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Please read carefully because this applies to every job offer you receive! 99% of email job offers are scams! No real company hires you without an in person, face to face interview. An email, online or telephone interview is always a scam! No real company ever charges any money for a job even for a visa or work permit! If they want you to pay and say they will refund the costs, you will just send money to a fake embassy official, travel agency or lawyer who is a really a scammer! Read: No real company, government or visa agent ever uses a free or public email address (,, etc.) Email addresses like,,, etc. are also free email addresses. Read: No real visa agent ever requests money via wire to a bank account or by Western Union or MoneyGram. Read: No real company uses a telephone number that begins with +44 70, +44 871, +44 870, +44 844, or +44 845. Those are forwarding numbers which are not in the UK. Read:

There are no exceptions! Don't let a scammers convince you otherwise! A scammer is only as smart as his victim is naive! If something sounds too good to be true, it is a scam! Always "Google" all telephone numbers, email addresses and websites in any job offer to see if it has already been posted as a scam!

I just want to warn people not to make the same mistake as I did 2 weeks ago. I saw this AFRA CONSTRUCTION apply for job while I was searching for the right job for me. I went to the website and send my cv on line to the email on the website. The same day they asked me to fill in the application they have send me and email it back to them with my cv to the HR MANAGER ANDREA MBALLE. 2 days after that they sent me this email back Dear Mr. Maarten Jacobus Viljoen

We are pleased to inform you that we have prepared a place for you in our organization following your CV. We have prepared your contract of employment letter, your position in our organization will be guaranteed as soon as you signed the contract of employment letter. Attached below are the scan copies of the contract of employment letters.
We advise you to read carefully the contract forms before signing it as they contain the rules and regulations that are governing our organization. Your position will be guaranteed in our organization as soon as you sign the last page of the contract form and send a scan copy to us through email. Get back to us with the signed contract of employment form and send the scan copies of the following documents.

*Proof of accommodation. You just need to book your apartment and forward the receipt to us so we can use it to obtain your certificate of residence in Cameroon.

*Signed contract of employment letter.

As soon as we receive the above document, we will go ahead with the processing of your work permit and visa. Your flight ticket will be sent to you as soon as we obtain your visa and work permit. You are expected to send the following documents to our company before 14th November 2014 so as to be able start work on the 26th November 2014. We advise you to come some few days before the start date so as to be familiar with your new environment, your colleagues and have time to settle down before starting work. Attached below are the contract of employment forms, If you are coming with any family member, please notify us and email us the scan copies of their index page of passport/passbook for the processing of their visas. Our insurance policy covers one employee and three family members only. This contract will endorse the following.

-Hours of work
-Probation period
-Notice period
-Sickness or injury
-Confidentiality & security
-Supervision, support & training
-Union membership
-Disciplinary procedure
-Gross misconduct

We hope to welcome you in AFRA civil engineering company Ltd and hope your presence will be an asset to our organization.

Warm regard

Andrea Mballe
Human resource officer
AFRA construction co. ltd.
Phone #:
+ 237-6104-6905 
+ 237-9850-6381 
09 blvd de la liberte akwa nord
Douala, Cameroon
After this they asked me to pay $1100(R13000.00) for apartment rental because they need the proof at immigration to release my worksvisa/permit. This is the info they sent me
For fast and quick response you can contact Limbe apartment rentals for your apartment reservation directly using their email
Email : or 
Website :
Phone Number : +237 73269699
As soon as you book for your apartment, your receipt will be used as proof of accommodation to obtain your traveling documents, certificate of residence in Cameroon and work permit. You are required to send to us via email the scan copy of the following document.
*Proof of accommodation. You just need to book your apartment and forward the receipt to us so we can use it to obtain your visa and certificates
Then they told me to pay $650(R7700) for Resident visa because the people at immigration need that to release my worksvisa/permit. At that stage every email and everything seemed legit to me I have checked everywhere to see if this was a scam and I could not find anything. I went to pay that as well. Then the same afternoon they asked me for another $480 for some insurance that they only pay 96% and I must pay 4%. I said to them like on previous occasions as well I need proof of everything I am not going to pay anymore. They sent me a card that looked like a employer personal card and a paper that looked like a booking for ticket but there was no flight number on or confirmation number or anything. I told them they are a scam and they just keep phoning for the rest of the money and saying it was not a scam. Then I emailed the person for my money back at the hotel and he sent me this email back 

The refund is very much possible.. We have various rules governing refunds of reservation deposit.
First, we have to ensure that you get a net amount of your money that is $1100. Your fund is fully ready for refunds. But before we proceed, you have the folowing charges to settle before any refunds can take place.
moneygram transfer charges of the total fund ($1100)..........740ZAR
apartment 2 occupied fee..............1000ZAR
Before we proceed in sending to your your refund, you will make you have to deposit this money before we can proceed. No reduction has to be made in your money. 
Desmond N.
Managing Director
After this I said them whatever makes you happy deduct the money from the money you owe me and pay the difference in but he keeps on saying I must pay the R1740. And he will pay the full $1100 to me. I can't believe this this is a very well organised scam I hope this will help people

Dear Mr. 

Attached below are the details of the flight, Tuesday 25th November, 2014,  19:45, and Your professional identification batch. We will include the batch in your documents before sending via DHL.  A visa and a work permit has been processed, the immigration center requires the payment of a residence permit to issue the visa and work permit, our organization pays only for the visa, work permit and airfare, you are responsible for the residence permit. It will cost 650.00 (six-hundred and fifty dollars) . The center of immigration will not release a visa and work permit until you pay for the permit. We only ask our employees to pay for their residence permit when their visa and work permit has been  approved by the immigration center. You will have to wire the money immediately otherwise we may not be able to send your visa, work permit and air ticket tomorrow morning. You can send the money to the following cashier number 1 address. As soon as we confirm that, we will confirm your flight ticket and send  all the documents you require to travel tomorrow morning

Transfer agency- Moneygram.
Ngufor Fedrick Forba
09 blvd de liberte avenue Akwa Nord, Douala.
Cameroon 00237
Amount $650
Test question: What?
Answer: Permit.

Let us know when you send the money for your residence permit so that we can urge the immigration to release the permit now so that we send them to you first thing tomorrow morning.
Our staff will be at the airport to welcome you on Thursday 27 November at 01:45AM on arrival at the international airport of Douala. Remember to travel with all the documents we will send to you because you need to do some indentifications at the airport.

We will give you more details.


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