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This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! Read and

If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam!

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From: United Kingdom Office <>
Sent: Friday, August 5, 2016 6:41 AM
To: Victim
Dear:  Victim 
We have received the Hard Copy of your Documents Certification Approval from the
Court as requested. Here attached the scanned copy for your perusal. 
Your appointment date is on (Monday 22nd of August, 2016). Hard copies of the
following documents:
1, Work Visa
2, Entry Clearance Certificate
3, Court Certification Approval .
4, Certificate of Sponsorship
Will be sent to the British Consulate in Split, Croatia. You will be invited to the Consulate for an interview once they received these documents. 
Upon the invitation you are to come with your most current international passport. Any change in your telephone number should be communicated to us as soon as possible.
Harley McDowell.
For: United Kingdom Home Office
On August 5, 2016 at 8:33 PM Huron Consulting Group UK <> wrote:
Dear: Victim 
Your employer the (Management) they are already aware of the scheduled date for the visa issuance in Split, I was told that you have equally been informed that new date of your resumption and the flight booking arrangement will be communicated to you once the visa is issued. 
Hope you understood the email from the Home Office? You will be invited to the British Consulate in Split after they have received the below documents which will be send to them. You are expected to come with your most current international passport and signed copy of your employment contract with Arina Offshore UK for your Visa interview and issuance. 
I have also collected your bank draft from your employer. I will contact the Natwest Bank people tomorrow for their account opening procedures and get back to you. 
Lynn Burt
Dear: Victim
I was able to get attended for the account opening procedure hence today's banking activities are half day work.

According to Natwest Bank, banking policies necessitate that a Non Resident account should be activated for the deposition of Draft for clearances and immediate transfer to your designated Valid Bank Account Overseas.

Sequel to the activation of a domiciliary account, it will take 3 working days for your funds to hit your local Bank Account in Croatia.

If the account can be opened by Monday being 8th August 2016, it means you can have access to your funds by Wednesday 10th of August, 2016.

The cost of activating a Non Resident Account is One Thousand Three hundred pounds sterling only (£1,300 pounds) for an off-shore current account (which is the account you will operate on), check the account requirements. This amount is payable via the fastest means of transfer as the case may be.

I have been ordered that your funds should get to you ASAP.

However, the account opening and activation fee should be send through the MoneyGram, or Western Union, if the fee can get to me between now and Monday, it will enable me conclude with the account process by Monday.

Payment should be made in my name Lynn Burt as receiver.
Address of receiver:  32 Mark lane ,London EC3R7NQ ,UK

Send the payment Slip for endorsement and recommendation by Natwest Bank for the activation of your Non Resident Account which is required for the deposition of Draft Clearances as well as the transfer of your funds immediately.

I have attached the Natwest Bank Forms for the opening of the non-resident account and activation. Fill these forms with appropriate information required to enable the Natwest Bank activate your account properly and deposit your Draft for clearances and transfer the cleared funds (from your Draft) to your local or foreign account in Croatia.

So kindly revert back immediately, so that necessary steps will be taken to that regards.

Mr. Lynn Burt.
Note: Details of your account in Croatia will be required for transfer of funds.


Huron Consulting Group UK

Today 7:23 AM

Dear: Victim

Your mail is noted, I will pay in the draft once the fee for the  account opening and activation is made available, then the immediate transfer of your fund to your local bank account in Croatia will be effected. Please for now you can reach me with this e-mail address,  hence my personalized e-mail is under maintenance and will be ready soon.  

Huron Consulting Group UK
Dear: Victim

Due to the ongoing system upgrade and maintenance, any further correspondences with your employer should be henceforth addressed to their gmail account at, or by phone Tel: +447031915691
Fax: +442036083543.
Lynn Burt.

Scammers Have a New Scam Email Address

From: Arina Offshore <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2016 12:08 PM
To: Victim
Subject: Account Activation Report

Date: 10th August, 2016.

Attention:  Victim

We’ve been told by Mr. Lynn Burt that you are yet to receive your released entitlement to your local nominated Bank account in Croatia, he stated that he was unable to proceed with the account opening and activation of an off shore account for you due to you did not make the fee for the account opening available to him.

You have to understand we are dealing with a draft, and the Banking policy necessitate that a non-resident account should be activated for the deposition of draft for an immediate clearances and transfer to your designated valid bank account overseas. So you need to have an account with the Natwest Bank for the draft to be paid in and converted to cash, once the draft clears (this takes two to three working days) you will then have your fund transferred to you in Croatia.

But alternatively, you can collect the draft from Mr. Lynn Burt and process the account opening and activation yourself once you arrived UK, however this means you will be responsible for your other required traveling expenses like flight ticket from now on. Otherwise we’ll advise you liaise with Mr. Lynn so he can conclude with the account process he has already started with the bank, and have your fund transferred to your account in Croatia.

Mr. Geoffrey Kurt,
Arina Offshore Limited (UK),

Tel: +447031915691, Fax: +442036083543