Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Duke Energy Company / jobs@duke-energy.biz / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! Read http://www.scam-job-emails.tk and http://www.never-wire-money-to-strangers.tk

If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam!

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From: "Duke Energy Company" <jobs@duke-energy.biz>
Date: 19 Jul 2016 4:47 PM
Subject: Re: Duke Energy Letter Of Employment
To: Victim

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Duke Energy 
10101 Claude Freeman Dr. 225N, 
Charlotte, NC 28262

Dear Victim
We received the documents you attached and wish to congratulate you on your passed interview and inform you that we have gone through the answer scripts and your resume. We are satisfied working with you and also keen to the interesting answers given to the interview questions that were sent to you for this employment. A letter of employment has been attached to this email for your reference. 
We have contacted the United States Immigration department here in United States in regard to your urgent visa processing and you are expected to get all your travelling documents ready with you and forward them to the assigned Immigration diplomat at the United States Embassy /Consulate in India. His Information's has been given below to assist you regarding your employment visa processing. You will have to immediately contact the Immigration diplomat at the United States  Embassy /Consulate In India who is representing a higher percentage of expatriate status employee in Asia, Middle East, Australia, Europe and Africa with relations to this procedures. I have also attached his US Embassy Card to this email for your reference. 

Contact Person:  Diplomat James Stein

U.S. Embassy
Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi - 110021, India
Direct Contact Numb: +918826938349 

NOTE:  In regards to the short period of time for the resumption of your work with us and to save time, we have directed you to contact Diplomat James Stein at the UNITED STATES Embassy /Consulate there in India for fast processing of your employment visa and work permit approval.

Be aware that the entire travelling documents required by you should be submitted according to the instruction from the assign Immigration services. You are requested to forward a copy of your Appointment Letter to the office of Diplomat James Stein, The Assign Immigration Diplomat  at the United States Embassy /Consulate Via details given to you and this will prove that you are our candidate whom all the necessary assistant should be availed to enable them proceed urgently  with your registration to avoid delay or cancellation of your employment visa with the Immigration services due to the late process.

Other documents required from the company has been forwarded to the office of ( Diplomat James Stein) for further processing. Your file will be opened through the Immigration services in the name of (Duke Energy Corp Company)  on your behalf to fasten up your visa process as soon as you meet up with the Immigration service requirements.

We have agreed that the cost of the visa should be paid by you" This is in accordance to the Contract Agreement Letter. However" the company Management will send your flight ticket when we are informed that your employment visa is ready and the housing accommodation that befits family size not exceeding 4 occupants in its housing estate has been provided for you. Although, the cost of visa expenses encored on the cause of procuring your papers and it will be reimbursed within couple of days of your arrival here in the United States upon the presentation of receipts as evidence of payment. Note that you are expected to resume duty on or before 30th August 2016.

You will have to immediately contact the Immigration Diplomat who is in charge of documentation & visa control department for urgent visa processing.  He will be assisting you in getting the Employment visa approval and you are requested to forward  scan copies of your qualification certificates and other required document stated below to him for your employment visa registration. 

1)  Scanned copy of your employment letter
2)  Company Contract Agreement Letter
3)  Scanned copy of your original Qualification Certificates
4)  Scanned copy of your employment letter from your present or previous company ( If  Any)
5)  Scanned copy of your International passport( First & Second Pages) and photo size.
6)  Your current residential address proof and a National identity card of your country of origin.

Note:  Your monthly take home salary will be directly credited to your bank account that will be opened for you by the Company. The payroll Administrator will provide the details to you immediately you arrive here. You are entitled to all allowances free accommodation, fringe benefits and other terms and condition of your employment which will be as per Company policies as applicable from time to time. You will be entitled to monthly starting salary of ($8,500 USD) 

You shall receive your payment on or before 30th of every month. Please endeavor to update us on your successful process with Immigration Services for liaison purpose.

Thank you for choosing a career with us.

Best Regards,

Mr Michael Moore
Senior HR Manager  
Duke Energy 
10101 Claude Freeman Dr. 225N, 
Charlotte, NC 28262

Email from scammer impersonating U.S. Department of State

From: info@usatraveldocs.net

Online Non immigrant Visa Application (DS-160)

Attention: Victim

I acknowledge the receipt of the email in regard to your working visa and work permit endorsement. Kindly fill the visa application form through this link on-line Immediately:  https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/

That's the form you have to fill out. Select Philippines and start the application. While filling out the application, you will be required to fill in the following details:

Purpose of Trip to the U.S.  Temporary Worker
Specify: Specialty Occupation
Application Receipt/Petition Number:  REA4079010147
Have you made specific travel plans:  NO
Intended Date of Arrival :  20th August 2016
Intended Length of Stay in U.S:  5 Years
Person/Entity Paying for Your Trip:  U.S PETITIONER
Address Where You Will Stay in the U.S: 10101 Claude Freeman Dr., 
CITY: Charlotte    STATE: NORTH CAROLINA   Zip: 28262
Contact Person or Organization in the United States: MR. MICHAEL MOORE
Organization: Duke Energy
Relationship to You: Employer
Address and Phone Number of Point of Contact: 10101 Claude Freeman Dr., 
CITY: Charlotte    STATE: NORTH CAROLINA   Zip: 28262
Email Address:  Click Does Not Apply
Name of Person/Company who Filed Petition ; Duke Energy

You are required to fill the form and click validate at the down bottom print and send back to me by email

After filling the visa application form, you are requested to pay visa Application and work permit Registration fees of (745.00 USD = 35,052.62 Philippine Peso)  And it has to be paid immediately to enable the urgent processing of your employment working visa and work permit approval.

Kindly note down the following details:-

You are to return the confirmation page of the visa application Form by email attachment immediately after filling the form online to enable me proceed with your registration of your document. A date will be given to you to go to the local US Embassy in Philippines with the Original Copies of your International Passport and educational certificates. Employment visa normally take 6 months and above but due to the late process' the company have insisted for urgent attention regarding your employment visa and Work permit approval.

Moreover, you should prepare yourself for bio-metric data ( fingers scan and digital photograph taken) though' I will inform you when the time comes. The date for the process will be announced to you as soon as your application forms are ready and i hope and believe to guide your work permit application and ensure that you start your career with your employer in the United States on time because your joining date is fast approaching.

You are requested to pay for the processing of your Work permit fees,  for the processing of your employment Visa as soon as possible. Your Company will be taking care of your flight ticket according to the email we received from them.
Benevolently" be aware that there are some policies which abide with this services. Your Work permit processing needs to be completed before we can authorized you/ grant an appointment gate pass to the Embassy for your Visa Stamping.

I will be notifying you on every process and will tell you in advance when to come down with your original passport for visa collection or send your passport through the courier services for collection, i will try my best to get the approval on time as every process will be completed without delay.

Kindly proceed as urgent and fill up the visa application form online through the link sent to you immediately to avoid delay and call me for further process in regard on how you can make the payment for your work permit as urgent.

Nevertheless, I shall inform you the mode of payment when i receive your  application form by filling it and returning it to me. In addition, as soon as we acknowledge the payment, your files will be opened. No sooner than the entire required documents are secured and processed, appointment will be granted for you to have bio-metric data ( fingers scan and digital photograph taken) for completion of your work permit and visa formalities here at the Embassy.
waiting your soonest reply ASAP.

Diplomat James Stein, 
U.S Immigration Consular.