Monday, December 20, 2010

Charles Brown, Esq.

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From: Charles Brown
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 06:19:15 +0000

Thanks for your kind response.All I mentioned in my proposition is 100% real and the process of achieving it is also 100% risk-free.

It is just about my client,Mark Michelle who died with his entire family in 2004 and an estate he deposited with Citibank,Manchester valued at US$18,000.000.00.Since he died,the bank has mandated me as his personal attorney to present his relative for the claim since he died Intestate(Without Will)and with his entire family and left no trace of his extended relative.I have made frantic effort to find his relative since then but all my effort has been futile.It is presently that the bank has given me a 10 day ulitmatum to present a claimant to the estate or the funds will be consficated as an unclaimed bill that I have no option to search for trust whorty person who is of the same national with him to present,hence contacting you.This is because if no one comes for the claim and it eventually gets confiscated,instead of turning it over to the Govt Treasury as the law typifies,the bank top officials will siphon to their personal pockets.This is the chief reason I am involved in this and has contacted you so that we inherit this funds rather than loosing to the bank.In my capacity as the personal lawyer to the deceased and the one that handled the legal aspect of the deposit,I have all the basic information and instruments that will ensure the success of the project and protect our interest.All I require of you is your most honest understanding and co-operation,we working as a FAMILY to achieve this great life opportunity.Be informed that it does not matter if you are not related to late Mark as the conventional heritage law provides for any person who has all the probate information and substances of a deceased who died Intestate(Without Will)to inherit his/her estate.

The first step in actualisation of this is my forwarding a Referral/Introduction Letter which will contain your full contact details(Names,Address,Phone and Fax)to the bank,presenting you as late Mark's relative.After which,I will send you a Text of Application where you will fill in your full account information you wish to receive the funds and send to the bank to start processing the transfer.So,kindly forward me your full contact information as requested above so that we get on course as time is of an essence.

I await your response and will appreciate if you call me on my direct phone (+447924437604)so that we talk further and I give you more information. I will also be coming over to meet with you in your country once the funds gets transfered into your account for sharing and subsequent investment there which I will need your guide.

GOD bless you!

Best Regards,
Charles Brown Esq.

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