Thursday, December 31, 2015


This is fake job scam! Read to learn how to tell when a job offer is fake! If you get a job offer like this, it is fake! Do not send any money or documents! 
On Wednesday, December 16, 2015 10:54 AM, PAVILION OIL AND GAS COMPANY LTD. wrote:
Dear Victim
We acknowledge the receipt of your message and your signed contract last page , as a confirmation of your contract acceptance. 

However, you have to contact TRAVELING COUNSELOR & TOURISM AGENCY - UAE  for the acquisition of your UAE Work/Residence Permit Papers which will enable you to legally live and work in U.A.E. Also send the signed Copy of the Acceptance page to the Travel Agency, through their contact details below: 

Plot # 10 Liwa Street ,  Airlines Tower, Abu -Dhabi 
United Arab Emirates 
Phone: +971 527823105 

Kindly be informed that any expenses you made regarding the processing of your work permit visa will be reimbursed to you by our company before you embark on your trip to our company,  kindly send us a copy of the payment receipt as soon as you transfer the payment to the traveling agency. 

Meanwhile, I remind you that adequate arrangements has been made by us, for your flight tickets, reimbursements and 2 month upfront salaries after you complete the Processing of your Papers.. 

Please be guided accordingly, and do the needful!

Congratulations on your successful emergence! 

MR. Alfred Marc 
Address:  No: 105 Bin Khalifa Street 
Al Ittihad Area Zone 1 - 63 Abu Dhabi 
United Arab Emirate 
Tel:  +971 522760465 

On Saturday, December 19, 2015 12:16 PM, TARVELING COUNSELOR TOURISM AGENCY LLC wrote:

Attention: VICTIM

We received your application and confirmed from the human resources department of your employing company concerning your job, and the issuance of your working permits/entry visa. 

We therefore confirm further details as follows. In order to commence processing your working and residence permits/entry visa into UAE, you have to send/complete the applicant working/entry visa application form.

Return to us as scan Email attachments, along with the below identification documents:
1) Data page of International passport
2) Filled visa/work permits application form

3) A passport sized photograph

You have to complete the registration form and send along-with per-requisite Government/Immigration charges below:

A) Work Permit Fee: -------------------------- USD 300.00

B) Residence Permit Fee: ---------------------- USD 300.00

C) Release Documents: ------------------------USD 400.00

D) Service Fee:------------------------------------USD 250.00

E) Courier /Dispatch: --------------------------- USD 200.00

Total: USD 1,450.00

 Payment for Family Processing is USD 2,450, and this will cover for your entire family. Also Include the passport copies/photos of all your family members. It will take 7 working days for your UAE Work / Residence permit visa to be ready upon the receipt of payment and all the above requested requirements. Upon your response, we will send you payment details and how you can transfer the payment for your UAE Work / residence Permit Visa.

We will send you by courier service the original work permit/entry visa and all the hard copies of documents to your forwarding address, please indicate your preferred postal address while reverting with the work permit requirements.
Thanks in advance for your kind understanding and co-operation as we whilst immensely for your soonest co-operation.

Yours faithfully,
Mr.Richard Addison

Tel: +971 527823105 


On Tuesday, December 29, 2015 12:49 PM, TARVELING COUNSELOR TOURISM AGENCY LLC  wrote:

Attention : Victim

We well received your postal address, this is to notify you that we received the payment you sent successfully yesterday, I am writing to update you with the current status of your work  / resident permit application processing with the Ministry of Interior today after the submission of your documents to start processing your UAE Work / Residence Permit Visa.

Kindly be informed that the ministry of Interior are demanding for you to get UAE Expatriate Association Registration/Immigrant Expatriate Clearance Exercise Certification as Ministry of Labor demands.

Meanwhile, the UAE Ministry of Interior stated that it is MANDATORY for that you will register with the UAE Expatriate Association/Immigrant Expatriate Clearance Exercise Certification, before the final endorsement/approval of your Papers can be made.

To this effect, they instructed that you have to send us the below requirements for the completion of your UAE Expatriate Association Registration/Immigrant Expatriate Clearance Exercise Certification to be done to allow your work permit visa to be ready within 7 working days.

1. Filled IECEC Registration Form Attached
2. Provide Your Degree Certificate
3. IECEC Registration Fee of $980 - Refundable  .

Kindly use the same below information to transfer the payment urgently through Xpress Money and upon successful money transfer, forward us the receipt via Email, together with the above requested documents and the filled form so that we can submit to the Ministry of Interior to complete the process for the Registration/Immigrant Expatriate Clearance Exercise Certification and work permit visa.

Name: SJohn Owoeye
Position: Account Manager
City : Abu Dhabi
Country: United Arab Emirate
Tel:  +971528543601 
AMOUNT: $980

Please try to complete the formalities above so as to ensure the final approval / endorsement of your Residence/Work Permits / Health Insurance processing, and thus avoid the decline of your Application.

Meanwhile, it will take  6 working days from the day of submission of the requirements for your resident work permit visa to be ready as soon as you complete the registration with the IECEC Immigrant Expatriate Clearance Exercise Certification.

We have also call your company to inform them about this issue , they advise that we should contact you directly to complete the requirements and let them know about all the receipt of your expenses for their acknowledgement to enable them takes record for your reimbursement purpose.

Thanks in advance for your kind understanding and co-operation as we whilst immensely for your soonest co-operation.

Yours faithfully,



  1. i also received a offer letter but what i do is i'm trying to search the company and i want to confirm first to the company.Also i received to more of a bogus company in abu dhabi. Theydid not even have a phone interview or a skype interview. That why i really want to check first to the company and find out that all of this was bogus or fraud email.

    1. Any offer letter you receive without a face to face, in person interview will be a scam. Read Please send me email offer you receive.


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