Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dr. Hayford Patrick, Director DRUGS, CRIME & TERRORISM UNIT

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Beneficiary, My name is Dr. Hayford Patrick, Director DRUGS, CRIME & TERRORISM UNIT, United Nations, West Africa Regional Office. I write to notify you that during our final quarter review of unpaid contract/inheritance claim , your name was discovered as unpaid beneficiary. This reference code; 93837387392 is attached to your name, which constantly appeared RED SIGNAL in our central computer. Please tell us why you allowed this sum of $10,750,098.00 to be floating unclaimed.Is there any way we can help you? we think you are having serious problem with the bank or authority. You can contact ONLY our help-desk TEL 321 352 6507 or email:info@unitednationswestafrica.org, please disregard any email you receive from yahoo, gmail, hotmail and live.com or any free host internet service providers either from banks or any government agencies, security companies and diplomatic agents, anyone who is contacting you through there is FAKE.. WARNING: PLEASE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE CONTENT OF THIS EMAIL, DISREGARD IT. IT'S STRICTLY FOR THE INDIVIDUAL WHO HAS UNPAID FUNDS. Sincerely, Dr. Hayford Patrick Director, Drugs, Crime & Terrorism Unit, UN

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