Friday, July 24, 2015

Pacific Blue Farm, Inc. / / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam!  Read

From: "Pacific Blue Farm Inc."
Date: 07/24/2015 6:37 PM (GMT+05:30) 
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Attached is the employment contract letter 

Dear Applicant,

Attached is the employment contract letter, you have to go through this letter and  
if you accept the terms and conditions of our company, please do show interest  by putting your signature on the pages required and forward the scan copy to us for further processing of your work permit.

Your Sincerely,
Dr. Lawrence Costa
Human Resource Manager,
810 Rue Chatham
Montréal, QC H3J 1Z5 Canada

Pacific Blue Farm, Inc.
810  Rue Chatham  MontrĂ©al,  QC  H3J  1Z5  
Tel:  +1  438  4483  787  /  

Passport  Number:xxxxxxx
Contract  Number:  CA/PBC/400881 

Ref  Number:  60097 
Date:  2015/07/2 

With  reference  to  your  application  and  subsequent  Interview,  we  are  pleased  to  offer  you  the  designation  as Electrical  Engineer  at  Pacific  Blue  Farm  Inc.  Accepting  to  the  offer  you  hereby  have to  abide to  the  below mentioned terms and conditions, 3 5 1.  You will  be  on  probation  for  a  period  of  15  (Half  Month)  days.  Upon  satisfactory  completion  of  probation, you will be confirmed in the regular cadre of the company. a. The company will expect you to work a high standard of initiative, efficiency and economy. b. You are expected to join the company on September 21st, 2015. c. This offer will be valid for two years from the date of reporting to duty. d.  The written  notice  of  termination  of  this  contract  of  employment  will  be  one  month  by  either  party  or  one month  gross  salary  lieu  of  notice  period.    In  case  you  leave  your  employment  without  giving  requisite notice,  no  relieving  order  will  be  issued  and  settlement  of  dues  will  be  at  the  discretion  of  the Management.    The management  reserves  the  right  to  deduct,  as  liquid  at  damages  an  amount  equal to one month gross salary from any amount that may be due to you. 2.  During  your  employment  with  the  company,  you  will  be  liable  to  be  transferred  to  other  branch  of  the company  or  of  associate  companies  /  group  companies,  whether  existing  or  to  be  set  up,  whether  in  the same  town/city  or  other  branch  in  Canada  on  the  same  terms  and  conditions  of  the  employment  at  the sole discretion of the Management. 3.  During  your  employment  with  the  company,  you  will  be  governed  by  the  service  rules  and  regulations  of the  company  in  force  or  as  introduced  or  amended  from  time  to  time.  You  will  also  be  governed  by  the company's  policies  and  rules  regarding  leave,  provident  fund,  leave  travel  assistance,  misconduct,  and indiscipline  or  other  matters.  Privilege  leave,  if  cashable,  as  per  statute  or  company  practice,  while  in service or on cessation of service, shall be only on basic salary. 4.  You  are  required  to  strictly  maintain  the  secrecy  of  and  not  to  divulge  or  communicate  in  any  manner, any  information  regarding  your  remuneration/terms  of  employment  to  any  other  employee  of  the company  except  your  immediate  superior.  Any  such  disclosure  is  a  serious  case  of  indiscipline  and would  render  you  liable  for  termination  with  immediate  effect  not  withstanding  other  terms  and  conditions mention in this appointment letter. 5.  You  are  required  to  deal  with  company's  money,  materials  and  documents  with  utmost  honesty  and professional  ethics.  If  you  are  found  guilty,  at  point  of  time,  of  moral  turpitude  or  of  dishonesty  in dealing  with  the  company's  money  or  material  or  documents  or  of  theft  or  of  misappropriation regardless  of  the  value  involved,  your  services  would  be  terminated  with  immediate  effect  not  withstanding other terms and conditions mentioned in this appointment letter. 6.  You  are  required  not  to  engage  yourself  in  any  other  gainful  or  commercial  employment,  business, part-time  or  full-time,  directly  or  indirectly,  simultaneously  as  long  as  you  are  employed  with  Pacific  Blue Farm  Inc.  Or  engage  yourself  directly  or  indirectly  in  any  other  profitable  business  connected  with  the dealings  or  activities  of  the  company  in  any  way,  any  action  to  the  contrary  would  render  your  services 

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