Monday, June 27, 2011

Mr. Gregory Anderson, Brooklyn Control Unit, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)
IRS and Customs services Network (IACSN)
Correspondence: New York Control Unit
New York, NY 11201. Phone: (631) 913 8708
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Attn: Beneficiary !

Release Notice on delivery REF: AXD-101-87529K.

This is a final notification message as regards your consignment in our facility which is now due for confiscation due to your inability to meet up with the clearing requirements of this unit.

FinCEN works with foreign governments to provide policy recommendations and guidance, analytical training, technological advice, and staff support in order to foster the implementation of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regimes worldwide. FinCEN supports U.S. bilateral and multilateral efforts to join with other nations in a concerted fashion to combat transnational crime.

Refer to §1010.850 - Enforcement authority with respect to transportation of currency or monetary items and instruments of e-CFR BILL which is effective as of March 31, 2011.

Having reviewed all clearing matters pertaining to the above Boxed-money consignment, ATM Cashing Card, Check/Cheque and Bank Draft, which your inability to come up with the required clearing charges and the fact that the DELIVERY have stayed beyond the normal clearing time frame, we have resolved to release the to you today provided you pay for the

In acknowledging the receipt of the requiring Post Clearance Audit PCA by the concerned organization in Benin.

We had signal for releasing the boxed-package for onward delivering to you from vault custody Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int’l airport Georgia USA, and the delivery officer shall communicate you before he leave Atlanta for delivering the package to you in Texas.

So do expect his email or he may call you, you may as well call him via + (470)208-7197 or

He will call you as soon as he concluded bailing the shipment .
(PCA) charge of $89.00 to release your delivery today.

You are hereby advised to adhere and comply to this mandate within 72 hours or the said consignment will be confiscate and impound finally as "unclaimed"

Send your Package Post Clearance Audit (PCA) charge of $89.00 to the African envoy Benin Republic the Package/consignment country of origin.

John Chukwuma
Country..Benin Republic
Text Q…when

You can send the MTCN or Reference numbers of the money transfer via SMS to +229 97844692 or through email, then Call (631) 913 8708 for any further inquiry about collecting your delivery at home address :

Please Reconfirm your address where the shipment shall deliver to you including your day-time telephone numbers fixed and mobile!

reconfirm pls !

Yours Faithfully.

Mr. Gregory Anderson
Brooklyn Control Unit
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

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