Wednesday, September 22, 2010

David Garricke

Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 23:54:39 -0700

Dear xxxxxxxxxxx,

First of all, I must begin by thanking you for your email reply.I have great plans for the poor,but I will need your assistance to commence this transaction.I would, without wasting time, assure you that everything with regards this transaction, have been worked out by me and that all hands are on deck for a hitch free transaction.

To begin processing on this, I think you should know the following.

I am Barrister David Garricke , aged 42 yrs + , married to Veronica,who was a teacher and now a full house wife. I have one boy and two girls. I am a lawyer and have been called to bar for over ten years now.I livein No.114, Liverpool Rd,Apapa Lagos Nigeria.


This is 100% genuine and legal. It is a risk free transaction.With my back-ground, I would not get myself into any illegality in the first place.So this is an opportunity, that we can not allow, to pass us bye.Otherwise,some else will take advantage of it.

It is very important, as a condition precedent,that you abide by these four(4) key words, for us to succeed in this mutual beneficial transaction,and that is:TRUTH,TRANSPERENCY,SUPPORT AND CONFIDENTIALITY at all times,until after the funds have been paid to you/us These four keys words which MUST be our bond will help us finalize this transaction succesfully and without any delay I asked God to make his choice and direct me to a honest Christian or the chosen ministry that deserves this fund by his Grace.

By my calculation and with your seriousness and daily follow-up ,it is not expected to exceed six to ten days, then funds would be paid.

Firstly, I am a lawyer,and also,I am directly involved and have been with Hall Mark for about 12 years now. I am in -charge to scrutinize and recommend for payment, IF satisfied about the fact of the claims,by the beneficiary, which is now your self.Therefore, with me and my consent,it is as good as completed.All that is required of youis your 100% seriousness and un-divided attention within the two weeks mapped out to complete this transaction.

To begin,it is important you provide me with your personal information and that is your full name and address, phone numbers(mobile, home and office),and fax numbers,occupation and your age. I would be using the details,which you have to provide,in putting up an application through the right channels for claims on your behalf.

I shall couch it tagged with,consignment and file number: 1513. And since the CEO of Hall Mark,did not indicate where the claimant or donor, as it then was,is coming from, then your self,coming up for this claim/payment coupled with my authorization,after verification will be an added advantage and a plus,to without hitch,finalize this payment to you. In that case, I would suggest,I apply on your behalf for only 7.5 Million Dollars. We will then live, 5 Million Dollars, in the other consignment, for any unforseen occurrence.But one thing is very certain and clear.

And that is that, so far before me all claims have been paid out and there appear to be NO other claimant coming on since this particular consignment, is indeed a case of hidden identity by the CEO,and no one is aware of this,except me as all efforts to reach the manager, who was to help the CEO move the consignment had proved abortive as my findings revealed that the manager, is no more. So you see, that it is an opportunity, that may not come my way all over again. This then impplieds that the consignment/funds belongs to NOBODY and hence the absolute confidence between me and you. And if I do not claim it,some one else,in my position would . Hence your utmost understanding,confidentiality and full co-operation is of utmost important here.

So, I shall therefore be using your particulars,which you shall send immediately upon the receipt of this advise to put up application on your behalf as the now beneficiary of the consignment with no: 1513.The approval of this,by the addhoc committee, which I am previlledge to be a member of,would verify and approve the application, BY THE GRACE OF GOD within 1 or 2 days. As soon as this is done, I will let you know and communicate with you,with the next line of action, towards the payment/delivery of the consignment to you

I will appreciate you attach to me a form of identity of yourself for the sake of fomarlities,in your reply mail.I will be sending you a copy of my family pictures as well.My number is +234-8027805913

I await your urgent reply/thoughts.

My Regards and God bless.
David Garricke

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