Friday, July 29, 2016 / Fake Loan Scam Fraud

This is a fake loan scam!  Read

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    I have cheated in fraud case. I had applied for the Loan via a party approch me telling that they will pass my loan appliaction of Rs. 7 lacs in 10 working days and told me to pay Rs. 3,500 as advance payment and rest 3,000 after CA prepares the project report. Then they sent me the project report in such a format which i was unable to open. And told me next working day i will get the verification call. I got the verification call stating that Under which plan i am applying the loan and for what purpose.

    They asked me Rs. 60,000 as the deposit amount which would be helped to clear the verification process. I said i will not able to such a huge amount. Then they told me they will credit the amount within three working days. But till date 2.5 months i havn't seen those 3 working days. I got stuck in that trap.

    I would like to tell you that they were applying my loan through Pradhan mantri rozgar yojana for pre primary school opening. Then i got to know that they have cheated me in this and i lost 56,500. Then they took 2 week for the process and told me that the bank personal has came for verification and they do not found the address. My address was verified by police verification process for my passport verification and they were telling that bank didn't get my address still. They asked me for 27,500 to clear the bank verification. i got totally stuck i asked them for the money but they told me that it will take 3 - 4 months to cancel the request i had no option but to go forward and process the request. By bargaining they reduced the amount to Rs. 20,000 and they told me this time that they will credit the amount in 24 hours but its almost 1.5 months i havn't seen 24 hours yet. they are telling Govt official has prepared DD in my name amounting Rs. 70,000. Know i ask where is the DD they are telling me the official are asking me experience certificate and ID of the school where is was teaching. But dear when i told u that i was teaching in the school. They told me to arrange fake ID and Experience certificate in name of Sandesh College or else DIG office will ask me...

    I would like to clear the picture that they havn't given any proof pertaining to Payment. And now they are telling me to Make police compliant. I know the case might me on hold due to interstate transaction. I need judgment.

    I have all the recordings and Transfer proof.

    I know i have been cheated by this people... Please help me in this regard... Please find the details of the person involve in this regard...

    Mr. Sachin was dealing with me for 20 days
    Mrs. Sakshi was dealing with me for 2 months and now add my mobile number in block list
    Mr. Naveen was deaing with me for 1 week and told me that he will not give me the amount or any proof and block my mobile number registered with the mobile number 9643965869 which is used by Mrs. Sakshi
    Mr. Naveen is using 9911841932
    Mr. Sachin is using 8447359409
    Verification Call received by 9654912307


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