Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mr Mussy David / Benin Republic

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Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2011 05:59:37 +0000 (GMT)
From: Mussy David
Subject: Attention [Victim], I received your mail regarding your compensation,
To: [Victim[

Greeting [Victim],

Good day to you [Victim], I received your mail regarding your Bank Draft which I was instructed to deliver to you once you contacted me and demanded for it by my Employee before leaving the country to Australia for his investment project, he left the total sum of ($3.400.000.00) on your behalf and said that it is to reward you of your past effort to assist him in a business transaction which you fail to complete with him due to your unbelief of the reality, he further stated that it is to prove to you that there is still men of faith with mind of Christ in this world nor matter what the society looks like today, that one can't trust one another again due to the bad influence of some selfish individual simply because they want to gain the world forgotten to walk in covenant ways of God

Now you are requested to come dawn here in my Country Benin Republic and have your Bank draft picked by yourself, because I may say that he forgot to left little cash for the shipment of your rewards to you through any of this existing delivery company of nowadays. At this moment I don’t think that there is something I should do over this issue of delivery now, so I advise you to come and pick your cashier cheque because I don’t want you to think or say that I did not want to send your cheque to you, just try to come because I don’t want any blame on me at all, unless you will like me to go and verify from one of this delivery company to know what it will cost to have them deliver to you, which I know it will not cost you much money to receive it in that way

For your information I will not use post mailing system or regular mail to deliver the Bank draft because that is very risk and I will never try it, I have lost my car particulars through that system which makes me to vow never will I make use of it again, So am waiting for your suggestion and opinion, meanwhile I will go and verify from the delivery company in case you will not be able to come and I will update you with the outcome of it immediately I have done that, so that this can be finalize without any blame or regretting, let it be peacefully agreed together between both of us, but I will appreciate it the most if you can be able to come because you know this is a cashier cheque that worth huge amount of money, and it can't be risk just like that, proper arrangement need to be made

Note: that I would have deliver it to you C.O.D which means cash on delivery, so that you can pay whatever the cost is at your doorstep but the system is not allow here in our country particularly due to the individual corruption

Expecting to hear from you as soon as possible, please call me,

Mr Mussy David,
Phone: +229 98679991


From: Mussy David
Subject: Re : [Victim] SEND THE COST OF DELIVERY.
To: [Victim]
Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2011, 9:28 AM

Attention [Victim]

This is to inform you that i am working with instruction to deliver this check to you,i was instructed to deliver this check to you from my boss (Mr Osundu John)Mr Osundu told me that this is your compensation from the business transaction which you failed to complete with him and then he map out the sum of $3.400.000.00 as your compensation,

Be inform that your casheir check is here writen on your name,please send the cost of delivery to enable us deliver it to you and update you with the tracking informations,I am a christian and i worship with deper life bible church, please note that you are the only authorize person to cash your money,I promise to deliver your package to you immediatly i receive the cost of delivery and i swear to die if i ever fail you,

Send the cost of delivery through western union money transfer to the name of my assistance as below and then update me with the MTCN payment information,

(1). Receiver’s Name: Chinedu Udalor
(2). Address: No 110 Bolaji Cotonuo
(3). Country; Benin Republic
(4). Question: Who love you
(5). Answer: God
(6). Amount: $250.00 only

I am waiting to receive your mail together with the MTCN payment information,


Mr Mussy David.

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