Monday, August 23, 2010

call +447011121782. Mr. John Morrison

From: (Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria)

New Scotland Yard Broadway
London SW1H 0BG

Attention :

I am Ms. Deborah Glass of independent Police complaints Commission (IPCC) working under the Methroplitan Police /London Scotland Yard, Uinted kingdom.

It is my Pleasure to keep you inform of our investigation which was completed and an immediate order of rewarding back your funds to you as one of the scam victim.

We were able to get your email through those that extort money from you when the police got them arrested , One of them that were in possesion of your Financial item ATM card gave us your email address and delivery information .

We got hooked of these guys when we accorsted some of them from African states about to board cross a flight from our country to your country as transit to final destination with some items like ATM master card which bears your name with some un approved or unauthorised illegal back up papers . so we have investigated them and confirm that throughly you are one of the beneficiaries of these said fund contain in the card but these crooks wanted to either divert them or get away with it as we really want to make sure that does not happen because of these African officials usually get away with some unsuspecting innocent foreigners inheritance/contractual fund without their knowledge .

We thereby have made a concrete arrangement with a Courier Company for a safer delivery to your door-step once the beneficiary meets up the demand of the conveyance.

Note that all arrrangment has been made and we have automatically endorsed a legall papers to enable this fund card gets to you directly the legal way without anyone intereference or hijack by anytbody because it is not legal for someone who is not authorized to possess items of such financial magnitutude and convey to anywhere in this part of the world except through legal channel by registered legal courier companies .

So you can see the reason why we apprehended these men and will take them to court. (1) By possesion of financial items of such magnititude belogning to another person without having the legal permisison to convey it.
(2) we also want to make sure that these gentlemen are not diverting these items to their own selfish interest. thereby leaving the rightful owner with a great lost (2) it is our duty to make sure that such items have proper documents of delivery and through the legal shipment authorised companies .
So You dont have anything to fear about because you can now receive your card fund legally under our care and through the right channel without any hitch.

So you are advice to contact us or Mr. John Morrison immediately with your full information for delivery of your consignment and also to enable our office confirm that you are the real owner of this Emaill address to aviod any mistake before we can start the delivery arrangement from tommorrow .

Your Full Name.......
Your Country........
Your City............
Your Telephone Number.........
Your Age................................

Contact our Security keeping /detective Officer Mr. John morrison with your full claim delivery information and direct phone number for more information and for quick deliver of your precious item to you so that i can pass it to him or call him on: +447011121782. Mr. John Morrison

Below photos here are some SCAMMERS/ IMPOSTORS caught with some ATM card without back up documents at our London Hearthrow Airport couple of days ago.

As you can see from above pictures we are about to take the neccesary step under legal manners but will insure that you are protected under the law as further information and urgent attention from you will proof your innocence so that we can deliver this ATM master card worth of millions of US dollars as financially switch tested by us.

Please we are waiting to hear from you as we shall go to court with these suspect by tomorrow.

God bless.

Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)

Metropolitan Police Service - Working together for a safer London.

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