Monday, September 12, 2011

Mrs. Lizzy Green / FNB BANK LTD.

From; Mrs. Lizzy Green
12th September 2011


Now this is what is Expected from you as the (FUNDS FOREIGN TRUSTEE) of this Transferable $22,500,000.00musd as a matter of URGENCY today been 12th Sept 2011 because if this transaction and Transfer of Funds fails this week before Thursday15th Dept 2011, then it’s all over as I will not have that Secret Chance of using the FNB Electronic Tele(TT) Transfer System OFFICE and Equipment all alone without officers of the bank been around in the Funds Remittance Dept. This week is the only set aside chance for this transfer.

All arrangement plans and secret plans and timing are all set and I don’t want you to fail in this with any excuse whatsoever.

You are expected immediately Today without delay to Forward to me through email attachment .

1) Your clear Account Details, with swift code and Iban.

2) You should send to me a Signed and Stamped LEGAL AUTHORISED FUNDS BENEFICIARY assigned to you by the Legal Reps (Phoenix Chambers)Adv Tsepiso P. Dlamini.

LASTLY; If you read my attached Letter of FNB Funds Notification I addressed to you which is attached herewith in this email. You as the assigned (FUNDS FOREIGN TRUSTEE) is expected as URGENCY today the Payment of 5,600Euro been the FNB Bank “Administrative Transfer Fees” for the Transfer Process, documentation, administrative bank paper funds transfer work/drafting and transfer by the bank(FNB Bank Ltd) . This is the Official amount been paid for such transfer of funds by all foreign investors in this country through FNB Bank Ltd.

You should make this Payment of this 5,600Euro been the FNB Bank “Administrative Transfer Fees” Today through Western-Union or Moneygram for speedy receiving through your Legal Representative Adv Tsepiso P. Dlamini) so that he can bring it handy to me for me to know how to document the payment with another fake name of another investor before the transfer as there should not be anything that will relate your details.

You should in no situation delay this payment and the request more than today. You are warned. No any kind of excuse as we need to maintain the set timing so that we don’t run risk of time or anything during all arrangements.

Forward to me the payment slip of your western union payment of moneygram payment after the payment.

NOTE; This payment of this 5,600Euro been the FNB Bank “Administrative Transfer Fees”MUST be done today without excuse.

Thanks as I await the payment slip.

NOTE once this above payment is done today, you MUST confirm this Funds($22,500,000.00musd) to your nominated foreign account before 48hrs of your payment.

Thanks and treat most urgent.

Best Regards

Mrs Lizzy Green


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