Wednesday, January 13, 2016 (Russian oil scam)

For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read and (Russian oil scam)
ADDRESS: 446009, Samara region, Syzran, street Astrakhan, d 1
TEL: +7 499-390-26-85
INN: 6325004584
KPP: 632501001
OKPO: 05766586
OGRN: 1026303056823

Impersonating a Rosneft company
domain:        SYZRAN-NPZ.RU
org:           OAO SYZRANSKIJ NPZ
registrar:     R01-RU
created:       2015.09.08
paid-till:     2016.09.08
free-date:     2016.10.09
source:        TCI


  1. This is really shocking to know that this Syzranskiy NPZ is impersonating a Rosneft company.

    We had a buyer who was interested in using their own tank farm. But this refinery refused to entertain them saying buyer to use the tank farm that is nominated by them.

    The buyer sensed something wrong and refused to close the deal.

    We had got verified this Syzranskiy with the Russian Embassy. The INN, KPP, OGRN number seems to be correct. Then how can one recognize between real seller and fake seller impersonating such an esteemed refinery?

    Can anyone help please? Can any one connect me to a real refinery or a seller pls?

  2. Dear,

    please reject any such offers unless you make sure you negotiate with a company within Rosneft circle. is a fake site as we checked it with the relevant authorities in Russia.
    Recently our company got in contact with a person named Petar Nikolaev Petrov who is a director of Nipex trading limited - registered in UAE.
    He is a scammer saying that he owns the product. This is not the case. He pretends to be seller while he wants to play with would-be buyer's money to get title of product.
    The worst thing comes now: Nipex trading requested us to pay tank storage in advance and it involves huge risk a you may know.
    The SYZRAN-NPZ.RU nominated a fake tank storage company and here is the game. If you paid tank storage you would lost it for sure.
    Nothing would happen afterwards lost funds only.

    Syzranski petrol refining company exists but you have to contract with a company under the authority of Rosneft.


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