Wednesday, January 29, 2014 / Very Suspicious this "person" uses a free email address and offers excessive returns on investments. For example look at this ad:

"When I say that the investor will receive his initial investment after 30 - 45days with a 50 - 100% Return and the investment fund will still be generating monies. i.e. EXAMPLE: investment of $2,000,000US Dollar, after 30 - 45days, return initial investment of $2,000,000USD & $1 - 2,000,000USD Return. Investment Fund Balance $2,000,000USD to continue to the growth and trading for up to 6months"

Be extremely suspicious of any "company" or "individual" using a free email address. and companies that do not have websites:

Remember the old adage "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is [too good to be true]!

Here is another advertisement from this "individual" claiming to have gold available.

clive S.
Partner at ADAMAS DAC

We have 2300kg available in Kenya if you are interested. Seller looking to work with buyer and willing to put up security for the buyer to pay export and shipping. This is real and the seller have had enough of talking with shoppers and want to get on with the deal. If you are interested email me.


He claims to be a partner at "ADAMAS DAC" yet again he uses a free email address! Anyone can register a free email address stating whatever they want it to state.  They need to give no identification and many of these email addresses cannot be traced.  Thus persons using them, when a financial transaction is involved, should be treated with a good deal of caution if not downright suspicion.

Offering gold from West African nations is an extremely prevalent scam and anyone considering such a venture would be wise to read:

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