Monday, December 27, 2010

Joseph C. Simmons (Next of Kin Scammer)

Originating IP:, VISAFONE-LAGOS-PDSN3-2, Visafone Communications Limited, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Dear xxxxxxxxxx

Thank you very much for your response, and your interest in this transaction, I want to also believe that you are a noble and trustworthy person whom I can rely on for your capability to handle this transaction. I can assure you that this transaction does not involve doing anything illegal for all the legal frame work will be carried out by a lawyer which makes the whole purpose, intent and execution of this transaction 100% legitimate in comprise to the illegal perceived perception of the transaction itself.I got your email address from the web when i was looking for genuine and reliable person based on some certain criteria best known and kept to me only.

I want to be as open as possible as this circumstance permits because if we must do this, we will have to be able to trust one another and also to be able to work together as partners with open minds for I believe that there is no partnership without trust and there can not be trust without understanding and knowledge.You will agree with me that I need to know you more before we commence this transaction. so, I will want to know precisely who you are, how old you are, what do you do and also that you are mature enough to handle this kind of large transaction without any problems now and in the future.I will explain how we intend to transfer these funds to you in the most legitimate way we have arranged.

With reference to how these funds were acquired in my first letter to you, we use this opportunity of the deposit of these amounts in his account as a fixed deposit and the information in the bank does not list a next of kin who will inherit the funds in his account.So now that we have a partner in you, all i have to do is employ the services of an attorney here who is going to prepare all legal documentations to make you the next of kin who will inherit these funds and other properties. My attorney will also make the required registry in the probate office here which will be displayed for any contest and after that he will make a claim request at the probate office.

This will establish you as the legitimate next of kin to the deceased. We will send to you all the required documentations and probate information.With this information in your hands, I will then refer you to another attorney who is specialized in inheritance procurements. Mind you that he is not aware of the actual nature of this transaction. so all you do is seek his services to process and execute your inheritance claim. Once the attorney finalizes the process of executing my late employers wish which is making sure that these fund be yours is accomplished.And that way the funds can be transferred to you without any problem here or when it leaves this country and also it will be termed as a grant which has very slim tax rates all over the world.

My good friend, the process explained can be in place as soon as i have facilitated my attorney with all your details that he needs to proceed and he will be able to finish all the legal frame works and then make an official application to the probate office on your behalf which will put us in the final stages on our part. Please be rest assured that all the procedures here are error proof and arranged in a very legitimate way and once the paper work has been completed by the attorney, we will send you copies of all the legal documentations to show how you came about being the legitimate heir to these funds (Cert. of deposit and other documents) The information we need to start the process are stated is a copy of any form of your identification (Driver's license or International passport), your full names, your current residential address, your working telephone and fax numbers.

I will need this for the attorney to complete his work on making you the beneficiary and also I want to be sure that I am transacting with the correct person. As soon as I get these from you, I will complete the paper work. I hope you will understand why I need all these. Brother, you must understand and appreciate that this process will cost us a lot of money to execute and that is why I always stress on your 100% commitment to this cause and also because of the nature of this transaction and the process, I also stress your highest level of confidentiality on this matter. I hope that we will get this from you at all times.

Please send the information required immediately.

My warmest regards,
Mr. Joseph C. Simmons.

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