Sunday, August 22, 2010

Re: You won $650,500.00.

Received from: IP (MALAYSIA)
Government Accredited Licensed Promoters!
United Nations Trust Fund
England Department of Humanitarian Affairs
Palais des Nations CH-1211 Geneva 10

Dear Beneficiary,

I quite understand your skepticism and with the look of things you are very skeptical about your winnings. I want to state categorically clear here that the only thing I can deduce from the reservation/thoughts you expressed in your email is the fact that you are probably scared or jittery of the magnitude of the funds you have won.

Please be informed that I am not unaware of Internet frauds that are prevalent around the world presently, according to West Africa, the uk laws, this offence is subject to as much as 6 years in a federal penitentiary if found to be truly involved in this manner of fraud. Furthermore, has reciprocating laws that may allow us to find any person who is involved in this type of fraud in whatever country of origin and prosecute them and their associates or firms.

You are a winner and you have nothing to worry about, you should count yourself very lucky because I for one have never won anything all my life. If only we as a staffs were allowed to partake in the lottery who knows I could be a lucky winner because I really would make good use of the winnings.

I am truly sorry about your feelings right now but you must understand this is no illegitimate operation, but I must inform you that this is legitimate and I will not deviate from the ethics of this noble profession. I am giving you my words that this is not in anyway related to scam as our job is to serve according to the limitations of the law and not getting ourselves involved in what is contrary to the ethics of this noble profession.

Please believe me this is not a SCAM.Yes, I respect whom you are, what you do, and where this prestigious email letter come from, but one thing I need to confess and stress out is that frauds and scams are nowadays widely spread throughout the globe via communication means of such as emails,telephone calls,thus we have to be extra careful about this issue.

You must agree with me that Trust, Sincerity, Reliability, Honesty, and Commitment cannot be built overnight. no one knows you better than you know yourself ! ?

The Microsoft Corporation Have Always Supplied the United Nations(UN) With Fifty Thousand Email Addresses Of Active Internet Users Yearly, And Your Email Address Was Submitted as One Of the Active Internet Users For the Year 2009. After Email Address are Been Submitted to Us For the Random Selection By Microsoft Corporation, The Best One Hundred Members Of Staff For the Year 2009 Picked All Over a Hundred Branch Office Of the United Nations(UN) are Invited For a Dinner at the Carribean Where they Will Be Priviledged to Pick One Email Address Each at Random.

Mr Kabir Williams From Our Moscow Office Who Was the Best Staff at Our Moscow Branch Office Picked Your Email Address When He Was Asked to Pick at Random, Therefore Giving You the Oppurtunity to Claim For Yourself a Total Cash Of Six Hundred And Fifty Thousand Five hundred United State Dollar. ($650,500.00).

Since This Is Neither a Lottery nor a Gambling Winning, You are Expected to Claim Your Funds In this Branch office as Been Zoned, The Reason Why It Has Been Zoned Is to Avoid Mix Up Of Claims and Unneccessary Crowdy Enviroment In Any Of Our Offices, This Is Why Winners Have Been Zoned Into Twenty Different Zones Of Five Winners Each, I am Pleased to Inform You That You Have Been Zone to Claim Your Winning Here at Zone D With the Head Office Here In Malaysia, I Wish to Let You Know that I am the Officer Incharge Of Your Claims.
You are requested to contact the event manager/Claims Department and fill the verification form below,to enable him verify your claims.

2.RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS:........................
3.DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH:.........................
4.WINNING EMAIL:...........................
5.PHONE/FAX NUMBERS:............................
9.MARITAL STATUS:..................

Do contact our payment office immediately with the informations below.

Payment Officer :Dr.Steve Peterson
Phone Number :+60143457922

Mr Ban Ki-moon.

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