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Global-travels / Robert Dick / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam.  Do not sent documents or money! Read and and

If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam!

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Dear Au pair /Nanny 

Thank you for looking at our profile. We are looking for a warm-hearted, easy going and smart, sweet, trustworthy and fun-loving Aupair/Nanny who can play and take care of our little 2 kids   We would like Someone who is happy to do some cooking and cleaning on a daily basis

About us: My name is Robert Dick am an Engineer  Mines whilst and  my wife is an senior Dentist in the Hospital we both love our Jobs, it is sometimes difficult to maintain our work / family life balance with such demading schedules. We are Young and easy family We enjoys spending time together and would hope that you  would wish to be included as part of our family too.....

We  have 2 kids who are lovely and easy to learned new things in life ... The Boy..Eric (8) years old  and he is very intelligent he likes playing and having fun so quite when he knew someone at the first time. He enjoys games and star wars outside and he loves animals especially Monkeys,cats and parrot  The Girl....Louise (10)years old. she  is very charme and kind hearted ,optimist and she also likes Dancing in Adult Company. Also she like reading ,writing and painting drawing, going to shopping in weekend. We are very proud of our kids  they are very independent,confident and enthusiam well balance and  behaviour,they are keen on many activities and we are looking forward to having an Au-pair and learning about a different country Culture.

We are going to be paying you 800pounds every 4 weeks and pocket fee of 70 pounds weekly which i suppose should be okay.

Hope To hear from you soon.

Best Regard
Robert Dick

Hello Victim

How are you doing I was very busy in the office do to my job  Thanks for the mail response, I am so glad you mailed and also will want you to know that we want you not only as an Au-pair but also a Big Sister to My two kids Eric  and ...Louise

I am very happy you are interested in taking care of my kids.You are welcome to my family.I promise you will have a nice time with my family.  Am sure the kids will never give you any problem.You don't have to do all the housework The kids love going out to dinners and love watching movies.In Addition,if you are willing to live in with the family, we are ready to provide you with a suitable accommodation including a car that's if you can drive.You will be entitle to free time at the weekends If you chose. Hope you are satisfied with all the answer. 

You will only work for just 8am-6pm and Your duties will be taking the kid to school and bringing him back home, play with him, go to museums, playground, watching movies prepare/serving his snacks and foods.And i hope that is not too much for you to do for the Salary and i hope the Salary is not too Small for you my Dear and also will like you to know you will be driving the kids to school and a private Car will be provided for your own use but you will attend a driving school when you arrive in Uk. We really need you here as fast as possible..Concerning your traveling papers  We will to assist you in part of your traveling Visa and other booking documents to the UK.

My Questions are
1) Do you have experience about childcare

2) How long are you willing to stay with my family

3) What date do you want to join my family

4) Are you a good cook

5) Did you have visa or working permit to work in UK

The reason why i choose you is because i want to learn about another culture and i will like you to teach my family about your Language and your culture ..

Hope to hear back from you

Best Regards

Dear Victim
Thanks for using Global-travels regarding of your arrangement  working permit legally in Uk and life insurance, Heathy insurance   and some other document to the United Kingdom.  We promise to offer the best of all traveling skills very secured and also we like you to know that processing of your document would not take much time  which will be process  3 to 6   working  days  and it will cost you
( 620pounds )  We have received your Details .  Your Host family Mr Robert  Dick  has sent us your Details and he also said they will assist you with  the payments of 320 pounds 
We are waiting for your payments of 320  pounds to start the processing of your Visa with other documents  Here is the Detail on how to make payments   
Below is the  Via MoneyGram  Payment information that you  are to use and make payments of 320 pounds

Name,  Fortune  Ogege

After you make the payment at Via MoneyGram you should please get back to us with the  scanned receipt copy and the following information

1) **Full Name and Address of the Sender
2) **8 digit Money Transfer Control Number(MTCN)
3) **Exact Amount Sent
4)** Country.
All Documents we be arranged here in our Office after the payments has been made also some copies of this documents will be sent to you

We will begin in earnest once we receive your payments.
In anticipation of your response.

Yours Faithfully

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