Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Advance Fee Scammers Stadai Veterinary Services Company Limited / Ajay Chemical & Herb Asia Ltd.

This email is from a scammer who has told the potential victim that there is a commodity that his company uses and that commodity is available from another company (which is a scammer) for much less than the price his company is currently paying. The first scammer tells the potential victim that "his company" does not know of the "second company" and the fact that they are selling the commodity for much less money.  Thus, the potential victim can supply the scammer's company with the product, purchase it for the lower price and sell it for the higher price and make a huge profit from the markup. The first scammer even has his company: draw up a hundred thousand dollar contract for delivery of many gallons of the commodity.  This is an inducement to the potential victim.

Of course, before this happens the potential victim must buy a sample of the product for tens of thousands of dollars from the "second company".That is the advance fee  The first scammer tells the potential victim that the sample is necessary for his company to test it and make sure it is proper.  Of course the second scammer promises the potential victim that if the sample is not suitable his money will be refunded.  Of course it won't be.  The second scammer (who could be the same scammer as the first) will simply keep aka steal the money. It will be easy since he requires full payment into 4 different bank accounts none of which is in his name before he "ships" the sample.  Of course, the sample does not exist and will not be delivered. He could also try to get the victim to give him more money by telling him that the non-existent sample is stuck in customs and more money is needed. 

See https://www.scamwarners.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=259284

Email From First Scammer

On Tue, Jan 24, 2017 at 5:14 pm, coforiofori23@yahoo.com
<coforiofori23@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear sir,

Good day, is my pleasure to introduce you to a business that can change  life.  My boss want to come to India and buy oil for drugs and injections, we can get this oil only in India and USA . I will give you the contact of the local dealer in India so that you can buy from them and sell to my boss at a very high price. The local dealer is selling the oil at the rate of USD $29,000.per Gallon and my boss will buy it from you at the rate of USD $52,000 per Gallon . You and i, will share the gain you will make from my boss, 70% to you, then 30% to me

If you are interested I will forward the full contact of my boss to you , so that you can contact him for more discussion regarding the business and I will still give you the contact of the dealer in India I will expect your  direct phone number to discuss the supply, while replying this mail.

Mr. Charles Ofori .
Company PRO.   

Sent:Mon, 06 Feb 2017 
To Victim:
Subject:Re: Awaiting for contract documents

Stadai Veterinary Services Company Limited.
#2090 S Hwy 29, New Achimota Estates,
P.M.B 1288 Achimota, Accra - Ghana

Website www.stadaiveterinary.com
Office Phone: +233(0)247701690

Mob.+233 245 661 334
6th February. 2017.

Our xxxxx

Your ref................

Attn: Victim

Find below attached copies of our official contract docs. for your perusal.
You are advised to print out the documents, fill in your info correctly as
provided in the SPA and sign the both documents and send back for our
reference to proceed.

We shall act upon receiving your confirmation to this effect.

Dr. Stephen Addai, BVMS, MRCVS (Managing director).

NOTICE: This email contains confidential and privileged information
intended only for the addressee(s) Please do not read it unless you are
an addressee.If you have received this email in error, please advise the
sender by reply email and immediately delete the message and any
attachments without copy or disclosing the contents.You are hereby
notified that any dissemination,distribution,copying,or other use of
this email or any attachments there to without express written
authorization from the sender is strictly prohibited. 

Thank you. 
Stadai Veterinary Services Co.Ltd. mgnt.

Email From Second Scammer

Notice that none of these 4 bank accounts are in the name of "Ajay Chemical Asia Ltd." since, of course, that "company" does not exist.

On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 6:05 pm, AJAY CHEMICAL ASIA LTD

 Dear Customer.
     Kindly find the attached Proforma Invoice and our bank accounts details below and transfer the sample amount Rs. 19, 98, 100.INR accordingly and forward scanned copies of the Four Transfer Slip to us immediately to enable us confirm the existence of the payment in our accounts as we listed below and dispatch your goods without further delay.
A/c Name: New Sitara Medico.
Current A/c No: 024110100001520.
Pan No: ALGPG1918C.
Ifsc Code: PMCB0000024.
Bank Name: Punjab & Maharashtra co-operative bank Ltd. 
Branch: Nallasopara East.
Transfer Amount: Rs. 500,000.INR.
A/c Name: New Sitara Medico.
Current A/c No: 91602 00806 38915.
Pan No: ALGPG1918C.
Ifsc Code: UTIB0002770.
Transfer Amount: Rs. 500,000.INR
Current A/c No: 11661 02000 003889
Pan No: AGRPJ0519Q.
Ifsc Code: IBKL0001166.
Bank Name: IDBI BANK.
Transfer Amount: Rs. 500,000.INR.
A/c Name: REHAN ALI.
Current A/c No: 24611 10000 0462.
Pan No: BSPPA7539G.
Ifsc Code: DCBL0000246.
Bank Name: DCB BANK.
Transfer Amount: Rs. 4, 98,100.INR.

Kindly scan and forward scanned copies of the payment proof and forward it to us immediately to enable us confirm the payment and dispatch the product immediately.

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Amita Ajay.
Ajay Chemical & Herb Asia Ltd.
House No. 101, Quinton Road, Laitumkhrah,
P. C. 793003, Shillong, East Khasi Hills
Tel: +91 0364-2550076.
Mob: +91 08433 7677 01.

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