Wednesday, June 14, 2017 / Scammer Impersonating Edwards S. Rogers Family and Henry Thomas / Fake Job/Visa Fraud

This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money!Read and
If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam! If you are asked to pay fees for a visa or work permit or anything else, the job offer is a scam! No real company or embassy ever uses a free email address!
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Dear Applicant ,

Good day to you and how are you?, with reference to your CV and copy
of international passport received for the job application. I want to
sincerely apologize for the delay experienced in getting back to you,
I had to make an important journey to United States, am just getting
back home from the airport.

Kindly find the attached copy of the contract agreement document from
my Attorney.  I advise you to read the agreement document carefully
and if you are satisfied with the terms and condition, do fill up the
columns with your information and print & sign the copy of the
agreement document.

In order to intimate you more about the Job you will be required to
undertake with me.

I need your abrupt sharpness to details, arrangement of my schedule,
also please do note has it is not stated in the contract agreement
directly, you will be required to travel with me or alone on errands
to other countries like the United States or any I might have a
private business to attend to.

To clarify you further you are not being absorbed in to the family
company (Rogers and Rogers Inc.) but you are being absorbed under my
own personal services

Also I will like you to know that you are working directly with me as
my private personal assistant and so you will be required to be very
confidential with matters pertaining to my personal issue unless I
authorize otherwise.

If you have the need to travel with your family member you can
indicate through mail so that proper arrangement will be done to
assist their file processing along with yours.

Upon confirmation of the signed copy, I would be contacting the
Canadian immigration center in your country to provide necessary
document to secure your work permit and visa. I would urge you to
hurry up the process, as I will need you to resume work on the
stipulated date in the contract agreement because of my commitment and
schedule. You will need to fill in your name and passport number
before you sign

The Job Offer letter shall be done immediately the contract letter is
acceptable by you and duly signed.

Do not hesitate to reach me on the number below in case you have any
query with the contract agreement.

Warm Regards
+16472439962 (


Dear Mr. Victim

How are you are you? and a very good day to you. As promised we have
been assigned an immigration by the CIC to order the procedure for
your file processing, the attorney will be totally in charge of your
file processing and will make sure no mistakes are made when your file
is being handled.

There is a letter attached to this mail, the details of the officer
and the official authorization to communicate with the attorney are
stated inside, You are to forward the copy of the signed offer of
employment and the agreement copy for verification of your identity to
the email given in the document.

The department will take over from there and communicate with
necessary progress, carry me along with the progressive reports as to
know the developments

Instruction breakdown

You are to contact Mr Henry Thomas via

Forward the following documents for verification

1. Signed offer of employments
2. Signed contract agreement copy
3. LMIA copy

Your file will be given preferential and fast procedural processing,
you will be registered for permanent residency also, we need it so you
can travel along with me or I can have you go to out of Canada for
special assignments

Regarding your job responsibility, am will try to break it down as
much as possible for you.

You will be my second in command (personally assisting me) , now as
you know the wealth is quite great and jointly owned , but ever since

I stepped out as a Director I have wanted to do something different on
my own, hence the reason I have been traveling a lot,

You be assisting me in achieving this, we will travel together a lot,
you will attend meetings with me on possible investment projects, you
will help me appraise the feasibility studies and give me your best
opinion, you will assist me with implementing any project we decide to
embark on, and most especially you will be keeping my files safe away
from the reach of my family members, absolute confidentiality is
required from you.

Personally am interested in some housing projects, and my lawyers are
under way with securing permit from the Government, hopefully we would
get the approval before your arrival.

I welcome your Ideas also, you have been to other countries so am sure
you have had some experiences and your Ideas would appreciated also.

Well best of luck, looking forward to having you


Dear Mr. Victim.

Good afternoon I am pleased to inform you that  your Visa and Work
Permit Application and other required documents have now been duly
received and has been forwarded to our General Consular office for the
processing approval, corrections will be made where necessary.

In respect of the approval of your visa application filed in today,
you will be eligible to make your visa fee payment today as well to
activate your file processing after I secure your visa file processing

There are three basic procedures in your file processing,

i, Visa file processing approval (34,200 INR)
ii, work permit file  Processing approval
iii, P.T.A issuance ( This is your personal traveler's allowance
converted to a traveler's Cheque for you issued via Royal Bank Of
Canada , which will be determined to us from the Consular's office

Your employer is to provide your flight ticket for your travel to
Canada after the approval of your work permit is processed

Any other step and guideline will be passed across to us from the
General Consular's office for the complete processing of your Visa and
Work permit and citizenship registration status upon your living in
Canada after a specified amount of month

 You  shall be informed with the outcome of the status of your file
immediately your file approval is released from the General Consular

 Kind Regards,

Mr Henry Thomas


Dear Mr Victim,

            This is in response to mail received from your Employer,
Ewward S. Rogers Family Canada to the Immigration Section of the
Consulate General of Canada High Commission, New Delhi, with the
approval from our immigration home office in Canada to assign your
file in my office to be treated as with First Grade Diplomatic
Protocol to guide your visa and your work permit application approval
process as requested for by your employer Esward S. Rogers Family
Family Canada .

    I am pleased to inform you that all the information regarding your
employment has been received here on our desk, including your Job
reference number, and immediate action will be taken on your
application once you meet with the requirements listed below for work
permit and visa.

We have received all original documents and the clearance approval
from our ministry of Labor and our Labor Market Impact Assessment
(LMIA) original copy from the database to your new career with Edward
Rogers Family Family Canada, which all the original copies will be
handed-over to you in person here in the High Commission on your
appointment date here in our embassy.

The information that has been provided to you regarding your new job
with your Employer in Canada, has been included in our database here
in  the Canadian High Commission, and has originated with Citizenship
& Immigration Canada.

 The citizen is provided with job or counselling to find jobs in
Canada, Therefore, you are required to provide the following documents
to back your application for work permit and visa processing.

     A: Scan, Copy Of Your Recent Passport Photograph With White Background
     B: Birth Certificate or Secondary school certificate
     C: Evidence Of Your Current Employment, (If employed)
     D: Filled Work Permit & Visa Application Form.
     E: Your International Passport Data Pages Scanned copy
     F. Copy of offer letter received from employer
    G. Copy of legal Identification (e.g. Pan Card or Driver's license )

Kindly download the attached file to see the visa application form,
fill it as directed. All procedures will be handled by myself and
staff, we will be instructing you on each step of the way.

Once you have completed filling of the form and arranging the required
documents you are to scan them back to me for immediate  processing.

Note: Your applying for the LMIA Stream work permit visa

 If you have problems with filling your form you can inform us and we
will be able to assist you in doing that by asking you the relevant
questions we need to know.

I am always available between the hours of 9. 30 am to 4pm Monday -
Friday and 10am to 2pm on Saturdays
I believe  this information will be of assistance.

Kind Regards

Mr Henry Thomas

7/8, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri,
New Delhi, Delhi
110021, India.

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Please do help other so that they don't become the victim of this scams

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  1. Dear Mr. Victim

    We are really happy with good news received from our immigration lawyer over the completion of your job file approval with our Citizenship and Immigration Commission office.

    This is to notify you that we have forwarded all the necessary required supporting documents to our immigration lawyer to contact our embassy in your country to have an immigration Attorney assigned from our home office here in Canada, to defend your file at the designated Canadian High Commission office in your country India.

    Also know that your file has been grouped under diplomatic preference through our efforts by providing all the necessary required documents to our sectors that are concerned with foreign workers through our company immigration lawyer, that's why you will not experience any difficulties on getting your visa and your work permit, all the necessary approval has been done.

    An Immigration Attorney has been assigned from our immigration home office to guide you through and get your visa and work permit without any delay nor denial on your visa and work permit and permanent residency acquisition.

    You are hereby instructed to contact the Appointed Immigration Attorney in our embassy in your country, through the contact details sent from the Citizenship and Immigration Services office. He will be contacting you as well

    We have just gotten your approval letter and we want you to start your visa and work permit processing there in your country without any delay because the company want you to be here as soon as possible

    Make sure you contact the Immigration Attorney with immediate urgency as regarding your visa and work permit process and attend to your file processing fees according to instructions. Attend to your processing details as instructed

    Keep us informed with every development on your visa and work permit over there, in other to confirm your flight ticket without any delay.

    Find the attached file to download letter from our Citizenship and Immigration Service. The contact information of the officer in charge to work on and represent your file processing.

    You are to forward a copy of this attached file to the officer for confirmation of your file number as I have been informed.

    Carlo Fidani (Dr.)


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