ready to always take them for walking?
*Have you kids, if yes are they playful with pets?
*Are you financially fit to raise these puppy(s)?
*Are you a Christian? *If you get this puppy(s), will you send us
monthly pictures and updates on how they are doing?
Please I am very sorry for asking you too many questions, you need to
understand that I am asking all these just to know where my babies
will be going to and I know that if you were in my shoe, you will do
the same to ensure your puppies safety, unless you hate puppies which
I know you don't. Below are some recent pictures of these puppies and
those that are available now as well. So look through and get back to
us if you are interested in getting just one or two or more. The first
two are males and the last two are females. So we await your prompt

 From: Pet Relocation <petrelocation@live.com>
Date: March 10, 2014 at 9:40:12 AM EDT
To: ****Subject: URGENT !! FLIGHT NOTIFICATION FOR YOUR YORKSHIRE TERRIER PUPPY (DANNY)Image removed by sender. a nimated gifs              ANIMALS AND PETS TRANSPORT             *NOTIFOCATION OF FLIGHT  N# 05F/328*
Dear Client,         Accept greetings from Petrelocation shipping company. We have a flight reservation for a male Yorkshire Terrier puppy  from Miguel Meya to be transported from the Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) to Indianapolis International Airport (IND).We urge you to confirm your address and information provided below if they are valid so that we can proceed with shipping of your (Yorkshire Terrier puppy) registered here in our shipping company to be ship to your home address. We will be shipping the puppy to you as soon as we can confirm the information provided. Check out the following information and confirm if they are correct. You can simply reply to this email to confirm your address. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Receiver Informations
Full names : ****City / State **** Country ****Phone Number****Postal Code****Home Address****Type of Delivery Airport or Home DeliveryReceiving Airport**** International Airport (****)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SENDER'S INFORMATION
Names: Miguel MeyaCity / State: Plymouth, MNAddress : 240 Summit AvenuePostal Code : 55441Phone n# : (218) 319-2361
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Animales Información
Esta mascota tiene los siguientes número de registro 05J3287. El cachorro se le proporcionó documentos sanitarios completos y Certificaciones. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Descripción para su cachorro
Race: Yorkshire TerrierSex: MaleAge: 10 WeeksName: DannyVaccination Certificate : (Confirmed) Shipping Fee(Pendiing)

This puppy has been well check and our Vet's technicians confirm the puppy is feet and ready for shipment. We are currently waiting for the flight fee of the puppy to be made. Once we confirm the payment of funds, we will put the puppy in the next available flight. The shipping fee of your puppy is $250 for Airport Delivery and $300 for Home Delivery . Below is the address you will use to make payments through MoneyGram (Walmart) to our cashier ROLAND MUCH O shown below. Once the payment is done, let us know.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cómo hacer Pagos

You are prompted to copy the following data as it is and take it to the nearest MoneyGram (WallMart) and make the payment through the details below.
NB: MoneyGram or WallMart is use to send money to friends, family and relatives. The main reason we prefer you make the  payments via MoneyGram or WallMart is because it's fast and reliable for urgent transactions like this. Arriving at MoneyGram or WallMart, don't reveal your reasons for sending the money. If they ask why you are sending where the money, tell them that you are sending to a friend or family member.The main reason we guide our clients to say this is that if you tell MoneyGram or WallMart that you are sending to a company, you will charge about 2-3 times the cost of the normal transfer fee and the payment will be about 3 days for us to confirm. Thanks for your understanding. Customer satisfaction is our top priority......................................................................................................................This payment should be done as soon as possible, so that the paperwork for the puppy can be confirmed and the puppy may be in next available flight session . This puppy will not be dispatched from our detention and will spend more on daily feeding until the manager confirms payments. Email us with the money transfer control  number (MTCN) and full name of the sender after the payment. Indicate the amount sent with the test question and answer. If possible, scan the receipt from MoneyGram or WallMartand send to us for confirmation. We'll be updating with you with the departure and arrival time of your puppy as soon as the payment is confirmed.
Keep in touch with our serviceCustomer's ServicePetRelocation.petrelocation@live.com(+1) 347- 298-4665(+237) 7989-1849

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