Tuesday, June 21, 2016

VIPER OIL/GAS ENERGY / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam.  Do not sent documents or money! Read www.scam-job-emails.tk and http://www.never-wire-money-to-strangers.tk 

If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam!

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Greeting of the day; With reference to your qualification and application received by the entire management of the above mention organization Viper oil/gas energy United State; We hereby informed you that you have been got selected for the requirement of our organization in view of this we here by congratulates and welcome you to our esteem organization as (MECHANICAL MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR).

You have free accommodation with three squire meal feeding in Viper oil/gas energy United State of America. However, Your flight ticket will be book as soon as your visa is ready and confirmed by our nominated consular in-charge of your three years working permit visa and the visa is also renewable base on the good working performance and wishes.

The management board have quickly forwarded all your documents to the senior consular in-charge of visa processing in India to assist you in obtaining an URGENT VISA which will enable you to be in USA soon so that you will participate fully as one of the staffs as it was fully commissioned.


US Embassy, India 

Consulate details: 
Name: Thomas V. 
Tel: +91-9764250649

Quickly contact him and make sure you send a copy of signed offer letter to him, do comply and follow all his instructions as you know that he will be using his influence in processing your WORKING VISA. Based on that, you need to know USA Visas worldwide is now strictly given out to applicants based on MERITS due to the recent incidents of TERRORISM reports all over the globe this made the US government to hardly issue visas out now, unless based on the applicant’s notability.

Then he will authorize the US embassy in your country to stamp your visa on your International Passport after it has been approved right from Home Office here in USA, which will be easier based on your location in the ASIA continent. Please note that your appointment was given on special and urgent basis, you must be in USA to resume duty with the Viper Energy USA before 25/07/2016. Thanks for your cooperation.


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  1. Dear Staff,
    With respect to your job application to this company and the sub sequence filling of the application and the on-line interview forms which you have filled, we are pleased to inform you that our human resource personnel has find your profile matching with our company requirement for staffing, the management hereby congratulate you today 28th of September 2016 and please to offer you as one of the staff in Viper Energy oil and gas company in United State of America You are to find the attachment of your job offer letter issued by the management. Meanwhile, the hard copy of your document has been forwarded through D.H.L to the US embassy in India for your visa processing to United State of America. You are to contact the US Embassy below and upon the completion of your visa processing and approval, the management will hereby send you the air free flight ticket to your home residential address and in arrival to US, the management provides you accommodation, hospitality, meals, when you resume to duty. Congratulations!!! WE LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU IN ORDER TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE.
    NOTE: -KINDLY FORWARD YOUR SIGN JOB OFFER LETTER TO: {thomas.lvajda@diplomats.com}
    Contact; Mr. Thomas L. Vajda
    Address; US Embassy Mumbai, India.
    Email; [thomas.lvajda@diplomats.com}
    Tel; [+91-7507487336]
    The diplomat was appointed by the US Embassy to process our selected candidate's visa in all {ASIA ZONE} in order to avoid refusal or denial of VISA / Work Permits by US Embassy. We urge you to comply and co-operate with him so as to enable you to get your Valid US Employment VISA, Work / Residence Permit.
    NOTE: We advise you to contact him and follow all his instruction for the visa processing. Below are his contact details: After your travel documents is ready, we shall proceed with the securing of your accommodation, feedings, hospitality and free air flight ticket here in US at the company's expenses. Also, remember that any Expenses you make on the process of registering for your documents shall be refunded back to you on joining as you submit your expenses report.
    Contact the diplomat immediately to start your VISA processing. You are expected to resume to the office on or before 27th October of 2016. Update us with the process between you and the Diplomat in charge of your Visa, in case of advice where necessary.
    We hope to see you soon.


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