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Scammer Impersonating THE RCFE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, INC. / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! 
Read and
If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam!
Hello Victim

Thanks for your E mail response...

Well All i'll just say to you is to always follow whatever i tell you
through E mail so you can get to the bottom of this Job and get Employed.

Its Good to know that you are willing to Apply to the Job Position and its
Good that you have the registration fee of $500Usd because without that fee
you cannot apply for this Job position.

Now i want you to know specifically that the registration fee of $500Usd is
the Only Amount that you are required to pay, all Other charges such as
your Air Ticket fee, Visa Fee, Medical Fee, Insurance Fees will be all Paid
by me, Understood?

Now you want to Apply for the Job Position of a Housekeeping or Office
Cleaner within my home, but first you have to contact the agency via E mail
and also you need to know more information's about me.

The Job contract is a 2 years Job offer and your Visa will be a 2 Years
Visa issued to you.

Here are the Information's about me, and downwards is the agencies
Information's also....All you need to do is send the agency an e mail and
they will reply you back.

My Name is John Robert Horne, I'm 41 years old British Born. I work as
a 'Financial Consultant' and my wife Annabella works as a 'Realtor', I live
in Honolulu, Hawaii,, I'm in need of an Au pair because our Nanny had to go
back to her country early this year due to her mother illness and her
attention was needed. She stayed with us for 8 months. most time i always
get back from work very late and my wife is always on offshore most time.
since our Nanny left my kids, they have been staying with a nearby Nanny
home but it has not been so easy and caring enough.

About the Kids:
We have an energetic but delightful Family. Their names are Leah, Jessica
and Mitchel, . Leah, Jessica and Mitchel, are welcoming and though they are
young, they love soccer, playing basketball, swimming, dancing, writing,
reading, and watching movies or tv, i always see the joy in then when ever
i take them out, like going to church, going shopping with me, they have a
warm and friendly attitude, they likes playing a lot and i do not think
you'll have any problem with them.... They are an intelligent gentlemen and
loves to take after people, this is the more reason i will appreciate
someone with good qualities to be their Au pair/Nanny so that they don't
take to bad influence.

Duties & Responsibilities:
We are looking for someone who likes to do their own
thing and doesn't have a problem staying home, Someone who love kids and
like staying with them. I need a very good, honest, caring, understanding
and God fearing Au pair Nanny for my kids. Your main duties is the due care
of Leah, Jessica and Mitchel,.... You will be required to get them ready
for the day, take Leah, Jessica and Mitchel, to school and pick them up
after school and see to their needs in the afternoon. You will also be
required to assist with homework, bath and change as required, arrange
visits with friends, and see to after school activities, play games
together as well as anything else that may be necessary for their amusement
and well being. You will be required to do some cleaning up (including
washing, ironing for him and cleaning of the rooms).

We do not require babysitting as you see that his a grown up child. just
like he always say, which means that you are free to enjoy these as you
wish. On your days off you can enjoy Sundays on one of the many beautiful
places just a short drive away. We also have a summer house by the lake
which we would like you to spend some time with us in. On weekend go to
museums, playground, watching movies, and we will arrange a car for you to
go around, you can attend a driving school over here if you can't drive,
Also am ready to assist you with anything, You will be free to study in any
school of your choice soon as you get here. You will be enrolled in a
public institution to attend a course in any language of your choice for
foreigners during the weekends, for the duration of your stay, (this is
however optional for you).

You will be staying with us when you get here, You will have your Private
Room which will have Bathroom/Toilet, Television, Air - Conditional and
Internet Computer. You will have access to the Internet and a Telephone at
home to get in touch with your friends and love ones. You will be having
Saturdays and Sundays as your off days while i will be at home to take care
of the kid, you will be having all the privacy you want, so to enable you
have enough time for yourself.

As for your salary, I will be will be paying you $3,000 Usd Monthly
equivalent to the US Au pair program and minimum wage and a pocket fee of
$300 Usd weekly which I suppose should be enough for your primary needs and
that does not include you to pay any taxes, after when i see that you work
very well I shall increase your salary.Start Date & Period of Employment:
You are expected to start as soon as you arrive here and I'll like to know
how long you can work for my family because, completely it depends on how
long you would like to work here with me but left to me, I do not intend to
see you off in the next 4-6 Month because I really would need your services.

If due to circumstances beyond your control or for any other reason, you
wish to leave at an earlier date than our agreement, you will be required
to give one month’s notice. I need someone who is Honest, Caring,
Trustworthy, Loving, Affectionate, Concerned, Understanding, friendly and
Who loves Kids, i want to play a role of a real mother to my son because he
is all i have.

Note that you have nothing to worry about because you will be treated like
one of the family member, all i need from you is that you take good care of
my kid as your attitude towards him will go a long way in future.i can send
you some of our recent and old pics.
Once again, I can assure you that when you come you will be treated like
one family and you will be very happy to work with my family.

I will be more than happy if you are willing to join my family.
Well i believe with this letter you definitely know much about my family so
if you think you have interest in my family and got this attractive, that
our family is a kind of family you are looking for don't hesitate to reply
me when you get this email, to proceed to the next step about the US Au
Pair Program and your Documentation Process.

Thanks so much and have a nice and Wonderful day, Stay Blessed till I read
back from you.


Thanks for taking your time to read the details about my family. I hope you
have read all the Information ( About Us, Duties and Responsibilities,
Accommodation, Salary e.t.c) I am glad you have no problem about that.
Right now i will advice you to proceed to contact the Agency about your
Application, Registration and Documentation Process.

I want you to contact them to know the requirement and the cost involve for
the Program and how to get started. Below are the Agency Contact.

I will like you to send an email to Affordable Agency  which is an LCC in
the Agency... She is the one to help you about all the details and
information you need about the Agency and she will help you with all your
application and documentation process immediately you have understand all
the details she sent you and you willing to continue.

Here is the Agencies Information:

Address: 21221 S WESTERN AVE STE 155
Director Name: MARK MENESES
Agency's Email:

Telephone Number: +1-(415)429-6654

You can check the validity of the Agency here through California state
government Business Search - Business Entities - Business Programs....

Entity / Company Number: C3740850
Telephone Number: +1-209-260-6116

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