Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The New Civil Engineer Ltd / / Fake Job Scam Fraud


We at the The New Civil Engineer Ltd received your submitted CV/RESUME and we sincerely appreciate your interest in our company.

In-line with this, we have reviewed your CV/RESUME for employment consideration as your education back ground,previous experience meets up with the required qualifications for the Post of Design Specifications Consultant with the salary amount of 8,500 GB Pounds per month.
We are desirous of having you work with us after this assessment by us, as we see your skills as value addition to our company and our clients respectively.

·         WAGE PER HOUR – 50GBP
·         LESS
·         TAX – 39%
·         TOTAL - PAY PER MONTH – 7,500GBP after every deduction.

·         BENEFIT:

·         Flight Ticket
·         Company 2bedroom condo
·         Free Medical
·         Paid Leave
·         Wardrobe Allowance


· Working Days & time: Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM - 17:00PM (GMT)
· Employees shall also be entitled to over-time allowance if their work time exceeds the official stipulated hours.
· Salary shall be liable to increments with time and employees' official promotions and position in service.
· Employee is to choose day-off and inform management 1 week prior
· Shift Time: Employee is entitled to pick shift time
· Contract Period: 2 Years contract with an extension of 1 year.
· We offer 3 month vacation interval and during this period... You have the chance to visit your love ones and family.
The company will take care of your Vacation flight ticket (Return Ticket to and fro).

Your obligations to the employer

You will be required to:

(a) Perform all duties to the best of your ability at all times;
(b) Use your best endeavors to promote and protect the interests of the employer; and
(c) Follow all reasonable and lawful directions given to you by the employer, including complying with policies and procedures as amended from time to time. These policies and procedures are not incorporated into your contract of employment.
Termination of employment
Under the Fair Work Act 2009 the employer may terminate your employment at any time by providing you with notice in writing in accordance with this table:
Length of continuous service with employer Period of notice
Not more than 1 year 1 week
More than 1 year but less than 3 years 2 weeks
More than 3 years but less than 5 years 3 weeks
More than 5 years 4 weeks
You are entitled to an additional week’s notice if you are over 45 years old and have completed at least 2 years of continuous service with the employer on the day the notice of termination is given.
If you wish to terminate your employment you are required to provide the employer with prior notice in accordance with the above.
By accepting this letter of offer, you acknowledge and agree that you will not, during the course of your employment or thereafter, except with the consent of the employer, as required by law or in the performance of your duties, use or disclose confidential information relating to the business of the employer, including but not limited to client lists,trade secrets, client details and pricing structures.
Entire agreement
The terms and conditions referred to in this letter constitute all of the terms and conditions of your employment and replace any prior understanding or agreement between you and the employer.

Please keep this job reference number (JOB / UK2016/ LBCQS16/03 ) important as it will be needed from time to time in respect of your job application and Interview.
If you accept this offer, please let me have your letter of acceptance IMMEDIATELY.

HR Manager
The New Civil Engineer Ltd
69-77 Paul Street,
London EC2A 4NQ,
United Kingdom

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