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Ghana National Petroleum Corporation / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! Read and

If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam!

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This is to acknowledge the receipt of your email. Your Appointment is real, true and genuine. If your appointment is not true we wouldn't have contacted you in the first place. I want you to know that am a Muslim who believes in the five pillars of Islam. Therefore, i can not do anything HARAM. Hence do not be worried about this process because your interest and well being is 100% covered/protected. 

Having reconfirmed the genuineness of your appointment in our leading company, what you need to do now is to send processing fee to the Trust Lawchambers & Associates so that they will conclude the processing of your Affidavit of Guarantee and Letter of Attestation in the High Court of Ghana without further delay.

To be sent to you on completion of processing of your Affidavit of Guarantee and Letter of Attestation is your Visa and Working/Residence Permit, Flight ticket as well as your two months advance salary to enable you attend to home needs before joining the leading Company. 

Also Hard copy of your Offer Letter and Certificate of Employment shall be sent to you immediately we see evidence that your document is being processed by the accredited Attorney.

You do not need to have any medical protocol as it will 
be carried in our health facilities when you arrived. 
Therefore, medical examination of our newly recruited  
staffs including you is usually conducted on our new 
staffs when they arrive Ghana. Hence, you will be 
examined when you arrived.

You are entitled to at least five times vacations in a year 
but that does not mean that when you have urgent need to 
travel to your home Country that you will not be permitted. 
Hence, whenever there is emergency need for you to travel, all 
you need to do is to apply to the Management and Management 
will expressly approve it for you. In each of the Vacation 
/travel officially approved for you, GNPC will provide 
return Flight Fares (Air Tickets) for you as rightly captured 
in your Offer Letter under EMPLOYEE BENEFITS.

Yes, there is a Filipino National who has been working 
with us over a period of time now. He is our Offshore 
Drilling Superintendent. He works in our Offshore Oil 
exploration wells at Tano basin, Volta Tano well, the North Tano field and 
the Voltaian basin. Therefore, he works in the seabed as
he supervises our Offshore Oil exploration and extraction 
drilling activities on the continental shelf. He only comes out 
from High sea after every three Months. 
As soon as we see evidence that your Affidavit of Guarantee and Letter of Attestation is being Processed by the Accredited Attorney, we shall send to you the Hard copy of your Offer Letter and Certificate of Employment. Also to be sent to you is your Visa and Working/Residence permit, Flight Ticket as well as your Two Months Upfront Salary. 

Your concluding with Trust Lawchambers & Associates on time will go a long way in helping us to tidy up every other thing about your appointment in our Company. Yes, after sending/
settling the amount at the chambers, forward the 
confirmation receipt
 to them and also do let this office know so that we will advance your interest in our leading Oil and Gas  Company. 
Thanks and best regards,

Dr. Mustafa Asamoah Baidoo
Human Resource Department Manager 
Ghana National Petroleum Corporation
Petroleum House, Harbour Road,
Tema, Greater Accra, Ghana.

From The Desk Of Alman Akuffo Khalid
Trust Lawchambers & Associates
Solicitors/Private Law
No. 54 Orphan Crescent Labone
Accra, Ghana
Direct Line: +233264269615

Client Name:     ,

This is to let you know that this Chambers is still waiting for you for the legalization of your contract engagement with your company in the High Court of Ghana. Once the processing requirements are met, Insha Allah everything will be concluded in your favour.

Please note that your employer will provide Visa and Working/Residence Permit, Flight ticket as well as your two months advance salary to you after this Chambers conclude the processing of your documents, just as they will refund you the cost of processing your Affidavit of Guarantee and Letter of Attestation immediately you start work with them.

In as much as Trust Lawchambers & Associates is waiting for the Legalization fee, you have to send us your details so that we can conduct verification exercise on your data.

Therefore, send us the requested details of yours so that this Chambers can commence the process. Required from you are as stated below:

(a) Full Name:

(b) Contact Address:

(c) Direct Contact Number:

(d) Date of Birth:

(e) Nationality:

(f) Sex:

(g) Passport/ID Number:
(h) Place of Birth:

(i) Marital Status:

(j) Occupation:

(k) A recent Passport Photograph:

You are required to pay the fee of High Court for processing of your Affidavit of Guarantee and Letter of Attestation for Ghanaian non-residents as well as consultation fee of our reputable Chambers. Therefore, the High Court approved charges and the consultation fee you will have to send to this Chambers along with your Passport Photograph  are as stated below:

High Court Oath Fee:.......................... ....$365.00 USD

Consultation Fee:.......................... .........$180.00 USD

High Court Stamp Duty:...........................$445.00 USD

Total:........................ ............................
$990.00 USD

This High Court Legalization and Consultation Fee must be paid to the Commissioner for Oaths before the Affidavit of Guarantee and Letter of Attestation can be issued to our Chambers on your behalf. This sum is the amount normally asked of Ghanaian non-residents for the procurement of these necessary documents.

On the payment procedure, you are to pay through: 
Western Union Money Transfer OR Money gram Money Transfer.

Let me know when you are ready to make the payment so that i will provide you with the information required. Once the payment charges and documents are received from you, i shall use my good office/professional competence to secure the Affidavit of Guarantee and Letter of Attestation for you within 48 hours from the time of receiving the payment by our cashier.

My contact telephone number is as shown above, feel free to call me in case of emergency. Do not fail to call or write me back if there is anything further you may wish to know. Your opinion will always be welcomed. I shall await your soonest response so that we can do the needful.

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