Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kenneth Alberts / Santander Bank, UK

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From: Kenneth Alberts
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Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2011 19:39:56 +0100

From: Kenneth Alberts
Santander Bank, UK
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Dear xxxxxxx

I must thank you for your response to my proposal, it shows seriousness and I am delighted by it.Please note that I am doing this transaction with you alone based on my moral justification and I believe that you will understand my position after reading through this mail. As this transaction is of high magnitude, I would want to properly and formally introduce myself to you. I am 47 years of age; I am married with two children, one lovely daughter and a son. I have worked with Santander Bank (formerly Abbey National Bank) as an auditor for 10 years. Presently I am the head of the auditing department, a position I occupy since 2004.

Already his account has been declared dormant and by the end of this financial year, the funds could be declared as unclaimed or abandoned and therefore converted to company's funds. This automatically will be shared amongst the owners [directors and share holders] of my company who is looking out for this kind of opportunities. Similar things have been happening in the past and now that I am well placed, it is hard for me to continue to allow it happen without doing a thing about it. Part of my motive is to spend more than half of my personal share after these funds are wired to your account on charity. I can assure you that with the way I have planned this transaction, we can never have any kind of problems during and after this transaction. I have studied your country's laws regarding funds transfer of this nature and I can say that it is not a problem as long as we are able to provide your bank and government authorities documents to prove that the funds are legitimate.

Let me explain the step-by-step procedures of this transaction so that you may have a better understanding. For us to affect this, with the help of my professional assistance, you will stand in as the next of kin to the deceased by sending an application which I will prepare for you to the Head of International Remittance Division of my company that your entitlement be paid to you as the next of kin to the deceased. Once approval is given, you will be contacted directly for them to process and effect transfer. Once an order for transfer has been given, I will take a leave of absence and travel down to meet with you in your country for my share. I have all the details of the deceased as I have access to his confidential file in my office.

I view you to be in the capacity of a person that will be able to handle your own end of this project as I can not successfully conclude this transaction without your assistance. It is therefore necessary that you tell me a little about yourself as I hope that you would not betray me. As for Trust, it is known fact that trust is earned; it is not given out lightly. However, like I wrote in my letter to you, I am willing to give you 40% as your commission.
The modalities for our project have been worked out carefully and we cannot go wrong as long as you work with me in unity. I am very positive that our success is highly dependent on how much dedication we have towards this project. Please my direct involvement in this transaction should not be mentioned to anybody that would be contacting you from my company else it will jeopardize this transaction. This is because of the position I hold in the office. Upon the commencement of this transaction, you will be expected to make all direct communications with the Head of the International Fund Remittance Department of my company, while I will be behind the scene to tell you what to do and say.

With your full support and confidentiality we will pull this through within 14 working days. I look forward to hearing from you so I can send you a copy of an application that I have drafted to be sent by you to my company. Your application would be accompanied with a copy of deceased certificate of deposit of the said funds with my company, which I will send you later. Do give me a call or email me when you receive this message.

Yours truly,

Mr.Kenneth Alberts
Auditor General,
Santander Bank
London, United Kingdom

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