Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mr. Allen West
X-Originating-IP: Visafone Communications Limited, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria (Frequent Scammer)
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2011 06:02:48 +0000
Subject: FedEX Payment Information / Detailed Instructions !
From: "Mr.Allen West"


Thanks for your email and here is the FedEX Payment Information of $150 US Dollars, as you know the Certified Bank Check will be shipped through FEDEX Incorporation as it is one of the cheapest among others as compared to DHL & UPS.

The amount for the delivery fees of FEDEX is $150 and the payment should be made today unfailingly so that FEDEX can commence the delivery of your check to your door step. Note that you are to send the payment to the Accounts Officer. Below is how you can send the $150 to FEDEX, and the Receiving Officer's name is Mr.Williams Ola.Note that your Cashier Check has been packaged with the following documents enclosed with it.

1. Certificate of Ownership
2. Clear Source of funds
3. Cashier Check

All these has been forwarded to FEDEX awaiting to receive your payment information to commence the shipment today to your address. Here is the Payment Details and how you are to send the $150 through Western Union or Money gram to Mr.Williams Ola the receiving Officer.

SEND THE PAYMENT THROUGH WESTERN UNION IN THIS FORMAT BELOW: YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO FILL A SENDER'S SLIP AT THE WESTERN UNION OFFICE SO FILL THE SLIP IN THIS FORMAT AS GIVEN TO YOU NOW. Please endeavor to use the informations below to send the fees which should be sent to the receiving officer Mr.Williams Ola, through WESTERN UNION.


**Receiver's Name: Mr.Williams Ola
**Destination Office Address: 23, Maryland Avenue, Abuja, Nigeria.
**Amount: $150
**Test Question: In God
**Answer: We Trust

You are required to send the $150 through Western Union Money Transfer Authorized Agent in Agent within your location. Note that the shipment is within 24hrs as soon as your payment is confirmed by FEDEX Incorp.

Your Airway Bill will be sent to you as soon as you make this payment so that you can track your package before its arrival. Also note that you will be required to sign and collect your package from the FEDEX Official who will deliver your Check to you at your door step. Please co-operate and show them any form of identification e.g I.D Card, Driver's License, business card etc.

Please make sure you send the MTCN # which is the 10 digit or money gram which is the 8 digit numbers. and the Test Question and Anwser as given to you in this email ( very important).

I await to confirm the payment information, as FEDEX is waiting to confirm your payment in order to commence delivey of your check.

You are to make the Payment via Western union Office and do ensure to furnish me with the MTCN NUMBER immediately the transfer has been made to enable me cash the money and use for your purpose.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Allen West
+234 702 576 5956

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