Tuesday, October 25, 2016

fabioverde60@gmail.com / Next of Kin Scam

This is a next of kin scam!  Do not send any money or any information to this scammer!

From fabioverde60@gmail.com

Good Day to you Victim  ,

I just want to thanks for your response to my mail and I have gone
through your mail I will like to inform you that there is no risk
involve in this transaction all I needed from you is your sincere
assistance to be able to recover this funds from the bank for the
benefit of both of us. It is a great pleasure to seeing your response
to the mail that I sent to you and I will now give you more
comprehensive details as regards to this inheritance funds claim for
you to understand it well and have more confidence in me as well
believing the reality of this transaction we are about to commence.

I made you to understand that you have the same last name with him
that is why I wanted to use you as the sole beneficiary next of kin to
my late client, so that you will put claims officially to the fund he
left behind with the Bank here in Togo, apply for it and instructing
the bank to release and re-transfer his dormant funds into your
nominated bank account in your country and be rest assured that you
will never regret anything in the near future.

The greatest advantage we have in this project is the fact that
whosoever I present to the bank as his next of kin will certainly
inherit the funds as far as the claimant is from abroad like my late
client so since you have the same last name with him also a foreigner
like him you are 100% qualified to claim this funds without any
hindrance since our law here doesn't permitted a Togolese to stand and
claim any foreigner's estate.

 Note: Trustworthy is our KEY TO SUCCESS WITH THIS VENTURE, because we
cannot achieve this venture unless we agreed within ourselves to
trusting each other, therefore from today henceforth I have made up my
mind to trusting you as well having confidence in you that you will
never in your life to developing the spirit of betrayal to me at the
end of this transaction. Therefore I plead you herein to do the same
thing to me, so that we can be able to work together and achieve this
goal as planned without any hindrance.

Honestly speaking, this transaction is very simple for us to achieve
as far as i am the one to be leading you into this transaction,
therefore I assured you that you will never regret of knowing me
through this medium we met each other by the grace of God to become
good business partnership and family relationship because only God
knows the reason why he connected us to know each other through this
channel therefore let us start the proceedings immediately once you
reply back again to me because I guarantee you that we must surely
achieve this divine blessing from God without any hindrance and all
the legal documents concerning this transaction must surely changed
instantly into your name as the sole beneficiary next of kin here in
Togo high court of justice, because those legal documents shall be
backing up your claim until you final received as well confirmed the
entire funds safely in your country.

Kindly send me the following data which will enable me write an
application of inheritance fund claim on your behalf in a legal way
which you will send to the bank for the starting of this project.

The information’s are as follows:

1. Your full names

2. Your date of birth

3. Your full contact address . (Home or office)

4. Your private telephone

5. Your Marital status

6. Your Occupation

7, Your nationality

 Thanks and God bless you.

 Best Regards, 

Fabio Verde

+228 90746145

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