Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kevin McIsaac Farm / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is fake job scam! Read www.scam-job-emails.tk to learn how to tell when a job offer is fake! If you get a job offer like this, it is fake! Do not send any money or documents! 
Kevin McIsaac Farm

After review of your documents and educational background, I am so much impressed and satisfy to offer you the post of my FARM SUPERVISOR,as I believe that I will be satisfy with your work and inter-personal relationship.It's never in my tradition to reveal the details and documents of my worker to anyone, but only to the authority, and in no doubt I know and I've heard much about the Asian people and their behavior that is the reason I’m so much interested in you.

As for the insurance and holiday entitlements, it's nothing to worry about as we shall discuss that once you arrive here in Canada. 

At present, I've got the employment agreement documents and other forms also the acceptance of employment slip from my lawyer which is attached with this mail for you to fill with your correct information and up to your knowledge, return to me via email scanning, you have to print out the documents and forms fill-up all required column and append your signature were necessary clearly and then send it back to me without wasting anytime so that my lawyer can make necessary submission over here for your work residential permit approval by the Immigration Section and i shall inform you on further procedure once that is done from here. 

Kindly do the needful and get back to me with the sign documents on time.

Note: You are responsible for your visa working permit fee, Contact Below Office Regarding Your Visa Procurement. 

TEL: +1-647-69-45925
EMAIL: EMAIL:(wrightwilliamsccic@zoho.com) (No real lawyers uses a free email address)

On behalf of the board of directors, we welcome you to Kevin McIsaac Farm.Canada
Your Sincerely,

Dr. Kevin McIsaac, DVM, Ph.D, ACVIM (cardiology)
Dr Kevin McIsaac. Canada
Note: The Office Number Is Available 24hrs Of Day. 


  1. Hi sir, i got an email from Kevin McIsaac Farm also, sender : infomcissacfarm@cableone.net

    Is it a scam ?

  2. it thah true ????
    Thanks for your interest, how are you and your family? and I hope all is well with you, I will like
    you to know that i reside with my family and I was just transferred to Cyprus so I will be off and on in Toronto ( CANADA) where I Live, after viewed of your resume i will like you to work for me. Your work is to supervise all the workers working in my farm like the chef, and security guard to make sure everything is going well in the farm.
    Working Duration: (3) Years. You shall have the following facilities throughout your service in my farm:
    A) A private accommodation with a furnished sitting room and bedroom and also a private bathroom.
    B) A Fixed land phone and an Internet ready computer.
    C) Free feeding and Medical care.
    D) Official car with maintenance.
    You will be working from 8 Am to 12 pm in the afternoon and from 2 pm to 4:30 pm in the evening (Monday through Saturday)
    SALARY $6,310 Dollar MONTHLY+800 Canadian Dollar ALLOWANCE EVERY WEEK (UNTAXED)
    Canadian Dollar GROSS SALARY/MONTHLY.
    Scan and send
    1. Your International passport
    2. Your passport photograph
    3. Your educational credentials
    On the receipt of scanned copy of your valid International passport and photo passport and Id
    1) I shall forward the documents to the Visa and Immigration Department, Canada Border Services
    Agency Canada (CBSA) Canada.
    2) Other documents to facilitate this visa as demanded by the Canada Border Services Agency
    (CBSA) Canada for visa Procurement shall be sent by me viz.
    All these documents i shall send along with your attached documents to the Visa And Immigration
    Department, Canada Border Services Agency and the same documents will be sent to your
    Respected Barrister at the Canada Border Service Agency Canada will contact you for the
    interview and stamping of your visa.
    NOTE: You will be responsible for the payment of your working visa/work permit fee to the Visa
    and Immigration Department, Canada Border Services Agency Canada (CBSA) as a proof of
    readiness to join this job and to enable them secure an appointment for your visa. This is the only cost you have to pay which will be refunded back to you when you get to Canada to resume work.

    I will be responsible for your flight ticket and all other formalities. Please do understand that I am doing this due to my past experience whereby I paid for visa/work permit and ticket fees and my employee turn me down, cause me to lose my money with no refund.

    I'm willing to render you assistance on the procedure of your Visa. Respected Barrister at the
    Canada Border Service Agency Canada (CBSA) will be introduced to you; he has been the one
    who has been assisting my friend to bring workers from different part of Asia countries to his
    farm in North Carolina. Please do not accept the contract if you cannot afford to pay for your visa process with the Traveling Consultant when needed during your working visa processing.
    Kindly let me know if you agree with the Terms & Conditions.

    I will inform my Attorney to send you a copy of the job agreement for you to sign if you accept the terms and conditions. Write back so that i would know the next step that needs to be taken.

    Dr. Kevin McIsaac Farm
    DVM, Ph.D, ACVIM (cardiology)
    Tel: +16478460161
    You can Call or Sms Me Anytime

    1. Of course it is not true! Pay attention! It is posted here because it is fake! Read www.scam-job-emails.tk

  3. Real or Scam?????

    This is to acknowledge your mail and thanks for your interest in working with me, the content of your mail sounds good to me.
    I am Dr.Johnson Gabriel. by name, a Australia citizen with a lovely happy family my wife, my daughter and my grandchildren, my wife work with the Australia Missionary Organization based in Bennelong Point,Australia .and my daughter work with one of the largest bank in Australia,
    ( Reserve Bank of Australia ) as a transaction officer.

    I am a licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) here in George Street, Sydney. With over 25 years of veterinary clinical, research and teaching experience in Australia and Latin America, and i also supervise our Livestock Farm but right now i got lots of commitments and am most often get my hands occupied, it is imperative for me to get a worthy assistant urgently who will monitor and keep me up to date with the livestock farm house activities..
    I deals with some Government Owned Livestock Companies, which really takes much of my time, such as:.
    Animal charities such as the RSPCA
    Royal Army Veterinary Corps (RAVC)
    Government agencies...

    The employment information and conditions are as follow:

    **Employment Status: Full time with the following facilities***
    A) A private furnished self apartment suitable for family will be provided free of charge, should in-case you wish to come and live with your family here in Australia.
    B) Free feeding and Medical care will be provided.
    C) Free airline ticket will be provided for applicant and his/her family.
    D) Free shopping twice in a year for principal applicant.
    E) A day off every week and six weeks fully paid home leave each year.

    NOTE:- If i finally decided to employ you as my farm house supervisor, I will apply for your work permit approval directly from the DIAC Immigration Department here in Australia and once it is approved that will guarantee your visa and work permit approval in your country during the submission of your visa and work permit application over there in your country for visa and work permit procurement to enable you travel down here in Australia and join duty.
    I will handle the whole documentation process over here with the Lawyer and the DIAC Immigration Services, and also i'll take care of any expenses involved over here while you will apply for your visa yourself over there in your country once your application is already approved from here.
    All you need to do is let me know how serious and ready you are to take up this opportunity so we can discus further on next action and I want you not to waste time in responding to any mail you received from me.. All other formalities once we complete your visa application will be taking care of by me as your employer, such as your flight ticket and preparation of accommodation.

    Please do understand that am doing this because i urgently need a helping hand as soon as possible and do not accept this offer of employment or do not write me further if you cannot afford to accept the terms and conditions of this offer outlined.
    Get back to me with the copies of your educational credentials, international passport data page and a recent passport photograph if you're okay with the content of this terms and conditions of my job offered so we can proceed further and to make the employment contract agreement documents by my lawyer.
    Once i received your response along with the required documents ''educational credentials and passport copy'', I will forward it to my lawyer so he can prepare the employment agreement documents and I will be send to you for signing when it's time, and once again please do not accept or respond to this mail if you know you are not okay with the terms and conditions given herein.

    I will wait to hear from you again for further action.
    Yours Faithfully,

    Dr. Johnson Gabriel. DVM
    Home Address:-199 George Street, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australia

    1. It is an obvious scam. If you had just bothered to read www.scam-job-emails.tk you would know this! That is why I placed it in the post. Pay attention!


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