Wednesday, December 2, 2015


This is fake job scam! Read  if you get a job offer from this person it is fake! Do not send any money or documents!

Dear Victim


We are glad to inform you that your job with your employer (NICHOLAS ANDREW FAMILY), has been approved, with a 5 year first contract to work and live under her employments schedule with approval by our CANADA DEPARTMENT OF LABOR.

Also, an appointed Immigration Attorney has been assigned by our immigration department to be in charge of your H1B Visa and work permit processing of our embassy in your country India, without interview or delaying on your issuance of your visa and work permit.

You are urged to contact the appointed diplomat with the details below for your H1B Visa and work permit procurement. Upon contacting the appointed Immigration Attorney immediately in your country. You will have your visa application and the list of the additional documents that may be required to be submitted to our embassy as your personal proof.

Your employer has done everything in order by submitting all the necessary documents to fasten your H1B Visa and work permit, 10 working days has been tagged on your file approval once you meet up with all required documents required by the attorney to proceed with your visa and work permit process, to ensure your arrival to the Canada on or before your resumption date.

You are advised to respond to the appointed Immigration Attorney by filling your visa and work permit Application form with all the necessary documents that may be required of you from our embassy over there attached to it.

Here are the appointed Immigration Attorney contact details.

Tel: +91-8375023498

Forward the copy of your job approval certificate confirmation copy with your international passport data copy and your Letter Agreement copy from your employer and a recent passport photograph.Contact the appointed Immigration attorney with the copies of the documents listed above to authentication of your file on their database.

The official fees for the visa application is 34,850 Indian currency each.Please do hurry up the process to submit your document as soon as you receive my message,as you will need you to resume work on the stipulated date on your agreement documents.

Here is the list of your employer documents, copies that were forwarded to our embassy in your country India, along with your job approval and the original certificate copy from our CANADA DEPARTMENT OF LABOR

You will receive all the original copies on your appointment date of official stamping of your visa and work permit.

1; Original job approval certificate from Canada Department of Labor from their database.
2:Employer Financial Proof,
3:Tax Clearance copy
4: Family Identity Card Originated from Canada Ministry of commerce.
5,Insurance certificate copy.

With agreement made with your employer ( NICHOLAS ANDREW FAMILY) that they will be responsible for your air ticket down to Canada and reimbursement of your visa and work permit expenses when you arrive here in Ontario.Also due to the short days that have been tagged to treat your visa and work permit file ,you are advised to response to your appointed Immigration Attorney promptly for all other documents that may require as personal documents to complete the issuance of your H1B Visa and work permit in our embassy in your country.

Once your visa and work permit file is approved,you have to contact your appointed Immigration Attorney to make your visa fee and work permit fee promptly in other to meet up with hours that may be attached with your file to issue your visa and work permit.

Note: that your visa and work permit file has been given a diplomatic preference, your visa and work permit fee must be paid through your appointed Immigration Attorney over there,in order to confirm your payment receipt to your employer here in Canada for reimbursement of your expenses when your arrival in Canada, according to the agreement made.

Find the attached file to download the Labor Certificate, appointed immigration approval letter and Lmo copy.

I wish you best of luck in your new career here in Canada

Warm Regards,

Barrister James Blatts Law Firm And Associates (ESQ) (SOLICITORS & NOTARY PUBLIC)
666 King Street West, Suite 201 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 1M5
Tel:+1-4388004830,Fax: +1-4378004146
(Soliciting Partner, Canada Immigration & Foreign Worker Affairs).

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