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Scammers Impersonating Cantinetta Antinor / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam! If you are asked to pay fees for a visa or work permit or anything else, the job offer is a scam, even if they say they will reimburse you! No real company or embassy ever uses a free email address! Read Why Most Emails Offering Jobs Are Scams! to learn how to tell when a job offer is fake and Never Wire Money to Strangers! or click on the images below:

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De: Cancilla Martina < >
Date: jue., 21 mar. 2019 to 10:15 am
Subject: Re: Restaurant job offer in Cantinetta Antinori-Restaurant Zurich Switzerland

Dear candidate,

Cantinetta Antinori is an elegant timbered restaurant & famous merchant wine, serving Italian dishes with truffles & veal in Switzerland. I am glad to confirm our record of offering employment to you for a regular full time position as a bartender, this offering is conditional upon completion of satisfactory References that could include, but are not necessarily limited to a review of past employment and record education .

Our policy is to provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals without distinction of race, creed, color, religious belief, sex, age, nationality, descent, physical or mental disability or veteran status, this policy is changed from the citizenship and national origin due to the respect of the Commission for equal opportunities in the European Union (EU). We assure you that your employment opportunity with us depends exclusively on your qualifications, I believe you are eligible for this job as you will prove to be a reliable and good person.

After reviewing your resume and also analyzing, searching, looking at the answers you provided above the above questions, we are satisfied with your qualification for the job. Considering the little information we know of you, we believe you are fit for this position in how much how you will prove yourself a reliable and a good person. I have submitted your file application to the Human Resource Department about work and for other purposes what you might need to and they all accept your qualification for the job.

-: You will be earning a monthly net salary of € 2800 a month and you must be entitled to other benefits from the restaurant management, that weekly allowance of € 150 per week.

-: Once you arrive in Switzerland, the restaurant management will take care of all your bills for 6 months! ie Free Accommodation, Food, Transportation and Medical Assistance. After 6 months, you will be responsible for taking care of all bills except for medical treatment that will be managed by the restaurant management in the event of illness.

-: If you have difficulty speaking the German and French languages, don't worry about this because Cantinetta Antinori-Restaurant is an Italian restaurant but we will provide you with an assistant who can help you translate if necessary until they are able to understand you well the language

-: You are required to sign an employment contract that is concluded for a period of 2 years, the contract can be terminated before the end of the 2 years if the restaurant management receives a letter terminating the contract on your part to cancel your work relationship! On the other hand, the contract will be renewed at the end of the 2 years based on your decision and the restaurant management.

Working hours:
Friday 11:30 am to 11:30 pm
Saturday from 11:30 am to 11:30 pm
Sunday from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm
Monday: closed (not active)
Tuesday 11:30 am to 11:30 pm
Wednesday from 11:30 am to 11:30 pm
Thursday from 11:30 am to 11:30 pm

You have the right to work a maximum of 6 hours a day and a maximum of 36 hours a week and cannot exceed this working period. Any work carried out beyond normal working hours must be paid for an extraordinary check from € 35 to € 40 per hour.

-: Your work documents will be processes of SWITZERLAND - Consulate General at the Swiss Embassy in Cameroon who is the founder and owner of the restaurant! He will send the documents to you from the Swiss Embassy in Cameroon when we are ready for you to receive and read the documents accurately, signed the documents to Confirm your employment with us before traveling to come here and start work ..

- : You should come back with the scanned copies of your documents (IDENTITY CARD AND 2 PASSPORT FORMAT PHOTOS) which will be forwarded to the Swiss embassy in Cameroon for the processing of working documents. He will send the working documents that include your work contract through the courier to your address in Italy.

NB: We want to make it clear to you that there are many scams and frauds on the internet today, so I forced you to read this message carefully again and again before sending us your documents. Also note that your application will be withdrawn if you failed to submit your documents within three days. Do not hesitate to contact us through WhatsApp or through whatever means convenient to you if you need any clarification first sent your documents! We are so pleased to welcome you in the Cantinetta Antinori-Restaurant staff and wish you a successful and rewarding career with us. I remain at your disposal for any doubts or questions. Sincerely.

Employment consultant
Cantinetta Antinori-Restaurant
Address: Augustinergasse 25, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland
WhatsApp: +48 514 983 005

Original (In Italian)

De: Cancilla Martina <>
Date: jue., 21 mar. 2019 a las 10:15
Subject: Re: Ristorante offerta di lavoro in Cantinetta Antinori-Restaurant Zurigo Svizzera

Caro candidato,

Cantinetta Antinori è un elegante timbered ristorante & famoso vino mercante, servendo italiano piatti con tartufi & vitello nel Svizzera. Io sono contento a confermare nostro verbale offrire di occupazione a tu per un regolare tempo pieno posizione come un barman, questo offrire è condizionale su completamento di soddisfacente Riferimenti quello poteva includere, ma è non necessariamente limitato a un revisione di passato occupazione e formazione scolastica record.

La nostra politica è di fornire pari opportunità di lavoro a tutte le persone qualificate senza distinzione di razza, credo, colore, credo religioso, sesso, età, nazionalità, discendenza, disabilità fisica o mentale o status di veterano, questa politica è modificata rispetto alla cittadinanza e origine nazionale a causa del rispetto della Commissione per le pari opportunità nell'Unione europea (UE). Ti assicuriamo che la tua opportunità di impiego presso di noi dipende esclusivamente dalle tue qualifiche, credo che tu sia idoneo per questo lavoro in quanto ti dimostrerai una persona affidabile e buona.

Dopo revisione il tuo curriculum vitae e anche analizzare, cercare, guardare a il risposte tu fornito sopra il sopra domande, noi siamo soddisfatto con il tuo qualificazione per il lavoro. Considerando ilpoco informazione noi conoscere di tu, noi credere tu siamo in forma per questo posizione nel come tanto come tu volontà dimostrare te stesso un affidabile e un bene persona. io avere presentata il tuo applicazione file a il Umano Risorsa Dipartimento circa il lavoro e per altro scopo quale il potrebbe bisogno tu per e essi tutti accettare il tuo qualificazione peril lavoro.

-: Tu volontà essere guadagno un mensile netto stipendio di 2800 € un mese e tu deve essere intitolato a altro benefici dal il ristorante gestione, quellon settimanalmente indennità di 150 € a settimana.

-: Una volta arrivato in Svizzera, la direzione del ristorante si prenderà cura di tutte le bollette per 6 mesi! cioè Alloggio gratuito, Alimentazione, Trasporti e Assistenza medica. Dopo 6 mesi, sarai responsabile di prendersi cura di tutte le bollette ad eccezione delle cure mediche che saranno gestite dalla direzione del ristorante in caso di malattia.

-: Nel caso tu abbia difficoltà a parlare la lingua tedesca e francese, non preoccuparti di questo perché Cantinetta Antinori-Restaurant è un ristorante italiano ma ti forniremo un assistente che ti può aiutare a tradurre se necessario fino a quando sono in grado di comprendere bene la lingua

-: Sei tenuto a firmare un contratto di lavoro che è concluso per un periodo di 2 anni, il contratto può essere risolto prima della fine dei 2 anni se la direzione del ristorante riceve una lettera di risoluzione del contratto da parte tua per annullare il tuo rapporto di lavoro! D'altra parte, il contratto sarà rinnovato alla fine dei 2 anni in base alla vostra decisione e alla direzione del ristorante.

Ore lavorative:
Venerdì 11:30 alle 23:30
Sabato dalle 11:30 alle 23:30
Domenica dalle 11:30 alle 22:30
Lunedì: chiuso (non attivo)
Martedì 11:30 alle 23:30
Mercoledì dalle 11:30 alle 23:30
Giovedì dalle 11:30 alle 23:30

Hai diritto a lavorare al massimo 6 ore al giorno e 36 ore al massimo alla settimana e non può superare tale periodo lavorativo. Qualsiasi lavoro svolto oltre il normale orario di lavoro dovrà essere versato per un assegno straordinario da 35 € a 40 € all'ora.

-: Il tuo lavoro documenti volontà essere processi di il SVIZZERA - Consolato Generale a il Ambasciata svizzera a Camerun chi è il fondatore e proprietario del ristorante! Lui volontà inviare il documenti a tu a dal il Svizzera Ambasciata nel Camerun quando il siamo pronto per tu a ricevere e leggere il documenti accuratamente, firmato il documenti a Confermare il tuo impiego con noi prima in viaggio a venire qui e inizio lavoro..

-: Dovresti tornare con le copie scannerizzate dei tuoi documenti (CARTA D'IDENTITÀ E 2 FOTO DI FORMATO PASSAPORTO) quale sarà inoltrato presso l'ambasciata svizzera in Camerun per l'elaborazione dei documenti di lavoro. Lui volontà inviare i documenti di lavoro che includono il tuo contratto di lavoro tramite il corriere al tuo indirizzo in Italia.

NB: Vogliamo chiarire a te quello ci sono molti truffe e frodi su internet al giorno d'oggi, Noi perciò ti ho obbligato leggere attentamente questo messaggio ancora ed ancora prima di inviarci i il tuo documenti. Anche prendere atto che la tua candidatura verrà ritirata se non sei riuscito a presentare i tuoi documenti entro tre giorni. Non esitare a contattarci attraverso WhatsApp o attraverso qualunque si intende conveniente a tu se tu bisogno qualunque una precisazione prima inviò il tuo documenti! Noi siamo così contento a benvenuto tu nel il personale di Cantinetta Antinori-Ristorante e desiderio tu un riuscito e gratificante carriera con noi. Rimango a sua disposizione per eventuali dubbi o domande. Cordiali saluti.

Consulente per l'impiego
Cantinetta Antinori-Restaurant
Indirizzo: Augustinergasse 25, 8001 Zurigo, Svizzera
WhatsApp: +48 514 983 005


Emails From Scammer Impersonating Courier
Dear candidate,

We are so happy to welcome you to Switzerland, the information that comes to us from the Swiss Embassy in Cameroon indicates that your documents are ready.

The documents have been registered with the express courier service for delivery, it is necessary to contact the courier (EMS - Express Mail Service) with the full name, telephone number and exact home address in Italy so that they can confirm data and direct you to pay and receive documents from them. I want to point out that my boss has already paid the delivery costs for the documents and that he will contact the courier and pay only the insurance fee that covers the movement of documents from Cameroon to his destination in Italy, the money you will pay there they will be reimbursed at the time of delivery of the documents, as the rate is only to cover the insurance policy of the package (documents), so do not worry about anything since the money will be reimbursed.

You must contact the courier service immediately through the information below so that they can provide you with more information on the delivery of the transaction documents and also direct you how to make payments for the refundable insurance fee and obtain the documents from them.

Company name: EMS - Express Mail Service
Country: Cameroon
Contact Person: Richard Penn
Email address:
Tel: +237668080713

Once the documents have been received and signed, you must immediately send us the signed copies so that the restaurant management can then pay for the air ticket at any time of your availability when you are ready to travel immediately and come here to start working.

Please come back to us as soon as we receive the documents from the courier so that we can direct you to what you do, do not hesitate to return to us in any convenient way for you, I remain at your disposal for any clarification. See you soon.


De: EMS Express Mail Service <>
Date: lun., 25 mar. 2019 a las 14:49
Subject: EMS Express Mail Service

Dear Client,

Greetings from the customer service of the EMS - Express Mail Service, we have received a package from the United States Embassy to be transported and Delivered at your home address in Italy. We will make sure that your parcel is delivered safely through our door to door integrated air and road networks. Our company is the European market leader in global express, logistics and international mail services. Our international operations are focused on the key areas of world trade in Europe, Asia, North America and South America. The EMS global network has the most customer access points in the world based on Post Office counters, we also have strong domestic networks in Australia and all major European and Middle East countries including Africa, customers are at the heart of our business and we aim to provide total satisfaction. We are the leading documents relocation specialist and as such are devoted to the safety and welfare of all documents. Our caring staff are always on hand to help and advise in the movement of your parcel(s). EMS is the fastest and most reliable provider of express delivery services. Our services are just the best to meet your demand and deliver your parcel on time and on schedule. The parcel will be delivered under the following address.



If there are any changes which are to be made in the mail especially on your delivery address, please notify us be we proceed with the delivery for your documents.

We wish to inform you that we have already received the payment for the flight fee from your employer but we can not proceed with delivery of the parcel because we are waiting for the flight refundable insurance fee which is for the safety and security of the parcel and it's always refunded at the point of delivery. The insurance fee which you will be paying is just for the safety and security of the documents because in case of any accident or lost of documents, the delivery agency will be hold responsible since the total insurance fee was paid, so the payment of the insurance fee is very important and the fee most be refunded to you at the point of delivery. Insurance fee from Cameroon to your home address in Italy for the delivery of your parcel is 285$. This fee most be paid as soon as possible because the documents will only be delivered as soon as we confirm the payment of this fee.

We usually accept payments via Bank Account, Credit Cards, Cheques and PayPal when payments are for the delivery of packages which will take 10 days and above and when the delivery charge is more than ‎5000$ and above, but when when the payment is for urgent parcel to be delivered within 1 or 2days, we usually prefer payment via Ria Money Transfer or WorldRemit international money transfer as they are more faster and convenient. We also want to bring to your notice that you should follow the payment address bellow in making the payment of the delivery of your documents because they are lots of frauds out there so make sure you use only the information bellow in making the payments. So you are require to copy the details below and rush to any Ria Money Transfer or WorldRemit and the payments of 285$ for the delivery of your parcels.

Receiver Names: Richard Penn
Country: Cameroon
States: Yaounde
Post code: 0237
Test Question: code
Answer: 8080
Amount: 285$

This payment should be done as soon as possible so that the documents can be in the next available flight going to your country this afternoon. As soon as this payment is done, you are expected to get back to us with a scan copy of the payments for confirmation so that we can immediately proceed with the deliver y of your documents. We shall send you full flight information which includes the flight tracking number, flight departure time, flight arrival time, this information will be given to you so that you can be at your home getting ready to sign our delivery form and receive your documents from our delivery agent.

EMS - Express Mail Service - the fastest cross-border postal service

Tel / Whatsapp: +23768080713

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