Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alice A

From Alice Akator Tue Apr 26 20:24:25 2011
Return-Path: missalice_akator0@yahoo.com
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Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2011 13:24:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: Alice Akator missalice_akator0@yahoo.com

Good day,
I receive your enthusiastic responds and I want to thank you for your wiliness to help me out from this terrible situations.
to throw more light on this matter, i want you to assimilate that I didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to make this claim. I planned it to avoid landing unto improvisation at the end. This is my third month in this city and all this while, I have squatting with Mma never which to let them understand my plans. meanwhile, my friends thought me to search yahoo business directory, there i came across your email address and decisded to reach you for this assistance after i pray over it.

Even before I decided to request for your hands in assistance, I went to the holding bank my self and I was privileged to speak with my late fathers account manager who wholesomely gave me guidelines to possibly transfer the money out of his bank after I told him the rate of maltreatment I got from my step mother after my fathers death which led to my coming for the claim.
In response, He said that since Mr. Toti didn’t specify his kin, in this case, the kin can come up from any part of the world, but he warned me never to chose someone from my country for this transaction to avoid trace hereafter

Meanwhile, I beg you to please come down to my country BURKINA FASO so we can talk one on one before I take you to the holding bank for approval and transfer after which we fly back to your country for a better life and continuation of my academy while you manage this money in any investment of your choice and any profit made from my 60% will be deposited in an account until I am through with the study, but if you cannot appear in person due to one reason or the other, i want you to kindly forward your active bank data where you want this money transferred and I will submit it to the bank and wait for an approval which I am sure my insider will assist us.

I am not afraid and I don’t want you to be because my late fathers account manager who I often refer to my insider in the bank gave me full assurance of his supportive & assistance to ensure we achieve this transaction; so do not worry over that, I want to entrust almost all that concerns this transaction into his care and i am optimistic and confident of his capabilities

Before one step further, kindly set me up in hope, reassure me that you have come to help me out and not to make away with this money and also promise to help me wholeheartedly and not to abandoned me when I needed you most.

Gob bless you for volunteering to assist me and I want to assure you that you will never regret any atom of this help, rather, be ready to make a reasonable dividends out of it.

Let me know when you will be coming for us to make the claim but if you cant make it coming down, send this data soon: Bank name, bank address, bank account number, your name, occupation , age, and Marital statue

I am waiting for this information to feel up the bank form and submit according to the account manager’s advice. but if you prefer my coming to your country before we commence with this transfer, that would be better but i want make it clear that i cant afford the transport fair, i am broke and all my hope lies on this claim
Take care yourself and God bless for this assisting hand
Alice A.
This is my direct number: +22676738127

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