Sunday, July 10, 2016

Williams Parker / Fake Job Scam Fraud

Dear Victim

In response to the received bio data regards your resume and experience received from you,Your document has been verified and the family has decided to give you a chance to proof your fidelity to work with our family.


You will be responsible to Manage and Supervise the activities of House employees as the Head of House staff.Also to inform and give instructions in work methods and routines to other employees i.e: Cleaners,Driver and Gardeners.As the head of house staff,you will be ordering foodstuffs for all and cleaning supplies and keeps record of expenditures.Most importantly you will take proper care of the children and monitoring the other staffs activities.The above are the job responsibilities which you have to take in charge.


You will be paid 5,500 CAD Monthly and also 500 CAD as your weekly allowance . Free accommodation and food as well.

Kindly be informed that you must have a valid international passport before you could apply for Canada visa and work permit in your country. If you are ok with the salary package and the job responsibilities.i will instruct my lawyer to prepare a contract agreement document and a sponsorship certificate from my side that will enable the embassy in your country to issue a work permit visa.

(For your prompt awareness), you will be taken responsibility to pay for your visa fees once it's require by the embassy in your country. the family will only provide all necessary documents to the embassy and once your visa is issue, immediately i would send you a flight ticket. If the terms and conditions are satisfied by you.kindly send scan copy of your international passport and passport photograph for the contract agreement document. Upon confirmation of your passport, my lawyer will prepare the contract agreement document and send you a copy.But before then 

I hereby attached the pictures of my Family.

Best regards,
Williams Parker
Montreal Canada.