Tuesday, August 9, 2016

US LABOR ASSISTANCE / info@uslabor-assistance.org / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! Read http://www.scam-job-emails.tk and http://www.never-wire-money-to-strangers.tk

If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam!

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US LABOR ASSISTANCE <info@uslabor-assistance.org>

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444 Pearl Street, 
Manhattan, NY 10033, USA.
Our Address:
US Labor Asst.
444 Pearl Street
Manhattan, NY  10033
United States of America
Phone Numbers:
Phone: +1-716-200-4410
Fax: +1-951-266-2993
E-mail Address:

Sir / Madam, 

Thank you for taking interest in the opportunities at the US LABOR ASSISTANCE COMMITTEE & TOURISM.  We are delighted to receive your {CV} and a letter indicating your interest to be part of us. 

The management of the US LABOR ASSISTANCE deems it most important to respond back to your mail without any delay.

However, it has never been our part of routine to lay down applicant’s request without reaching them with the organisation guidelines and procedures.

We consider it imperative to reaching all applicants with their request to this office at least after a careful study of applicant’s resumes/curriculum vitae. US LABOR ASSISTANCE has been known for her employment policies as an equal employer’s player within and outside the North America; however some questions could come up on the part of overseas job-seekers as to the method and process of application processes leading to visa and other needed information that might lead to any successful employees working with the organization.

We at US LABOR ASSISTANCE connect applicants with attorney who will conduct a perfect successful US visa application through the US employment regulations. We can also make it emphatically known to all prospective applicants seeking for overseas job with US LABOR ASSISTANCE to strictly note herein that we employ, hire and train employees for our offices as been made known to all through our website www.uslabor-assistance.org for your careful perusal we have attached application form to our mail. You should fill all information in block letter and send it back to us through email attachment.

Endeavor to attach one of your most recent taken passport photograph for easy identification.

Above all, we want to make it known to all applicants that some group of philanthropists have offered their assistance, basically, on Flight Tickets, providing feeding and accommodation to all successful applicants while in the United States of America.  

More so, the process of all entry visas into North America is solely the job of the global immigration attorney who has the legal rights to file in petitions for overseas employment visas.

Gaining access to the visa paper work on the part of the prospective applicants, your employing organization after a formal application processing, makes all information available to you on how you can contact the office of the immigration attorney who processes all the needed documents through United States Citizenship, Immigration services and US Department of Labor or as the case maybe, all these puts together finally leads to your appointment date to appear at the embassy for your approved visa.

Finally you are advised to visit our website www.uslabor-assistance.org  for more information and we have also attached our Employment form.  After reading through and wish to proceed further, download, print out and fill neatly with pen and not by typing before you can now attach and send, be it in group or as a single applicant fill and return the employment Bio-data form as attachment back to the US LABOR ASSISTANCE administrative office in New York through our emails at info@uslabor-assistance.org 

Best regards,
Dr. Robin Lucas 

US Labor Assistance Committee & Tourism
2nd e-mail:


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Sir / Madam,

Thanks for your effort in filling our US LABOR ASSISTANCE application form with much accuracy. You had been registered as one of our selected applicants and your information has been entered to our database.

Upon your success after going through your filled application form submitted to our screening team through email ourUS LABOR ASSISTANCE (HR) Board urge you to contact our Attorney email address below with your FILLED APPLICATION FORM - He will file and stand for your complete US traveling documents and other back-up papers inquire@mail-on.us

Note that you should copy and paste this email to avoid a mistake.

Our US Immigration Attorney (ROOSEVELT McIlROY) who is assigned to US Immigration Visa Affairs Section will process your work visa and work permit certificate through the US Bureau of Immigration. The photocopies of these valuable documents will be sent to you through DHL by the US Immigration Department while the original copies will be faxed to the US Embassy in the country of your residence for easy claiming of your visa seal on your International Passport.

Contact Email Address -  inquire@mail-on.us the message to the Attorney is very crucial and will help to play a very maximum role on your traveling document.

You must also attach copy of the FILLED APPLICATION FORM to the US Immigration Attorney for further verification of your file. Though, we had already submitted a copy to the lawyer office.

Guideline: In contacting the Attorney you should state to him with the copy of your FILLED APPLICATION FORM that you are selected to live and work in our US LABOR ASSISTANCE organization in the United States and it is our organization that referred you to his office.

The US LABOR ASSISTANCE staff and the Entire Management's Boards wishes you the best of luck.

Kind regards,
Dr. Robin Lucas
US Labor Assistance Committee & Tourism