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United Nations Subsidiary Organs / Fake Job Scam

United Nations Subsidiary Organs / Fake Job Scam

This is a fake job scam. The United Nations (and no other government or company) would ever use a free email address such as: and That is laughable. These are scammers using +44 70 numbers to pretend to be in the UK. Read:
Why Most Emails Offering Jobs Are Scams
Telephone Numbers that start with +4470, +44(0)70 or +44070 are not in the United Kingdom!
44 871 +44 870 / +44 844 +44 845 Phone Numbers Are Suspicious

United Nations Subsidiary Organs: United Nations Diplomacy Division

We have file in your Resume, and after the evaluation of Competency Review; we found you qualified to work with our team. Your Approved Application Reference No: 697226LH. UN is very pleased to offer you a Permanent position in the United Nations Subsidiary Organs Department For International Development on the following terms and conditions.

1. Position:

At this stage, we cannot assign you with any designation or position as specify in your CV. Position and Country of primary assignment will determined in line with your Professional Career after completion of your probation/orientation. But You are assigned to the division as indicated above. You will be working under our Team of Efficient Staff which you will be introduced on arriving UN-London Central Complex to acquaint you with the standard and specification and help you complete required “sign up” paperwork such as the Traveling and Medical Eligibility, tax deductions, Maine State Retirement, insurance forms, and other related documents like the UN compliance with European Union policy concerning personnel Accommodation and settlement, salaries and allowances. Please be prepared to provide the original version (photocopies are not acceptable) of credentials that you claimed on your application for this employment when you arrive London.

2. Remuneration:

Your Gross salary before tax is £14,700/- BT (before tax) per Month (less statutorily required deductions), and net pay of £11,460 (Eleven Thousand, Four Hundred and Sixty British Pounds Starlings AF (after tax)). Your salary is payable once a month at month end in accordance with the UN’s standard payroll practices. Your salary shall remain static for the first two months, after which the UN Staff Welfare will reconsider you for salary increment based on feedback from your superior. All payment of Salary after assumption of duty in UNITED KINGDOM shall be 70% paid into an offshore account to be provided by employee with the remaining 30% paid locally in UNITED KINGDOM. This is in line with the UK Expatriate Financial Statutory Laws.

II.) Your hours of work are based on the normal operating hours of the UN and are expected from 8am to 3pm (1hr break entitlement). Other provisions of regarding the development of work plans and determination of hours of work and extra time work entitlement like weekends will given to you on your arrival.

III.) The first monthly salary shall be paid in advance after the Six Days Orientation programmed before any employee of (UNITED NATIONS) come down to his/her duty post officially, this is to enable UNITED NATIONS Staff settle all domestic needs before travel. As such no excuses will be entertained on assumption of duty relating to default. Payment of First Month’s salary is also geared towards making sure that all employees have enough money in his/her Bank account as the UNITED KINGDOM Expatriates Financial Statutory Law would demand (NEFSL).

IV.) Feeding and accommodation. Newly recruited staff of UNITED NATIONS is expected to reside at the UN mission camp. There are FIVE BED-ROOMS FLAT DUPLEX options for Employees to choose from, Also, employees shall be expected to eat at the staff canteen free of charge, as there are dietary options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

3. Benefits and Pension:

As a permanent employee, you will be eligible to participate in UN Work group benefit plans for employee’s in-scope of ASPA, according to the terms of the plans. You are also eligible to participate in the Company’s Money Purchase Pension Plan in accordance with the plan requirements. Please, you need to contact the Human Resources for detailed Benefits and Pension and property ownership information specific to your appointment on your arrival.

4. Vacation:

You will receive 1-Month leave per vacation year (May Ending to April Starting), pro-rated for the current vacation year, according to the terms of Article 19.2 Annual Vacation. Vacations are to be taken at such time or times as are mutually convenient to you and the UN Operational Policies. Please note that carry over of unused vacation is not encouraged, and should be discussed with your supervisor.

5. Professional Allowance:

In addition, you are eligible to receive an annual Accountable Professional Development Account with our affiliated Bank for Swift Salary Domiciliation, for any international transfer of fund or salaries and allowances to your Home Country or local bank operators.

6. Assessment Period:

Consistent with UN Articles on Probationary Period for Permanent Appointments, the first 6-months of your appointment to this position is a probationary period. We will review your progress in the position on a regular basis and provide you with regular feedback. We will be in a position to confirm salary upgrade upon successful completion of the probationary period.

7. Effective Date:

The terms of this offer shall come into effect from the day you signed your Contract agreement with the UN. And jonining date shall be determined by your compliance and duration for legal proceedures by your UNIC Officer-In-Charge.


I.)All employees will cover 20% cost of procurement of Work-&-Resident Permit and other essential traveling particulars as required by the United Nations Information to your Home Country Zone. The United Nations Staff Welfare-Board will cover 80%. The United Nations however agrees to reimburse 20% Traveling Expenses made by Employee within 10-days of the first orientation/training exercise in the UK. The UN shall refund all costs for Traveling Expenses, Processing of Work/ Resident Permit Papers of Employee upon resumption of orientation/training exercise.

II.)This is possibly to protect the UN OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS should Employee decide to decline Job Offer after certain Expenses must have been made by UN. This agreement hereby binds Employer (UN) and Employee in that re-imbursements will be made fully (100%) to Employees upon presentation of Expense Reports and proof of Expenses on resumption of office.

III.)Employee who did not leave up to expectations of the UN standard by reason of Misconduct, Disobedience and Negligence and lateness to duty after resumption shall be rejected by the Orientation panel. Such employee will be given extra fund as compensation + His traveling expenses to the UK + Return allowance. This employee will never be liable to put-up further application with UN.


I)That all expatriates considered for this job offer must be satisfactorily qualified, and posses a valid International Passport.

II)Family Affairs : Employees who wish to relocate with family members must restrict to maximum numer of FOUR. The United Nations Staff Welfare Board only provide expenses for 4-family members(including the employee). All Family welfare (travelling, registration, immigration, accommodation, education, feeding etc) are managed free by The United Nations Staff Welfare Board.

II) That all expatriates contacted must submit their original certificates and credentials to the Human Resources manager for screening as soon as they arrive UK.

III) That the UN will only be liable to refund traveling expenses fees of expatriates for procurement of documents and work permit document on arrival in the UK etc. In lieu of 3 above, expatriates are expected to cover 20% amount of their work-Resident-Permit processing fees only to our affiliated United Nations Expatriate Diplomatic Clearnace Division in charge assigned to you that will be communicated to them in this document as they have been consider/giving the job appointment.

IV) All expatriates contacted and contracted for this engagement will have the Hard copy of their job contract engagement papers document been forwarded to the UN Legal Attorney assigned to procure their travelling documents, immigration particulars, work permit, etc.

Confidentiality: During the course of your employment with the UNGCC you will be entrusted with confidential and proprietary information. You agree that such information will not be released or divulged, whether directly or indirectly, unless authorized by UN’s policy, required by law, or through the express written consent of the UN under the hand of the proper officer with authority to give such consent.

Please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions at contact phone number : +447010051797.

Yours truly,

Holmes Palmer (PhD)
United Nations Employment Division
United Nations, UK
Tel: +44-7010-051-797 / +44 701 005 1797
{+44}-703-187-7882 / +44 703 187 7882
{+44}-8713-152-806 / +44 871 315 2806

I would ask that you review the contents of this offer letter carefully. If the terms of employment as set out in this agreement are acceptable to you, please sign and date one (1) copy to the British Expatriate Work/Resident Permit Clearance and Registration Scheme and forward another copy to my office in not less than 24-hours. By accepting this offer, you also acknowledge and agree that you shall abide by the UN terms and conditions.

I _______________________________________agree to accept the conditions of employment indicated above, this

Day of , 20 . .


(I) That all UK based employees are to report personally to our office with identification materials for signing and collection of hard copy of their contract/Appointment document

(ii) Non-UK based employees’ are to contact the British Immigration / Work Permit Division in the address given below in this document. This is in line with the expatriate statuary law of the United Kingdom in compliance with the U.N. Security Act.

Mr. Markus Punch (Registrar.)
Resident & Work Permit Registration Scheme
United Kingdom Immigration Service Complex, Milburngate House Durham.
DH99 ISA.56 Tooting Broadway, London, United Kingdom SW4X 85QCF
Registrar: +44 –871-3152-924
Tel: +44-701-005-2369


Please read carefully because this applies to every job offer you receive! 99% of email job offers are scams! No real company hires you without an in person, face to face interview. An email, online or telephone interview is always a scam! No real company ever charges any money for a job even for a visa or work permit! If they want you to pay and say they will refund the costs, you will just send money to a fake embassy official, travel agency or lawyer who is a really a scammer! Read: No real company, government or visa agent ever uses a free or public email address (,, etc.) Email addresses like,,, etc. are also free email addresses. Read: No real visa agent ever requests money via wire to a bank account or by Western Union or MoneyGram. Read: No real company uses a telephone number that begins with +44 70, +44 871, +44 870, +44 844, or +44 845. Those are forwarding numbers which are not in the UK. Read: If the company does not have a website or the website does not work, it is a scam! Do not assume a website is legit! Read There are no exceptions! Don't let a scammers convince you otherwise! A scammer is only as smart as his victim is naive! If something sounds too good to be true, it is a scam! Publicity defeats scammers. Post the scam emails you receive and warn your friends! Always "Google" all telephone numbers, email addresses and websites in any job offer to see if it has already been posted as a scam!

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