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Sir/ Mrs.


 We are end sellers of Raw Un-refine Gold bars as we seek for only legitimate buyers, at present we do have 5 Metric Tons of Raw gold bars of 22 Carat Plus, color Yellow of 96.6 Percent purity and Rough diamond of 20,000 carat, Should you be interested do send us return email.





Dr. UME. & Co- Partners


Skype: metalbullion


Blackberry Pin: 7C61D36F




Motto: Honesty the pride of life and Destiny


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  1. Their numbers have changed now, but here they are.

    Dr. Kalou and Co-Partners
    +299 66 66 26 36
    Skype: metalbullion

    Dr Kalu is the front man...!
    The linkedin profile is funny as he is supposed to be educated in Harvard, lives in the uk and is an ex diplomat...!
    just a big joke...!


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