Thursday, January 13, 2011

Barrister Iain Wright

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Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 07:40:01 -0800


My name is Barrister Iain Wright,an Associate with the Morgan Lewis Law Firm United
Kingdom.I am contacting you to crave your indulgence on a confidential business proposal which my client Mrs Grace Victor authorized me to handle.I am the legal attorney to Mrs Grace Victor and i handle her family's estate.I was also her late husband's attorney before his sudden demise.Mrs Grace Victor is presently hospitalized with a terminal cancer and the doctors have given her a few weeks to live.The reason why i have contacted you is because Mrs Grace has authorized me to give her inheritance wealth deposited with the Fidelity Bank Plc valued $8.9Million to charity and she authorized me to contact you to assist in the distribution of the funds to orphanages, destitutes homes,mentally challenged homes and churches in your state.

The reason why Mrs Grace Victor's wants her inheritance given to charity is based on the fact that she had no child and the only relatives who happened to be her late husband's brothers are of questionable characters.She confided in me not to let them have her inheritance or else,they will squander the funds on drugs,women and alcohol. She wants her wealth given to charity and churches to expand God's word.

The management of the bank just notified me that the funds are due for claim with interest valued at $8.9Million.I have being in contact with the management of the
bank over this issue and they are willing to work with me to transfer the funds into your account once i secure the necessary legal documents that will transfer
ownership of the funds to you.As a matter of truth,i have the power of attorney
and letter of authorization to secure all the legal papers to back up this transaction.

One of the instructions stated in the letter of authorization issued by Mrs Grace
is that i should will 40% of her inheritance to you for your assistance while
60% will be shared to churches and orphanages.

In this regard,i would want you to furnish me with the following information to enable me prepare the legal papers and secure an affidavit that will empower me to secure the legal papers and get them certified in court.

1.Your Full names
2.Contact address
3.Phone number (cell)
4.A copy of your id.

Please i want you to treat this seriously because the management of the bank has put
end of next month as deadline for claim of the funds or the fund will be transferred
into the government purse. So i will appreciate if you respond and send me the requested information. You can write Mrs Grace to thank her for this kindness

You can also call me if you need further clarification....+447011146991

God Bless you

Barrister Iain Wright
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
Business and Finance Practice
Fax No....08709746797


  1. I am triing to find out if this is for real or a scam been sent to me before but with all the bull out there I find I need more proof
    send response to
    1006_425 Elgin ave.
    Winnipeg ,Manitoba , Canada
    R3A 1P2
    Thank You
    Dwight Hilton

    From: Mr Ian Wright ( Microsoft SmartScreen classified this message as junk.
    Sent: January-10-15 5:51:47 AM

    Microsoft SmartScreen marked this message as junk and we'll delete it after ten days.
    Wait, it's safe!

    Attention: Friend,


    Let me start by introducing myself I am Barr. Philip Adim, I was directed by Finance Minister Ngozi Okon and the chairman Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) ,to notify you on the investigation that took place here in Lagos Nig.

    In regards with the investigation that has happened recently here in Benin will noticed that you are dealing with some Lagosians who claimed you have money with them and they have failed to make you get the money and you lost so much money during the process, I am currently paying so many people with the same problem. So I have been directed by the Nigeria government to pay you also but due to the late registration of your name on the list of the people I have to pay, I will not be able to pay you much because of insufficient fund, so I will only pay you $1,500,000.00 (One Million Five Hundred Thousand dollars only) as compensation to what has happened to you.

    I have prepared an ATM CARD on your name and I will advice you to contact the dispatcher to enable him send the ATM CARD to your home, below is the contact information of the dispatcher, make sure you contact him and get the ATM CARD.You have to contact Dispatcher now,for the delivery of your ATM with this

    information bellow.

    1,Your Full Name:
    2,Your Delivery Address:
    3,Your Cell Phone Number:
    4,Your Age:
    5,Your Country:
    6,Your OCCUPATION:
    7,Your Sex:

    Below is the dispatchers information,Kindly contact him immediately you received this:

    Mr.Bernard Mendy.
    Office Manager,
    United Parcel Service (UPS).
    EMAIL : (
    Telephone Number: +234 810 2312 908

    Note: The government of Nigeria has seized monies from everybody and cooperate bodies that has participated on the issue. We seize this opportunity to also warn that anyone or cooperate bodies caught bringing the name of the country to disrepute will be firmly dealt with within the ambit of the law. So you
    are advice to disregard any email you get from anyone or co-operate bodies and forward the email to us for proper conduct. On behalf of the President, we are truly sorry for the inconveniences and for what you encounter from the Nigerians that make you lost so much money please speak well about Nigerians in your country as soon as you get this ATM card.

    Best regards,
    Barr Ian Wright

    1. Of course it's a scam! You don't have any monies coming to you!


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