Wednesday, August 10, 2016

LEELAND LIMITED / Fake Job Scam Fraud


Congratulations Victim

This is to notify you that we have received your filled interview and went through it with the Team management. We have decided upon your interview and congratulate you for your passed interview. I wish to inform you that, we have gone through your answer script and you have emerged one of the Best candidates who successfully passed the Interview as expected.

Your educational background and work experiences are quite good. Your eligibility to work in our company has been confirmed here in the office by the Company Management. So you are expected to get all your travelling documents ready with you through the coordinator who is working with British High Commission Mumbai in India.

Note: That the entire travelling documents and formalities required by you should be obtained from the British High Commission in Mumbai through our Zonal Coordinator regardless where you are, according to the company’s management schedules. Now you have to send this Contract agreement Letter and appointment letter to him via mail for recognition in the British High Commission India that will prove that you are our candidate and all necessary help should be availed to you. Kindly find the attached document in this mail.

Your documents have been submitted to the British High Commission Mumbai India for further processing. Your file will be open by Company coordinator in the British Embassy office Mumbai on your behalf as the company only authorized Person as soon as you meet the Embassy demand by registering with them. We have agreed that all the expenses regarding the travelling of the candidate should be paid by the worker not the company according to the Agreement Letter. Company Management will only offer you an Appointment letter, flight ticket and Housing accommodation free of charge. But in everything you spent on the cause of procuring your papers should be reimbursed within 5 working days of your arrival.

You will have to immediately contact the below contact person representing a higher percentage of expatriate status employee with relations to this procedure only.

Affiliate Coordinator

Contact Person: Sir. Anthony Evance (Officer in Charge)
E-mail: (Free Email Address = Scam)
Telephone Number: +917506308014

Note that if by any way you do not follow his instruction as stated, your offer may be pending till further notice and this appointment is valid for TEN working days before termination. Endeavor to update us on your successful processes with them for liaison purpose after two weeks of your visa processing.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Joshua Charlie (HR Manager)