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Inspector General Jubril Williams Mensah from the Ghana Accra Police Service

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Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2010 04:49:00 (PDT)
From: "Dr. jubril Mensah"
Subject: Good Day xxxxxxxxxxxxxx,( From the Desk General Inspector Jubril Mensah Williams / Accra Police Service)
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Good Day Rodney McAllister,

I am Inspector General Jubril Williams Mensah from the Ghana Accra Police Service, In accordance to your response regarding the Two Consignment Boxes that were collected from two fraudsters trying to smuggle the trunk to the Ghana Exit . I am handling the case file for the reason of our arrest of two Imposters trying to smuggle Two Metallic Trunk Boxes through Ghana Exit. From our intense investigation inspection and screwing which we find out that a the Consignment does not belong to them but you as the rightful owner of the Boxes which we were To be very clear about the content, the two trunks were subjected to Ultra Scan be sure that the boxes are not containing any terrorist Material. After the scanning has been conducted the result has shown the content of the boxes to be 10.5 million united state dollars bills Bank acceptable Money Spendable Cash which belong to you but was stolen by this two gentlemen after taken advantages of your hard earn money and After our verification and inspection the Documents Backing these two trunk consignment Boxes are all in your name and the clearance and ownership Documents was change illegally from your name to Mr Bruce Hancock, In Canada so we will have to secure for a Legal change of ownership to your name .

However, we want you to note and understand that we have to trace your file directly from the Presidential Office for Repayment List to confirm that your Data’s to facilitate the release of the consignment to you with the Assistant of the UNITED NATIONS HUMMANITARIAN COUNCIL for the application of Changing of ownership on the Name of the Changes Documents which would be legally release in the act section 103 of the Ghana Police Service Law to enable you have access to your funds and we also need a scan copy of your International Passport or Driver License for confirmation of ownership which will be attach to the Airway Bill in addition to the Certificate of Ownership that will be change directly from the United Nation for Legal Defence for safe Delivery which will only cost you some little amount at their office for the Changing of Ownership and Airway charges will be handle by the UNITED NATIONS for them to carry out the shipping and clearance for safely delivery and note that a corresponding Diplomat will be elect and arrange by the United Nation Organisation and all TAXES and other requirements from offices and organisations either here or in your country till the consignment will be deliver to you at your doorstep so therefore we give you 100% Guarantee that you will never encounter any difficulties or upfront charges after the clearance has been handled at their office we furnish below the contact details to the UN Officer in Change for him to assist you and we assure you that you will never mislead again or fall victim anymore because you are dealing with the Government of Ghana and the United Nation Organisation Office with Legal Aims and factors so i don't think you have anything to worry about but just have faith and have trust in me and the Ghana Police and Government so kindly comply with the instructions and conditions of the United Nation as you contact them and request for an OCHA FORM and the Changing of Ownership can been issue for shipment to take effect to your residential home without any further delay .

You are to be aware that we are to handle this has a matter of urgency which we need urgently need you to submit to this office the photocopy of your Passport or Driver's license for confirmation of ownership and you are to find the contact information to get in-touch with the United Nation Officer in Charge and he will definitely instruct and Guild you once you apply for the OCHA FORM and the CHANGING OF OWNERSHIP CERTIFICATE for us to confirm them we shall order two security Ghana Police CID to come along with the Diplomat for security reasons and for safe delivery so you just have to do as instructed and we shall wait to hear from you to enable us proceed and kindly keep this confidential to yourself until the consignment is been delivered to you at your doorstep and do not expose the content of the Trunk to anybody including the Diplomat because nobody has the audacity to access the trunk until it has been delivered to you because the Box has been security sealed and locked with Pin which is somewhere on of the Legal documentations coming along with them so be aware that we are still making investigations on how this two men came across this consignment and how much they have ripped from you and other victims because investigations and reports says that Some U.S. citizens have been victims of false criminal mostly from West Africa which Nigeria and Ghana are also included so you can see how our Government have been trying to stop and reduce the rate of Cyber Crime which is affecting the name and record of the Nation and we shall do our job as the Ghana Police Service to assist victims of domestic violence, especially women and children that has been a involved or attempt to any suspected transaction from different country and we strongly advise you to endeavour as much as you can to stop any further communications with them for now because we have some of their data and how they operate so please do not expose or release your Personal information to them instead forward all there suspected letter to our department for further investigation while we work on taking this two men to court for them to face the penalty in the Court of Law so you have nothing to worry about and feel free to ask me any questions for more enquiries and you can find my reachable phone number below as well for better communication.

I will be very grateful if you can call me today so we can discuss on this and do not forget to contact the United Nation's Office for the Form and submit the Copy of your passport photograph as require for confirmation of ownership so below is the Contact Address and Office of the United Nation where you are to contact so that we can get your consignment release to with legal defence till it get delivered at your doorstep and stop wasting your time contacting or responding to those imposters telling you all sort of stories and lies that they are with your consignment Box because we are sure you might be aware about there Million fraudulent Letters you receive everyday which am sure they have different trick and fake unregister sites and Roamed Numbers taking advantage of you for your hard earn money which they do request for unfinished upfront fee but am here given you guarantee that you will have access to your properties and Funds at your doorstep once you comply and submit the requirements as instructed by the UN then you will know that this transaction is highly legitimate so kindly treat as a matter of urgency and lets proceed with the release of your trunk to your doorstep safely without no upfront demand.

Hope this is well understood by you and below is the UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATIONS office address so contact them about this apply for the OCHA FORM with your passport before the Form will be issue out for the Changing of Ownership to enable the diplomat commence on the delivery to your house address.

UNITED NATION ANNEX OFFICE ADDRESS: 5, Castle Bridge Circle Accra Ghana Zip Code 233

Name of UN Officer In charge: Mr Attah Kwekwu


Tel: +233248344408
Fax: 233248344408

Go ahead and get in touch with them for the Form and changing of ownership can be issue to facilitate the Shipment to your residential Home address which will be delivered by a corresponding Diplomat who will come along with two Metro Police CID Officers for security reason and do not forget to comply with the United Nation’s terms to get this consignment safe for shipment against Government and organisation’s requirement such as IRS ,INTERPOL ,CUSTOMS and all others so we shall wait to hear back from you without any further delay.

Thanks for your co-operation and Understandings.

General Inspector Jubril Mensah Williams

Ghana Police Service


Tel: +233546-962-852

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