Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dr. John Hoover / Executive Director / JP Morgan Chase Bank /

Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2010 15:11:06 +0100
Subject: Attn: Mr. Hydra Foil.............URGENT; RECONFIRMATION BEFORE REACTION!
From: "U.S. Department Justice INTERPOL"

270 North Avenue New Rochelle NY 10801 United State.


We have deemed it necessary to send you this e-mail in order to inform you that your unclaimed asset and inheritance fund is currently with us the JP Morgan Chase Bank USA Washington DC. Branch and New York Branch Only. This is a huge amount, and this bank alone is the only bank that has been assigned by the World Bank of America to get your fund safely delivered to you with no complications. (No Local Bank has the access to this fund except that you want the fund transferred to your nominated bank account) which requires some process like switch code, transfer key etc.

Meanwhile we recently got an e-mail from Mr. Kyle Gordon stating that you are involved in an auto crash accident thereby leading to the loss of your life and that he is your next of kin giving him full time eligibility to claiming your fund. He provided reasonable evidences to show that he has your information. Before we proceed with any transaction with Mr. Kyle Gordon we would like to confirm if it is true that you are involved in an auto crash accident and if you are still alive. Please we would want you to clarify all issues so that we will not be held responsible for delivering your funds into the wrong hands.

Please be informed that your fund will be transferred to the aforesaid name and information in five (5) working days if we do not hear or read any e-mail from you. We want you to bear in mind that your fund is still available for transfer and delivery in our office but we await your turn up if you still want to your fund transferred and delivered to you or if you want it canceled or transferred to the aforesaid name and information.

Therefore you have been given the ultimatum of five (5) working days to get back to our office with your full information so as to confirm that you are the rightful owner of the fund. We patiently await you most anticipated response to this e-mail within the given period of time of five working days.

NB; we urge you to disregard any e-mail form outside the united states telling you that you have any fund with them because this may lead to the claim of your fund at your back. The only transaction you have is with this Bank and we are the only Bank assigned to get your fund transferred and delivered to you.

For more info on this transaction you can get back to us through this e-mail and the below call care lines:

Executive Director
JP Morgan Chase Bank
Dr. John Hoover
Office Mobile: 509-414-6394
Cell Phone: 315 381 4301
Fax number: 206-309-0639
Contact customer service cares line email address:
Executive Director JP MORGAN CHASE BANK

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  1. This is an ill answer,not worth of any truthfull corporation.


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