Tuesday, February 9, 2016

ELLISDON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY / engineerellisdon@hotmail.com / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam!  There is no job!  Do not send documents or money! Read www.scam-job-emails.tk  Real companies and governments never use free email addresses! If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is a always a scam!  No real company ever charges you any fee to get a job!

From: "ellisdon company" engineerellisdon@hotmail.com
Date: Feb 6, 2016 9:37 PM
Subject: Congratulations Victim from this date (06/02/2016) we have employed you here in our organization. EllisDon Construction Company Canada The office employment department will contact you in the 5 working days due to the time difference
To: Victim

 Dear Victim

This office has gone through your resume and considered you for employment. As part of the management team of The ELLISDON Construction Company in hereby congratulate you and wish to bring to your notice that you have been short listed on the ongoing employment offer of The ELLISDON Construction Company in Canada.  Please make a copy of the Appointment Letter attached, sign it and forward it to Dr. David B Cohen at the Canadian embassy in your home country and a copy to ELLISDON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY.  If you’re interested to join the organization here in Canada, also you will be responsible for your Work-permit fee, while the company will pay for your Visa /flight ticket.

You are obliged to follow the procedures as advised in the contract letter attached to this email by contacting the assigned Traveling Visa/work permit, Agent for the procurement and acquisition of your necessary traveling documents. Every documentation process of your traveling will be done through the assigned agent whose details is below with the help of Immigration Home office here in Canada, due to the contract agreement we have with them and there will not be any further interview regarding  this.

We also want to make it clear to you that The  EllisonDon Construction Company has already made provisions for your flight ticket but you shall personally incur and be responsible for your Work-permit paper base on the employment policy here in Canada  and This is to mark your seriousness and or readiness in joining us on the stipulated date.

On this note, you are advised to sign the last page of the attached Appointment  letter and send a copy of the signed letter through email to the (work permit )department for fast processing and you are to make an urgent contact to the below address;

To Contact the Canadian Embassy Work-permit/Visa office in NEW DELHI INDIA

NOTE.  The office employment department will contact you in the next 5 business days due to the time differences we find it to be easier for our department.


EMAIL:  globalvfscanada@collector.org

TEL:  08376032896

CONTACT PERSON: Dr. David. B Cohen


Ms. Angela Wilson


Email: engineerellisdon@hotmail.com


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  1. I received a job offer from admin@elllisdon.com this is a fraud do not send any documents to this. look carefully there are 3l in the domain name ellisdon has only 2l in there domain name do not send any signed agreements to this.


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