Sunday, February 7, 2016

Toll Energy, Oil & Gas Company / / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam!  There is no job!  Do not send documents or money! Read  Real companies and governments never use free email addresses! If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is a always a scam!  No real company ever charges you any fee to get a job!

On Friday, January 29, 2016 3:06 PM, Toll Energy wrote:

Attn: Victim

We read your mail but we never answer to what is not relented to our conversation with you, because their is a lot of offensive words and statement from you which did not go down well with us, but i know the email is only sent to us not to any other department of the Australian Immigration Dept, because the contains of this message can cause a lot of problems for you and your work permit visa application with the Australian Authorities.

We understand that your date of resumption to start work with our company as Store Keeper is on the 30th January 2016, the company will move and extend this date with further two weeks to allow you facilities all the procedures for your 3years work permit visa approval by the Australian Immigration Department.

This will only happen if you wish to continue with your visa application and paid for the two required documents in order to release your visa approval pin code.


Doris Adams
Toll Energy, Oil & Gas Company
Level 3, 30 The Esplanade
Perth WA 6000

Email From Scammer impersonating Austalian Immigration

On Friday, January 8, 2016 3:09 PM, <> wrote:

Attn: Memo: AUS/EMB/84374/15


Attention Please: Victim

In Accordance with your Australian migration documents submitted, your visa processing number AU/VS/7000840301/15 is awaiting Approval, while we wait to receive your Medical Health Report and Visa Approval Pin Code 457 (VAPC) which can be obtain with below contact information of our Department Of Foreign Affair's office at Australian Coordinator Head office, Banjul-the Gambia,  Be rest assured that we shall contact you on phone to come to the Embassy with your Traveling passport after all processing.

Applicant who wish to migrate or seeking Australia visa must pay for the Visa Approval Pin code 457(VAPC) to be able to get entry Visa to Australia.

Visa Approval Pin code 457 (VAPC) is completely different from your visa fees: Your visa fees was already paid for by your employer (Toll Energy Oil and Gas Corporation) our entry Visa policy states that every migrant without a Visa Approval Pin code 457(VAPC),application will not be accepted for visa approval,previously we have issued so many visas for temporary visit,but majority of them never return back.

Note that Australia visa is NOT FREE,even if you are working with Australian Embassy or company as staff, visa is not free! We maintain strong policy for migrating to Australia.

Once you effect your payment for visa Approval Pin Code 457 (VAPC) visa is 100% guaranteed: payment receipt will be issued to you,carrying the VISA AND AUTHORIZATION PIN CODE 457(VAPC) which you MUST send to us via email attachment for your visa appointment date.Entry visa must be given to you once you present the Visa Approval Pin Code 457(VAPC) to us at the Embassy.

As an Applicant under the sub (B) region, you have to send your Visa Approval Pin Code 457(VAPC) official fee to the Department Of Foreign Affair's office at our Australian Coordinator Head office, Banjul-the Gambia, Honorable Davidson Brooklyn CNZM will sign on the Visa Approval Pin Code 457(VAPC) and send it to you by scan copy,once you receive the 457(VAPC) after making your payment,send it to us to prepare your migrating documents and within two weeks your entire migrating documents will be processed. When contacting them via email,remember to add your visa processing number(AU/VS/7000840301/15). We shall contact you on phone to come along with your passport for Visa appointment date. Be informed that every Applicant at 18yrs and above must pay and have the Visa Approval Pin Code 457(VAPC).

Please contact our Department Of Foreign Affair's Office at Australian Asian/African Coordinator Head office, Banjul-the Gambia via email below and ask for payment information to pay for the Visa Approval Pin Code 457(VAPC).

Department Of Foreign Affairs Office
Australian Coordinator Head office
Address: Australian Foreign Mission House,
Suite 502, Certous Ave, Banjul, 004261
The Gambia.
Tel: 00220-2057495.

Please don't forget to send along your reachable telephone numbers and addresses.

Always respond to our email as soon as you receive it.Two weeks is the appropriate time given for each applicant and we do not want any delay to exceed that given time,if there is any delay in response,we assume that the Applicant does not meet up with the requirement and our database will automatically delete the application.

Always be positive that your visa will be approved as long as your payment is made as demanded of you.

Yours In Service
Consular General
Visa Unit.

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: The information contained in this communication is confidential, may be client privileged, may constitute inside information, and is intended only for the use of the addressee. It is the property of AUSTRALIA IMMIGRATION OFFICE and the sender. Unauthorized use, disclosure or copying of this communication or any part thereof is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately by return and destroy this communication and all copies thereof, including including all attachments.

Copyright © 1996 - 2016 Australian Visas. All Rights Reserved.

Email From Scammer Impersoanting Australian Foreign Affairs Office

Welcome to the Department Of Australian Foreign Affairs Office

Foreign Affairs UK
Jan 7 at 4:51 PM

Dear Victim 
Welcome to the Department Of Australian Foreign Affairs Office that is in-charge of overseas applicants migrating to Australia with approved work permit vital traveling documents.
As you were directed by the Australian Immigration Department to contact our office for the issuance of your Visa Approval Pin Code 457(VAPC), find below payment instruction on how you should remit your payment to our office immediately to enable us issue your Visa Approval Pin Code 457(VAPC) which was required by the Australian Immigration Department in order to complete your work permit visa processing in their office.
We shall receive payment payable to our H.O.D accounting Dept (Andrew Lawson Smith) kindly follow the instruction of payment given below,
Payment Options.
We strictly do not accept bank to bank transfer as this causes delay due to time limit, payment is to be paid to our account department via below information with wire transfer of MONEY GRAM for faster efficiency, we do not accept credit cards due to credit card fraudulent acts.
Instruction of payment:

Receiver: Andrew Lawson Smith
Destination: United Kingdom
Address: Strand,London WC2B 4LA.
Total Amount: £400 Pounds
Method of Payment: MONEY GRAM TRANSFER
Please ensure you scan a copy of payment slip and send to us for confirmation.
NOTE: once applicant delay payment of his/her Visa Approval Pin Code 457(VAPC) fee within 3 working days, his/her files will be render out of process from our database and it may cost extra £50 to retrieve such file for processing.
Best Regards
Davidson Brooklyn CNZM
Department Of Foreign Affairs Office
Australia House,
Strand,London WC2B 4LA

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