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CRUSH OIL AND GAS / jobs@crushoilandgas.org / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! 

If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam!

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From: "CRUSH OIL AND GAS" jobs@crushoilandgas.org
Date: 22-Aug-2016 6:46 pm
To: Victim

Dear Victim

We want to congratulate you on your appointment. I wish to inform you that we have gone through your resume and signed Agreement, Application form and Interview we are satisfied working with you. However, according to your resume, your work experiences are quite exciting. And now your eligibility to work in our company, your document have been confirmed in the office by the Company's Management. So you are expected to get all your traveling documents ready with you through the assistance of the instructed Canadian Immigration officer in India.

Note: All your visa process should be done in India because the Canadian immigration officer attaché that was pleaded by Crush Oil And Gas to help us in having visa for our newly employees in Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia region.

Employees who are opportune to have employment from Crush Oil And Gas in part of Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia region should obtain their visa from Canadian Embassy in India, why because all the documents that will make them obtain visa from the Embassy will be forwarded to Canadian immigration attaché officer in India.

Your file will be opened through the office of the Canadian Attaché in the Canada Embassy on your behalf to fasten up your visa process as soon as you meet the Embassy demand by registering with them, simple instruction and procedure will make you work with us as one of our employee.

All related documents will be forwarded to the embassy, any employee who is able to follow his instruction and obtain visa, that alone we shall release an Air-ticket for, awaiting to receive him/her on arriver to resume duty with the company in Canada.

So for that reason the HR Department now concluded to appoint immigration officer so that all documents that will make our employee obtain visa from the Canadian high commission will be forwarded to him for safety purpose and to eradicate mix conduct.

As it was stated in the Agreement letter soft copy; (a) you are to take responsibility for your Visa fees. (b) That the Company will pay for your flight ticket to Canada after your Visa is approved (c) The Company will refund the Visa processing fees to serious applicant that are able to travel to Canada. (d) The Company will not initially take responsibility for your Visa processing fees as we do not want to waste company money on applicants that are not actually prepared to travel abroad even after the Visa has been approved to them (Company Policy).  Attached to this mail is your Appointment Letter.

You are to contact the Embassy officer in India with the sign Appointment letter and also return a copy of the sign Appointment Letter to the company for confirmation that will enable us to send the rest documents, e.g  sponsorship letter to immigration officer and ensure you comply with his advice and directives to help you process your visa approval without any delay to avoid Embassy interview failure, prolong interview appointment date, visa refusal and visa denial by the High Commission office, for this not to happen he is to take care of the visa process for you as we have pleaded to him do help you out.

As we have earlier told you, all essential document that will make you obtain visa from the embassy will be forwarded to the office of the Immigration attach officer for completion of your visa process at the embassy (Crush Oil And Gas)Will not being responsible for sending essential document to employee for security reasons base on the paste experiences we had from some employee, instead all essential document will be forwarded to the embassy in India for confirmation and completion of your visa.
Finally, we look forward to you and the Embassy Immigration officer to give us the possible date that you want our office to schedule your flight ticket kindly give further update on your correspondence with the immigration officer of the Canadian High Commission in India. We look forward to receive you in Canada for resumption of office.

You have to contact the below person a higher expatriate status employee with your complete details to fasting up the process in relating to this procedure.
Contact His Excellency

Mr Richard Bale

Tel : +919632264451

Email : canadianimmigration1@outlook.com

Contact immediately and endeavor to update us on your successful processes with them for liaison purpose.

Brandon Luis.

Crush Oil And Gas   
Human Resource Manager 

Email from scammer impersonating Canada Immigration

From: "canadian immigration" <canadianimmigration1@outlook.com>
Date: 22-Aug-2016 8:26 pm
To: Victim

Dear Victim

I acknowledge the receipt of your mail I have been instructed by your employer Crush Oil And Gas to help you in processing of your visa and confirmation of work permit and all related documents to help complete visa process, as Canada Immigration officer to assist you in your visa application and to obtain the necessary travelling documents from the Canada Embassy in India according to the embassy schedules. Kindly fill the visa application forms attached to this mail and send back as soon as possible via mail.

After we receive your application your next step is to pay your visa (as directed below), this fee is to be made in consideration of your visa application forms so that you will be recognized by the Canada visa authorities for entry into Canada territory. Employment based visa fee and other related paper permit work fee, including processing fee total is $370 USD equivalence to Rs. 25,000 Indian rupees.

And it has to pay immediately after the file has being opened for applicant to enable us process your traveling documents to Canada. On this note you are to revert back to us for the obtaining of the account details where you have to make your Visa payment. The type of Visa you are applying for is Working permit visa. (Working/Employment Visa). Below is the breakdown of the involved charges:

B. VISA APPLICATION FEE…....................................................$ 190.00
D. INSURANCE FEE ……………………………………………..........$ 54
TOTAL: $ 370 US DOLLARS = Rs. 25,000- INR/-

Processing of your working visa will take 14 working days from the date of your application fee is confirmed.

As discus on phone as soon as your visa processing is completed we will inform you to come over to the Embassy along with a hard copy of your International Passport for final visa stamp or we shall send you the embassy appointment letter and gate pass also with Visa code to enable you go to the regional office in Chennai for Visa stamp in if you cant make it to come to Delhi but all visa formalities is to be done in Delhi.

Nevertheless, we shall inform you the mode of payment when you confirm to us your readiness towards this application by filling it and returning it to us. In addition, as soon as visa officers acknowledge the payment, your files will be opened. No sooner than the entire required documents are secured and processed, appointment will be granted for you to have biometric data ( fingers scan and digital photograph taken) for completion of the visa formalities at the Embassy.

Moreover, you should prepare yourself for interview though I will give you tips of the interview when the time comes. The date of the interview will be announced to you as soon as your application forms are ready at the Embassy. I hope and believe to guide your application and ensure that you start your career with your employer in Canada on time. So you should be fast in this arrangement as your joining date is fast approaching.

Finally, kindly send to our email scan copies of the following documents that are not yet send by you. 
(1) Data pages of the front and the last page of your International passport in photocopy.
(2) White background photo (size 50mmx50mm), taken within the last 4 months.
(3) Resume 
(4) Degree Certificate.
(5) Fill visa form (Must be done by printing it out fill it and scanned to our email)
(6) Appointment Letter from your previous place of work or previous employer (if any)
(7) Contract Agreement Letter between you and Employer.
(8) Appointment Letter from Employer duly signed by you.

The above information will enable us to process your application and get your visa obtained. The entire duration for obtaining your visa from the Canada Consulate shall not be more than 14 working days, we shall inform you when to come over to embassy once visa approved is given. You are required to send the scan copy of the above documents via e-mail as attached file and it should appear in colored form.

Yours Sincerely,
Richard Bale 
Canada Immigration officer.
Time of calls, Monday to Friday 9: AM to 4: PM (Saturday 9AM to 12:00)

Canada Embassy Shantipath, Chanakyapuri New Delhi - 110021.

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