Friday, August 5, 2016

CETCO ENERGY SERVICE / / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! Read and

If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam!

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The management CETCO ENERGY SERVICE,Has been received your Curriculum Vitae/Resume which we are satisfied to offer you a job in our company where everyone has the freedom to take guest-friendly, business-sensitive actions to ensure our guests are 100% satisfied. Our organization have the right and duty to be involved, to provide feedback, to influence decision-making and help our company operations continuously improve. We are proud of our low turnover rate and retention rate. As a growing company, our organization can take advantage of new opportunities that open up. We feel that in any business, it’s the people that work there that make the difference. So if you are ready for an expanding and caring business environment and want to take a great stride in personal growth, we are the family you are looking for. Simply put, it means that it feels a bit different to work for CETCO ENERGY SERVICE,Filled up the application and interview form attached to this Email and scan it back to us within 72 hours along with your qualification certificate for further job selection process.


NOTE: After your Job Application and Interview Form has been reviewed by our Employment Relations Board, selected candidate would be contacted for Appointment Letter that will help them to obtain his/her America Working permit visa for his/her job here in our organization. The Appointment/Offer Letter will indicate the job role and the amount that would be given to our selected candidates. We offer free accommodation, free flight ticket and free feeding, but all selected candidates will be responsible for their visa expenses and management shall apply for applicant's visa[s] on their behalf by sending all documents required for their three years working permit visa processing to the United States Of America Embassy in his/her country for visa application.

HR Contact:- +1 985 231 0979
We wish you best of luck.
Cetco Energy Service,Covington Louisiana United States.

Another Email From Scammers


We are pleased and satisfy with previous document received regarding your updated resume and experience which were found suitably and qualified for the requirements of CETCO ENERGY SERVICES COMPANY LLC,LOUISIANA, UNITED STATE (US).The attached document embodies the approved Terms for the purpose of this contract. We wish to discuss more via phone conversation made with you, but the network transit is not viable. You are required to contact the Diplomat mentioned below for the acquisition of your American work permit visa (Long Stay Activity) (Subclass 401) which would enable you to live and work here in American. Sign the Contract/agreement letter and send a copy to the Consular. You must inform him that you have gotten an appointment letter from (CETCO ENERGY SERVICES COMPANY LLC,LOUISIANA, UNITED STATE (US). 1001 Ochsner Blvd. Suite 425.Covington, Louisiana 70433. USA.)

American Embassy To Be Contact:
Contact Person: Diplomat Thomas.
ADDRESS: American Embassy Mumbai, India
CONTACT NUMBER: +917666135639 
EMAIL: (Free Email Address-Scam)
DAYS: Monday - Saturday
OFFICE HOURS: 9am - 5:30pm.

Diplomat Thomas.. will process our expatriates valid travel papers at the American Embassy in India. We have sent all document required includes a letter of support from the American Ministry of Foreign Affairs and labor, recommending the granting of this visa for your three years work permit visa to the American Embassy in Mumbai for your work Visa Application.

Note: You are to bear your work visa processing fees upfront to prove your seriousness and commitment to work with our reputable organization. We shall proceed by securing your accommodation here in American at the staff quarter's, book your flight ticket and transfer it to you as soon as your visa has been stamped. Also remember that any expenses you make on the process of registering your documents shall be reimbursed back to you on joining as you submit your expenses report. Be informed that once your visa processing is completed, the hard copy of your appointment letter/contract agreement will be delivered to you via Courier Service.

We look forward to receive the signed copy of the Contract agreement for our confirmation to your acceptance of our Job Offer with the terms and conditions therein. Contact the Diplomat immediately to start your visa processing because you have to resume for the job on/before [20/08/2016]. You are required to update us with the process between you and the Diplomat in case of advice where necessary. Looking forward to receive the signed copy of your Appointment Letter.

Best Regards,

Harry Ryan
Tel: +1 985 231 0979
Human Resources Department
Cetco Energy Service,Covington Louisiana United State.

Dear Victim,

We congratulate you to be a part of the esteemed company Cetco Energy Service UK. Moreover, we now realize that denied of the visa migrants cause by candidates and also for incapability of the candidates of defending themselves by questionnaire and the security of the UK Embassy. We don't want to tarnish or jeopardize the good image of our noble organization if your visa is denied, we need to have adequate record of your visa processing by paying attention to the consular instruction, and we make an appeal to embracing the method for our candidate’s safety. We will monitor your visa processing to avoid visa denial and for urgent need. We have India correspondent details approved by UK embassy in India with the directive of UK Immigration Service here in United Kingdom to keep us monitoring. 

However, you are required to forward this attachment of your Appointment letter to our nominated consulate in UK embassy in India whose details are stated below. And contact him on his number for immediate processing of your Visa. More so, Flight Ticket will be D.H.L to you as soon as we received message from the nominated consulate that your Visa is ready. Note for family candidate you are free to contact our consulate so that he can able to issue your visa along with your family. 

NOTE - Been an urgent Approval your visa is non-appearance processing until the date of your visa stamping, all necessary document has been send to our nominee consulate in charge. 

Visa Assistant Name: Consulate: Mr. Dominic Asquith
Email: / 
Contact Number: +917030301200

NOTE: Your Appointment was given on Urgent needed in our Organization. And you are to be in your office one month from the date of appointment, you need to start your visa processing immediately, 
Thanks for your Co-operation, 

Thanks for your co-operation, 
Mr. Benson Boby
Human Resources Manager