Monday, January 24, 2011

Lisa Johnson / Nigel Hadlow / SANTANDER BANK

Originating IP:, Multi-Links Telecom Limited, (Major Scammer Hub), Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Cc: recipient list not shown: ;
From: "London, UK"
Subject: For your personal attention
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2011 16:01:24

Ludgate Hill, St. Pauls,
Greater London EC4M
7RE,United Kingdom

From the Office of: Mrs. Lisa Johnson.


I am Mrs. Lisa Johnson, Director, Corporate Services, Divisional Head of Swift Transfer Unit of Santander Bank Limited,London UK. Sometimes ago, you were a beneficiary of a large amount of money in our bank from National Lotto Group here in England. After a long period of time elapsed, the money was recalled to the treasury of National Lotto Group because it was not claimed. During the period this money remained unclaimed in our bank, it generated an interest of US800,000.00 which we are about to pay to you now.

For your information, you are advised to hasten up with the process of picking up this generated interest of US800,000.00 because from time to time the National Lotto Group auditors do come to our bank to cross-check our financial transactions with them. So, the earlier you comply with the demands of the delivery of this money to you, the better; because when the auditors arrive and find out that this accrued interest is still unclaimed in our bank, they will call back the accrued interest to the National lotto Group treasury account.

What we need from you now, are two sets of your identifications such as; your International Passport and Driver's License, your telephone and fax numbers for easy communication with you. As a matter of fact, we don't have time to waste since we have wasted so much time already trying to contact you on the phone without success. We advice that you comply with the necessary requirements for the immediate transfer of your fund

Contact: Mr. Nigel Hadlow +447031897490
E-Mail Id:

Be informed that I have attempted several times in the past to call you on the phone but all efforts failed and I have to send you an email message now on this email address with the hope that it belongs to you.

Expecting your immediate reply.

Yours Sincerely,
For: Mrs. Lisa Johnson.

Originating IP:

Hadlow Nigel


Congratulations! I am an agent from National Lottery, UK. Be notified that the UK National Lottery has given an approval with an instruction for an immediate release and payment of your accrued interest fund of US$800,000.00. Thus an instant arrangement has been put in place to effect your payment. Your email address was automatically selected and entered for the online draw on this Ticket Number: GFEKALDHE749KE and won on this Lucky Number: 849YA39GHMWQ

I was directed to ensure that every short listed beneficiary whose name has been certified by the apex bank (Bank of England) receives their fund. The UK Lottery Organization in which you have emerged as a winner was a free ticket online email address draw.

In view of the above, you are required to provide the following information to the processing of your fund payment.

1, UK Non Residence Certificate

2. Letter of Administration from Court of Justice

In case you do not have the above documents requested for the release of your fund, you shall be assisted by the bank's legal adviser to obtain them on your behalf. Be informed that once we are in receipt of the above requested information, your fund shall be wired to your nominated bank account within 72 hours.

Yours in service

Nigel Hadlow / Nigel Stewart Hadlow / Hadlow Nigel / Hadlow Nigel Stewart

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