Monday, March 13, 2017

Scammers Impersonating Bristol-Myers / / Fake Job Scam Fraud

Bristol-Myers Squibb
Corporate Headquarters (Siege Social)
345 Park Avenue, New York 10154
Tel / Fax: +1 646-226-3408


It is with great pleasure that we got hold of your address through our many contacts and our municipal directories and American and English very provided federal research partners worldwide. Our reliable source research reinforces our choice on your person.

The aim of this message is part of a broad policy of "Diversification and installation worldwide." We encourage the development of trade with the rest of the continents (Africa, Asia, ......). Thus, through this letter we submit this commercial offer of partnership and representation which could offer wide horizons of prosperity, especially as very few American and British companies invest in (African, Asian, ......).  

Our main activities are focused on HEALTH.

1) The Department of Health Pharmacy: We have research laboratories, synthetic and specialty manufacturing drugs and generic antiretrovirals including lower costs scholarships available to the poor. But as part of the installation of our subsidiary in your country, this Department will be responsible for the construction of a private hospital with an analytical laboratory, a Central Purchase and Sale of Drugs and sale of hospital equipment (X-ray, scanner, imaging etc ...).

2) The Department of Commerce General: It will be responsible for the distribution of pharmaceutical products,   pharmaceutical items and materials, consumable medical devices. We'd services in the New Health Technology and Pharmaceuticals.   The creation of a park for the sale of new and used medical equipment ... etc ...

Thus, apart from marketing products in American and English First, we will proceed in a second time for export to England, Canada and USA of medicinal plants in your country (POLYGALA virgata, LAPACHO etc ...) . And at the end of a work program, we seek your support for a supply.

To apply for this position, several criteria are considered in the final selection the most important are:
1 - Be at least 40 years
2 - Have a professional experience of at least 5 years
3 - Have a good moral probity
4 - To be financially independent
5 - Being able to handle a large amount 
If you are in the standards and that our proposal holds your attention, please reply us promptly by sending us a copy of your resume and a copy of your document identity and your address, to support the argument with our Council of Directors which must invest as Managing Director and Representative of our company in your country. And the final registration of your data in the MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT REPRESENTATION you receive. You have nothing to lose, the MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT REPRESENTATION we developed gives you a lot of advantages and favorable remuneration. If necessary, we will study together the opportunities to invite you toEngland at headquarters to better allow you to soak up our ways of working, and if necessary we are ready to put all the means implemented for a first meeting between our two parties in the coming weeks in your country.

For more information visit our website:   or call us at +1 646-226-3408 for a discussion in French or English.

Pending from you, we thank you in advance for the great mark of attention that you will give to our appeal to commercial offer of partnership and representation. Please accept, Sir, the assurances of our highest civilities.

Mr Lamberto Andreotti
Chairman, Board of Directors
Bristol-Myers Squibb

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