Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mark Adams / HSBC Bank / Next of Kin Scam

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From Mark Adams Tue Apr 19 16:58:37 2011
From: Mark Adams markadams0010@live.co.uk
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011 16:58:37 +0000

Hello Friend,

Thanks for your response, and interest in this project. It's indeed an opportunity for us, and I'm glad you're willing to work with me. Now, all I require from you is to stand as a cousin to the deceased guy, his name is Butch Robert Daily, and I know you share the same last name with him. That makes you most eligible to apply for the fund.

There will be no advance fee required from you. None. I'll pay all the fees that will be necessary for the successful completion of this transaction. I'm not a beggar, am here to do business to make money. I only need you to stand as the beneficiary because you share the same name with this guy in question.Okay?

Moreso, I'm going to use my position at the bank to facilitate the procedure of claim, and ensure that you're legitimately approved as the acclaimed beneficiary, and within 8 working days we'll have concluded the deal

I 've worked close to twenty years with HSBC bank and I 've a good recommendation, before I came to this very post I occupy now. I know that some people will not like what I want to do but I want to let you know that if I don’t transfer this money now, some one else who will occupy my position tomorrow will do it, or the bank will recycle the fund into the it's capital base as unclaimed deposit, so I believe I'm not hurting anybody by taking away this money since it's a forfeited estate.

Now, I've done all the necessary research about how to claim and transfer this fund to your bank account; there are vital inheritance papers HSBC London will require from you and those papers can be obtained in the Probate Court here in London.

But first, you'll have to submit an application to the bank claiming ownership of the fund; and since you're not here in London, I've an attorney who is going to assist us in securing these papers from the probate court. It's only an attorney that can represent someone in matters of probate, so this attorney will assist us in securing this papers, and also act as your representative, and a liaison between you and the bank, since you're not here in person.

In view of this, I would want you to send to me your information as follows::

Your full names, please include middle names in full::
Telephone #::
Brief family history/background::
Your int'l passport or any valid ID::


Name: Mark Adams
Address: #12 Alnwick Road, Lee London SE12 9BT UK.
Phone number:+44702454575.
I'm in my late forties, and I come from a family of three. I'm the eldest son of my family my father worked with the bank of Scotland and retired in (1975) he died in 1999 but my mother is still alive, I started work as a clerk with the HSBC London in 1982. I'm a single parent, and I've a daughter, who as I told you earlier needs an urgent major medical surgery for safe her from dying from leukemia.

My friend, I want you to have my full assurance that this transaction is legit and we're going to benefit much from it. You can always trust me.Finally, I'll advise you to keep this between you and I alone. I'll be expecting your
immediate response.

Mark Adams.

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